Winners Of The Trek Photographer Of The Month December 2018

This year, December has given us the best winter treks! The weather was perfect until the very end of the month and even well in January. And we’re not surprised to have received such fairy tale-like entries!

Here are the 3 Winners of the Trek Photographer of December 2018.


Dayara Bugyal – Vishakh Hebbar

Climb the mountain not so that the world can see you but so you can see the world.

A unique perspective, a rare angle. We haven’t seen pictures of Dayara Bugyal like this.We haven’t seen pictures of our Trek Leaders like this either (That’s our Trek Leader Kiranjit in the shot, we’re not sure what he’s up to!). We love the minimalism and purity in this shot.

First Runner Up

Kedarkantha (Portrait)  – Shreenath Ramachandramurthy

“Good old lines” says the photographer about this picture.

Another stunner from Sreekanth. This picture needs no words to justify why it’s one of the winners. If only everyone could age this gracefully!

Second Runner Up

Kedarkantha – Vishwas K S

The photographer calls this picture “Enlightened”

With the advent of Instagram, we’ve been getting more and more vertical photographs of late. Many of them fail to impress on a desktop screen. But this one caught our eye. It’s a unique picture, a rare perspective. And the strong hold on light is evident from the shot.

Congratulations team! You have won Indiahikes Trek Vouchers of
Rs 5,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000!

Trekkers Choice Winner

Sandakphu Phalut – Aakash G Ratkal

A gazebo sitting at the perfect union of snow and sea of clouds

A stunning picture without having to say the least. The photographer has captured the colours, the textures and framed the photograph beautifully! It’s no surprise it’s a favourite amongst trekkers!

Congratulations Aakash! You have won a lovely Flash daypack by AdventureWorx


Brahmatal – Jitendra Pati

“Did we just walk that?” asks the photographer.

This is a rare angle of the Brahmatal trek. The trek has a gorgeous ridge walk, with stunning mountain views on a clear day! You also have views of the Roopkund trail from this ridge. It’s a rare capture. The fresh light snow adds to the effect! We love it.

Sandakphu Phalut – Shraddha Tamore

A picturesque village enroute Gorkhey.

It’s rare to see such uniformity and such harmony with nature in the cities. Shraddha has captured that harmony beautifully in her picture, showing us the village nestled at the foot of the dark pine forests, yet so colourful and content.

Kedarkantha – Shreenath Ramachandramurthy

The photographer calls this picture “Shine through the pine”

The forests of Kedarkantha have something magical about them. The way they face the sun, with light peeking through every tree trunk that you walk by. The experience leaves an everlasting impression of you. And this picture captures that beautifully!

Sandakphu Phalut – Aniruddha Tiru

A magical moonrise

Imagine stepping out of your room and looking at the moon hanging right in front of you with a few of Nepal’s biggest mountains below it! Not to forget, the bed of clouds in between. We can imagine the moment this picture was shot. Even though its a grainy picture, we love it for the momentous capture.

Sandakphu Phalut – Sayantan Mandal

The floating Buddha

The Sleeping Buddha, in the golden hour. Witnessing this alpen glow over the third tallest mountain in the world is something else! This picture captures the serenity of the moment beautifully! We also love the composition of the picture — perfect for framing!

Dayara Bugyal – Prabu Palaniappan

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness

A reality in the mountains — forest fires, deliberately lit to get rid of the dry grass and make way for new grass. This is a story-telling picture, which is why it has made it to the nominations of December 2019.

Thank you for participating! We’ll be back with more.

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28 thoughts on “Winners Of The Trek Photographer Of The Month December 2018

  1. Very beautiful photos, good luck to every one and I highly appreciate every one’s talent those who participated. CONGRATULATIONS

  2. Well done congrats Aakash deservable to 1st place but I think prabhu and shreenath should have ended up more high in position more luck next time.

  3. Hey Swathi…Great photographs. All of them

    Had one query.
    Where can i submit my photographs and videos (for the contest and otherwise).
    Did KGL in August and Kedarkantha in Feb with you guys.