Sandakphu Phalut Trek Reopens As Curfew In Darjeeling Lifts

There is some great news for those looking forward to the Sandakphu trek.

With the bandh in Darjeeling finally being suspended, our treks to Sandakphu Phalut have now resumed. 

So all of you longing to walk through the dense rhododendron forest trails alongside the Sleeping Buddha can now celebrate!

While you couldn’t even get a cup of tea in Darjeeling during the shutdown, shops have crawled back to business. As of now, shops are open, vehicles are plying, public transport is available. It is going to take some time for Darjeeling to bounce back to normalcy. We hope to to see this happen at the earliest.

All the tea houses on the Sandakphu trail are now open to service too. Those of you trekking solo need not worry about food and stay.

When does the Sandakphu trek resume? 

All the batches starting from 8th October will be doing the Sandakphu trek instead of the trek to Dzongri top trek, which was Plan B.

We are not running the Dzongri Top trek separately. All those who have registered for the Dzongri Top trek will now be redirected to the Sandakphu Phalut trek.

This redirection of the trek doesn’t change your travel plan in any way. The pick up point for Sandakphu is the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Railway Station.

Sandakphu-Indiahikes-Sushant Ale-Cover
The Sleeping Buddha seen on the Sandakphu Phalut trail.

What to expect on the Sandakphu trek in autumn? 

The Sandakphu Phalut trek is known for grand views of four of five tallest peaks in the country. You will be seeing the Everest, the Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu. These views are unprecedented in autumn!

The trek is also known to be a hub for birders. If you are looking to spot a few rare Himalayan species then this a trek you will definitely enjoy. Autumn months are a great time to see birds, says wildlife photographer Ajit Hota. Here are a few tips by him for birdwatching.

Sandakphu - Jay Gandhi - Griffon Vultures enrute Tumling
The Himalayan Griffons spotted on the way to Tumling PC: Jay Gandhi

Having said that, Sandakphu is a great trek all the way till April. It is one of the few treks accessible in January and February. Find all details about the trek here.

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3 thoughts on “Sandakphu Phalut Trek Reopens As Curfew In Darjeeling Lifts

  1. Hi Team,
    It feels great to hear that the sandakphu trail has opened again. I was eagerly waiting for this trek to open. I am planning to do this trek in the middle of Jan. Can you please tell me what kind of weather can be experienced during that time in Sandakphu? Will there be clear mountain views available during that time as it is peak winter month? And is there any probability of snowfall during that time? If yes, when can I plan to do the trek to experience snowfall and a clear view of the Sleeping Buddha?

    1. Hi Michelle, it takes around 7 days to trek to Sandakphu. We do have dates available in April 2020. You’ll find them here –

      Having said that, this is one of the few Himalayan treks, where the destination is accessible by road. In fact, there’s a road all the way from Jaubari (the base camp) to Sandakphu. You could choose to shorten your trek by taking a vehicle. We don’t organise this at Indiahikes, but you could easily do it on your own. It’s a very popular trek with a lot of infrastructure to support you. If you need help with GPX files, you could write to us on [email protected].