May 2016 Photo Contest – Results Out!

Every photograph has a story of its own to narrate. This month, we had plenty of photographs coming in with various stories of trekkers. Our judge, Ravindra, admitted that he had a super difficult time zeroing in on just three pictures! Here are the winners for the May 2016 photo contest. Congratulations winners!

Keep trekking and keep clicking!


Harshal Mehta – Goechala

The fog-covered forest makes this image an interesting black and white combination. It gives this picture a mysterious touch. You can almost feel the cool damp weather that is typical of Sikkim. Harshal Mehta has won this for the impeccable contrast he has achieved in this shot and timing the photo perfectly.
Copy of Goechala - Harshal Mehta - Mysterious Land of Lama (1300 x 867)
The mists of Sikkim

1st Runner Up

Aditya Bhat – Roopkund 

Asia’s largest high altitude meadows, well captured. Looks like the classic Windows XP wallpaper. The shadows have been captured very clearly. The colours are bright and inviting, and the trekkers on the meadows show is just how vast the meadows are. This beautiful picture that transports us to Ali Bugyal is the first runner up of the contest!
Copy of Roopkund - Aditya Bhat - _Meadows at Bedni Bughyal_ (1300 x 867)
The grand meadows of Bedni Bugyal

2nd Runner Up

Vignash Dheenadayalan – Rupin pass

Doesn’t this photo just put a smile on your face? The way this image is focused using a telephoto lens and the way where the subject is placed while composing this image. It’s a hearty photograph! We couldn’t help but choose this as the second runner up!
Copy of RUPINPASS - VIGNASH DHEENADAYALAN- Boys of Sewa (1300 x 731)
In the lap of nature at Sewa



Here are the other nominated photographs

1. Harshal Mehta – Goechala

Nothing spells Goechala like a moss-covered forest with a stream flowing in between! Slow shutter to get this silky effect while keeping the surroundings in focus makes this image a good one.
Copy of Goechala - Harshal Mehta - Purest Soul running free (1500 x 1000)
A river gushing through moss


 2. Archana – Goechala

The landscape, the placement of the human-made objects and the cloud behind show the landscape and how interesting the campsite is.
Copy of Goechala_Archana_Near Tshokha campsite (1300 x 861)
Near Tshoka campsite


3. Dhiraj Kamble – Pangarchulla 

Amazing panoramic shot showing the beautiful meadows foreground and the sharp Himalayan mountain range in the background.
Copy of Pangarchulla - Dhiraj Kamble - Dunagiri Peak from the Meadows (1300 x 489)
Dunagiri Peak from Gorson Bugyal


4. Mohan Raj – Pangarchulla 

Although the mountain goat is the main focus of the image, the forest in the background allowing little light to enter, and the pink flowers, they all tell a story and that’s what we love about this one!
Copy of Pangarchulla - Mohan Raj - Cuteness overloaded! (1300 x 800)
The wise mountain goat


5. Arun Raj – Rupin Pass 

A glorious photo for a glorious trek! A picture captured at the pass, of the Kinnaur mountain ranges. If you zoom in, you can see Kinnaur Kailash in the distance, a perfectly triangular peak. The trekkers add to the grandeur of the mountains, showing just how magnificent the mountains are!
Copy of Rupin Pass - Arun Raj - The view from Summit (1300 x 686)
View from Rupin Pass of the Kinnaur mountains


6. Sumit Waghmare – Rupin Pass

This picture has a lot of elements. The pretty silver birch trees, the pine forests on the right hand side and the Kinnaur mountain ranges towering over everything! It’s a very good combination of landscapes in one shot.
Copy of RUPIN PASS-SUMIT WAGHMARE-On Way to Sangla Village2 (1300 x 864)
On the way to Sangla from Rontigad

7. Gajendra Kumar – Rupin Pass

Amazing panoramic shot, from the Rupin Pass. Gajendra seems to have captioned it perfectly – human insignificance indeed.
Copy of RupinPass-GajendraKumar-Human Insgnificance Personified (Spot the humans) (1300 x 491)
Human insignificance magnified!


8. Rohit Singla – Rupin Pass

Love the clarity of this night shot! The milky way looks fabulous! Almost like a space-time vortex!
Rupin pass - Rohit Singla - Milky way panorama at Udaknal campsite (806 x 1300)
A panorama of the milky way from the Udaknal campsite


9. Omkar Gupte – Sandakphu

I like the way the image is composed considering the framing, leading lines – rope that goes all the way to the other side of the bridge. It’s a very simple, yet beautiful picture.
Copy of Sandakphu_Omkar Gupte_Suspended bridge at Sepi (1300 x 990)
Suspended bridge at Sepi


A note about our judge:

Ravindra Joisa

Ravindra Joisa is a resident of Bangalore and has spent his childhood days in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. He is an outdoor lover and has completed several treks such as Kashmir Great Lakes, Tarsar Marsar and Roopkund.

He was gifted with his first camera – Canon Powershot 100/130 IS (Point and shoot) at the age of 23, using which he had experimented different types of photography for about 5 years. At 28, he bought his first DSLR Nikon D600 (full frame, currently using D610) along with a 50mm 1.4D prime lens.

Ravindra now specializes in photographic education and plans for leading photo tours on weekends. He uses a unique blend of illustrations, animations and photographs along with his experience in photography, all of which makes learning photography easy and fun.


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12 thoughts on “May 2016 Photo Contest – Results Out!

  1. Rohit Singla – Rupin Pass
    for me it looks to be the winner. this photograph is just awesome. showing the tiny trees and the immense nature of galaxy gives the reality of this existence of ours, it signifies the photograph. i can just wonder how rohit must have got this photograph. excellent rohit
    liked it

  2. Perfect nominations..!! Beautiful clicks with great emotions. Upon all the nominees I couldn’t take off my eyes from the Rupin pass nominees. Esp Arun raj. Clicks shows his emotions towards the mountains. Cheers to all..! And All the best..!

  3. Arun Raj(Rupin Pass) thanks for such a masterpiece. The pic speaks a lot. Looking at the ppl walking towards those godly mountains covered with shiny blanket of snow and those heavenly clouds, i can feel that journey towards eternity. Its Nirvana! All the pics are amazing though. All the best to everyone..

  4. Wow..breathtaking pictures. Thoroughly loved the shots clicked by Harshal-Goechala, Arun -Rupin and Mohan- Pangarchulla.
    Way to go guys..all the best to all the nominees.

  5. Can’t take my eyes off from the pictures. All pictures are awesome and it’s really difficult to choose the best one.
    The way Vignash clicked those kids in the lap of Sewa shows that how important is it to plant more and more trees.
    Rohit’s milky way Galaxy is something you would want to see everyday after a day’s work. Brilliant shot.
    Gajendra captured so many beautiful peaks in his paranomic views that you are just lost in those mountains.

  6. Harshal Mehta should win coz the pic ‘mists of Sikkim ‘ is too good and I vote for him as his fellow Trekker …what a shot buddy…monochrome pics are too good if it presents perfectly…

  7. While all the pictures featured are awesome in their own unique style….but if one were to pick up one shot then my pick would that be of Aditya Bhat – Great click Aditya, the beauty of the bugyal and that of the azure sky is unbeatable!

  8. All are stunning and beautifully captured pics.

    But from my opinion Rohit Singla and Gajendra Kumar are best.
    I choose these two due to their vividness and efforts behind their work.

    In month of May to find glimpse of milky way in full swing only possible at post midnight only ( approx 1-4 AM)
    So at Udaknal (quite windy and cold place) wake up and capturing such image with extreme correctness and composition is quite difficult.

    Gajendra also captured well. Crystal clear Mountain View picture tells a lot.
    Taking this panoramic shot at Rupin Pass saddle is always difficult which also follows Rule of Third (alignment rule in photography).
    Picture also contain small tiny human on left side which also fully describes its caption.

    So all the best to all.

  9. It must have been a tough task for judges to select the Winner. Every picture is master piece in itself. Just amazing !!