How to Pack your Photography Equipment for a Trek

In my last episode, I showed you what photography equipment you need on a trek

So let’s get to packing!

Considering unpredictable weather conditions, taking photography equipment on a trek might be a bit worrying. But if you pack it well, your gear will be safe, despite rough use.

In this video, you’ll learn how to pack your camera equipment for a trek.

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7 thoughts on “How to Pack your Photography Equipment for a Trek

  1. Hey swathi.. The video really helps..How do u manage a camera with a rucksack..Especially when u want to take photos through the trail also..In my experience it becomes difficult to handle both..Any ideas?

    1. Hi Aruna, when I’m trekking, the camera is usually hanging on my neck or is wrapped around my wrist. I like to have it handy at all times. The camera bag remains inside my backpack. When I’m walking around the campsite, I walk around with the small camera bag. 🙂

  2. How much does your rucksack weigh with camera bag and tripod , filled water bottles and other regular equipment? Will it not be heavier than 10kg.

    1. Hi Avinash it doesn’t weigh more than 8 kilos. If I have to carry a camera, I compromise some other things, or I share toilet and medical kits with those I”m trekking with. I never allow the backpack to be heavier than 8 kilos.

    1. Hello Harshit
      That will be a huge mistake. I have Puma Shoes myself but they are not suitable for the terrain on the mountains. Try going for something cheaper like the Arpenaz series or rent shoes if you can. Which trek are you going for?