How Do You Think We Can Make Green Trails More Self-Sustained?

Innovation serves as a major enabler of the Green Trails Project. Let me tell you how with few real-life examples from Lohajung.

The Green Trails Journey: Consistent Efforts And Patience Hold The Key

Here are the Green Trails updates for the first week of April. We bring the latest to you from Lohajung, Sari and Jaubhari.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed – 2 Model Villages In The Making

At Green Trails, our main measure of success is when people actually see, realize and acknowledge the civic problems around them and work on solution strategies together.
Picture of Ecowarrior Devendar, a local businessman/shopkeeper from Lohajung who replaced Maggi packets with healthier/greener alternatives.

How Do Locals Drive The Green Trails Mission?

The Green Trails mission – to leave the mountains in a better condition than they were – is an aspiring one. There’s one major stakeholder in our mission that largely goes unnoticed. These are the local residents – the men, women and children who act as powerful enablers of this process

Here’s How Lohajung Fights Waste : 3 Dumpsites Replaced In A Day!

In this week’s updates of Green Trails activities, we bring to you latest developments from three of our base camps – Lohajung, Sari and Jaubhari.

11 Sacks Of Waste Collected In One Day At Lohajung!

Our team collected 11 sacks of non-recyclable waste on the very first day of clean up at Lohajung. Read our latest Green Trails updates here!

Using Upcycling To Spread Waste Management Awareness Among Students

Our Green Trails interns used upcycling as a means to teach the students about waste management. Read on to know more.

250 kg Waste Brought Down To Manali Last Week

Our Green Trails team is hard at work, removing waste from the Himalayas and also spreading the word to make villages cleaner. Here are updates.