October 2015 Photo Contest – Results

For the October 2015 Photo Contest, we received few of the best pictures we have seen of Goechala, Roopkund and a few other treks. It’s heartening to see that so many of our trekkers have a keen eye for photography! Keep it going! Here are the Top Four Winning Photographs! The third place is shared by two trekkers. Congratulations! Hope you all go on many more treks and capture more beautiful pictures! 


Sangram Bongale – Roopkund

Photographs are rare that capture man, animal and mountains well. Rarest of rare are those photographs that evoke a strong emotion when you see them. Sangram’s photograph brings alive the deep bond that humans and animals have with the mountains. We love it!

Roopkund - Sangram Bongale 5


Shreenivasa K S – Rupin Pass

Shreenivasa’s capture of a village girl is good enough to get to the cover of a magazine. It is never easy to get children to pose, get the expression right and make them look beautiful, human and innocent. Shreenivasa has managed to perhaps click a photograph that will long be an envy of even professional photographers. 
Rupin Pass - Shreenivasa K S 1


Kartik Kariya – Goechala

Kartik’s photograph of Dzongri top has terrific composition. Dzongri top on the Goechala trail is a photographer’s delight. Innumerable photographers have tried to give a fresh perspective to this location. Kartik not only manages to do that, he lifts the photograph by many notches with is brilliant play of light. 

Joint 2nd RUNNER UP

Shantanu Biswas – Roopkund

Shantanu’s photograph of the bright colourful tents set against the grim, dark background of Bhagwabasa camp is a superb play of colours and composition. The photograph tells the story of life in a desolate land. 
Roopkund - Shantanu Biswas 2


1. Kartik Kariya: Goechala


2. Krishnaraj Chavan: Roopkund

Copy of Roopkund - Krishnaraj Chavan - 5

3. Anirban Sengupta: Goechala

Goecha La - Anirban Sengupta - Prekchu river at Kokchurang

4. Samaj Shekhar: Har-Ki-Dun

HKD - Samaj Shekhar 4

5. Sangram Bongale: Roopkund

Roopkund - Sangram Bongale 5

6. Santhosh Nayak: Goechala


7. Arunabha Dey: Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass - Arunabha De - Long journey

8. Shreenivasa K: Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass - Shreenivasa K S 1

9. Shantanu Biswas: Roopkund

Roopkund - Shantanu Biswas 3

10. Mayuri Deo: Roopkund

Roopkund - Mayuri Deo - Bhagva bhasa camp site

11. Anirban Sengupta (2): Goechala

Goecha La - Anirban Sengupta - Samiti Lake & Mountain Reflection on just melted ice sheet


12. Shantanu Biswas: Roopkund

Roopkund - Shantanu Biswas 2

We will announce the winners on December 1st. 

Watch this space for more.