Rupin Summer 2012-Photo Contest


The Rupin Pass Summer 2012 photo contest results are out ! The top three winning photos are below. Post your comments below.

First Prize: The first prize goes to Chintan.

Rupin pass trek

Second Prize: The second prize goes to Ravi Choudary!
Rupin pass trek

Congratulations to the winners. Your prizes will reach you soon.

A note from Indiahikes

The winners and the submissions get the following awards from Indiahikes.


The winner of the photo contest gets a Rs 5,000 Trek Voucher from Indiahikes, plus a Trekking pole plus an Indiahikes T-Shirt.
The second runner up get Rs 2,500 Trek Voucher from Indiahikes, plus a neck warmer from Decathlon, plus an Indiahikes T-Shirt.

Rupin pass Summer 2012 Photo Contest

Here are the shortlisted 12 best photos of the Rupin Pass May &  June 2012 trek photo contest. Trekkers were asked to submit their best photos from the trek for the contest.

The judges will now run through these photos and choose one among them as the winner. Before the judges choose, tell us which of these photos deserve the best photo award (use the comments box below). 

The photographs selected here are in random order. The numbers attributed to the photos are to identify the photographer and does not denote any ranking by Indiahikes. Use the number and the name of the person to make your comments.

Please click on the photo to view the enlarged image.


Rupin Pass trek

Trekkers in a contemplative mood. Photographer: Aashna

Rupin trek 

The Rupin fans out at the Saruwas thatch campsite. Photographer: Aashna

rupin pass trek

Rajmohan standing on top of a cliff and observing the team come up at upper waterfall.
Photographer: Aashna

rupin pass trek
The paddy  field just before the entrance of the forest after Jhaka. Photographer: Arjoon

Rupin pass trek
Dhandheras Thatch in bloom. The Rupin falls behind as a 3 stage waterfall.
Photographer: Bhavin Shah

Rupin pass trek
Camping at Rati Pheri. Photographer: Bhavin Shah

Rupin pass trek
The peaks as seen from the pass. Photographer: Binu Mathew

Rupin pass trek
The Nalgan pass valley seen from the meadows enroute Sangla Kanda.
Photographer: Brijesh Patel

Rupin pass trek
Sitting on the edge. Just before the Jhaka forest. Photographer: Chintan Gautam

Rupin Pass trek
The village on the right as you walk out of Dhaula. Photographer: Pravin Tale

Rupin pass trek

Dhandheras Thatch. Photographer: Rachna


Rupin pass trek

The meadows before Sangla Kanda. Photographer: Ravi Choudary



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