October 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month Nominations Are Out – Vote For Your Favourite Photographs

For the October 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month contest, we received hundreds of photographs. Each photograph was unique in its own way – an interesting frame, great perspective shots, unique night photographs, and never seen before photographs of some of the world’s highest summits.

October in the mountains makes for stunning shots of landscapes. The grass is a magical green and is sprinkled with fresh snowfall. You can also see beautiful snow capped mountains. 

There was stiff competition between pictures from the Goechala Trek and the Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Ri trek. You will see why!

The winner of the Trekkers Choice Award wins the XPLORE 35 backpack from our friends at Adventure Worx.

Vote for your favorite photographs below. You can vote only once, so take a look at all the entries before you cast your vote

1.Buran Ghati Trek – Shibayan Kayal


We like this picture of the depth it captures in this wide expanse, not only in distance, but in height as well. From the stream to the snow capped mountains. The colour range too is beautiful. It is also well framed.

2. Goechala Trek – Agnitra Ghosh 


Just look at those colours! Beautifully captured and contrasted with the snow peaks. And the placement of the mountain yak brings in the liveliness of the still mountains.

3.Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Ri – Nand Kishore Pandey


A truly never seen before of Mt. Pumori. Rarely do we see peaks at such close proximity. We love how the photographer has captured all visible corners and sides of the peak. The two trekkers in the corner help show you just how big this peak is.

4. Phulara Ridge Trek – Amit Prabhu


This is one of the most beautiful night shots we have seen. Most night shots are of the starts and the Milky Way. This shot has been taken so well that it shows you just how dark it can get in the forest without any light. This photograph was captioned ‘The kitchen tent is always lit’, by the photographer. This photo tells a story.

5. Nag Tibba Trek – Puneet Garg


This is a wonderful photograph. The grass in the foreground is punctuation the light from the setting sun beautifully The sun peeping through, from in between the trekkers is a cliche, but has been done perfectly in this shot. It brings out the feeling of togetherness on a trek.

Which is your favourite shot? Vote for it below.

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34 thoughts on “October 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month Nominations Are Out – Vote For Your Favourite Photographs

  1. Fantastic capture of mountain . Cannot be better. The photographer has given me feeling of looking at the mountain being there but actually without being there.

  2. I liked the Goechala trek pic as there is a pallet of 3 different colours- the vibrant azure of the clear sky with a dash of white, the glittering silvery snow capped peaks and the sharp contrast of sun baked soil. It’s an ethereal portrait, appreciate the photographer’s eyes.