Buy The Mountain Lovers’ Gold Calendar 2018

A beautiful picture of the Himalayas is all it takes for our hearts to leap with excitement. It takes us back to our picture-perfect campsites, or to the splendid meadows. Sometimes, it transports us to where our heart desires to be. The Mountain Lovers’ Gold Calendars have 12 such stunning pictures.

The pictures are hand-picked out of thousands of submissions. They will take you to the mountains on all 365 days of the year!

We have two calendars this year – A Wall Calendar and a Desk Calendar. They are available for sale.

If you’re picking it up for your office, pick up the desk calendar. You don’t need any other prop on your desk with this around. If you’re putting it up at home, the wall calendar is grand! It brings any wall to life!

If you want calendars for your home and office, we have a combo of both the Wall Calendar and Desk Calendar. It’s priced lower too!

Mountain Lovers’ Gold Calendar for your desk



Mountain Lovers’ Gold Calendar for your wall



Mountain Lover’s Calendar Combo 2018


These are Collector’s Items. We haven’t printed too many. So pick them up soon.

PS: The calendar comes with a cheeky bonus. When the year comes to a close in 2019, choose your favourite photographs from the calendar, cut out the dates from the bottom and use it as a poster!

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22 thoughts on “Buy The Mountain Lovers’ Gold Calendar 2018

  1. Dear Sneha,

    Could you let me know the tentative date by when the calendars can be delivered? I live in Delhi – in case you want to make a reasonable guess on the delivery times.

    I plan to gift it to a friend, who is here only until New Year’s Eve; that’s why a little precise reply would help me in reaching a decision.


    1. Hi Rajat,
      We have started dispatching calendars yesterday. You will receive your calendars before New Year if you have placed a pre-order earlier.

  2. You might also want to create a soft version (one that can be installed on a laptop as the desktop image) and then keeps changing every month. Paper calendars are really going out of use.

    1. Hi Tejas,
      We can ship the calendar to you but you will need to bear the cost of the international speed post. Please send us an email with your address and we’ll respond to you with the cost.

    1. Hi Anu.
      Once you’ve been on a trek with us, you can do the same trek for free a second time anytime. It does not necessarily have to be within a year.

  3. Hello

    I am Yann Vagneux, living in Varanasi. I have ordered recently a wall calendar. It has arrived today unfortunately folded and damaged. Wednesday, I will come to Bangalore. Can you keep me another calendar and I will take it either on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday. Thanks a lot.

    Yann (9451860385)

    1. Hi Yann,
      I am sorry that the calendar arrived damaged. We’ll keep one aside for you in the office. You can visit us and pick it up anytime on Wednesday or Thursday.

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      Unfortunately, we will not be getting fresh stock for the calendars that are sold out. We do have some wall calendars left. You can place your order online right away if you wish to buy that.