Choose your favourite photo from the nominations of July 2016

Every year the July photo contest is flooded with breathtaking pictures from our Kashmir treks. This time was a tug of war between Hampta Pass and Kashmir Great Lakes. Here are the nominations!

Our judge will be picking the top three winners. But in addition to that, we have introduced a Trekkers’ Choice Prize!

You can vote for your favourite photo and it will be given the Trekkers’ Choice Prize! Scroll down to vote!


1. Sourasis Das – Hampta Pass

Every trekker who goes to Hampta Pass comes back with wonderful pictures of Chandratal Lake. This photo beautifully captures the oft overlooked route taken to the lake. The play of shadows give rocky mountains look like sheaths of raw silk!

Hampta Pass - Chandratal Approach - Indiahikes photo contest
Hampta Pass trek – Approaching Chandratal lake


2. Sourasis Das – Hampta Pass

A horse nibbles away in meadows strewn with colorful wild flowers. Twilight at Jwara looks surreal and has been captured well in this picture.

Hampta Pass - Twilight at Jwara - Indiahikes photo contest
Hampta Pass trek – Twilight at Jwara

3. Preethi – Hampta Pass

What a great action shot! Stream crossings are everywhere on the Hampta Pass trek. It’s like hopping from one page of a book to another. In this picture you see the change in scenery from coniferous forests to scattered birch trees. A wonderfully captured action shot.

Hampta Pass trek-Crossing a stream at Chika-Indiahikes photo contest
Hampta Pass – Crossing a stream at Chika


4. Debdatto – Hampta Pass

Tranquility and serenity at Chandratal lake. The colours are out of this world; subtle yet leaves a strong impact on the viewer.

Hampta Pass -Tranquility and serenity personified Chandratal- Indiahikes photo contest
Hampta Pass -Tranquility at Chandratal lake

5. Ravindra Joisa – Kanamo

Yaks frolicking in the wild during golden hours. What can we say! A perfectly timed photo with the light falling precisely to highlight the action as dust rises from the ground.

Kanamo Yak in the wild during golden hours Indiahikes
Kanamo trek- Yaks in the wild during golden hours

6. Neil de Souza – Kashmir great Lakes

Can you spot the human in this picture? This picture is great just for that!

Kashmir great Lakes - man on the mountains - Indiahikes photo contest
Kashmir great Lakes trek – Man on the mountain!

7. Ashok KS – Kashmir great Lakes

This photo left us breathless. The floating clouds, emerald meadows, alpine lake and the Nandkol campsite! All in a single picture!

Kashmir Great Lakes - Ashok KS -Nandkol campsite
Kashmir Great Lakes-Nandkol campsite


8. Sanjit Krishnan Kaul – Pin Parvati Pass

The view ahead from Pin Parvati pass leaves trekkers dumbfounded. How would you feel if you came across such a landscape after days of walking through the parched Spiti valley?

PinParvatiPass-LookingAheadFromThePinParvatiPass - Indiahikes
Pin Parvati Pass-View from Pin Parvati Pass


9. Pushkar Kanhere – Hampta Pass

Majestically standing, modestly covered in patches of snow is peak 5260. A mesmerizing sight at the Hampta Pass.

Hampta Pass - Peak 5260 - Indiahikes
Hampta Pass – Peak 5260


10. Ashok KS – Kashmir great Lakes

Kashmir Great lakes trek is without doubt the most photogenic trek we know of. This photo by Ashok KS reaffirms this belief.

Kashmir Great Lakes Vishnusar lake during the climb Indiahikes
Kashmir Great Lakes-Vishnusar lake

11. Abhishek – Valley of Flowers

Photographing an insect in flight requires ninja skills which is why “Bee in a flower” is one of our favorites!

Valley of flowers-Bee in a flower-Indiahikes
Valley of flowers-Bee in a flower


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33 thoughts on “Choose your favourite photo from the nominations of July 2016

  1. 3rd one is very beautiful bec it’s involved all types of nature stones water n nature so am voting for this beautiful picture

  2. #5 Ravidra Joisa : The picture is just great .. Wata composition .. To see yaks in the wild this way is jus awesome .. Great snap … Voting for Ravindra Joisa for kanamo.

  3. #5 Ravidra Joisa : The effect of light of golden hours and dust…. Yak’s in action.. magnificent color texture..mind blowing… very well captured with a great time frame.

  4. #3 preeti has captured the life , and the scene. The flowing of water looks like it’s cutting the mountains, the meeting of series of mountain, the snow is a perfect picturesque to Reminisce it’s beautiful moments.

  5. #5 Ravidra Joisa : The effect of light of golden hours and dust…. Yak’s in action.. magnificent color texture..mind blowing… very well captured with a great time frame.

  6. #3 is Epic…. Crossing a river is not just another thing…, It jus resembles Humanity… It has to done carefully, with no one in a hurry… In crossing, one by one people has to go and with people in either side carefully watching for your safety… It also gives people sometime to socialize and rest, as people gather on either side… Most importantly, Every crossing in a Trek, gives time to enjoy the scenic jus by making people wait 🙂

  7. @Ravindra Joisa: What a timing and camera handling to get that perfect shot? Kudos maccha! Brilliant snap!
    But I must say, the picture of Abhishek is really time consuming and needs snappy fingers to be able to capture the bee in motion. Heart says Kanamo, but brain says Flower Valley. Really tough choice!!!