Kedarkantha Winter trek – December, 2013 Photo Contest

Here are the shortlisted 21 best photos of the Kedarkantha winter trek in 2013. From snow to sunshine to mountain views, these trekkers have got everything!

Kedarkantha Summer 2013 Photo Contest

Kedarkantha is a sight to see in summer! With the forests and meadows just blooming with greenery, and the higher regions beckoning you with frosty white snow, it’s a gorgeous place to be in. Check out our trekkers’ shots here!

Kedarkantha December-2012 Photo Contest

Here are the winners of the Kedarkantha 2012 Winter Trek Photo Contest. There are lots of pictures of trekkers in action and we just loved them all!

Kedarkantha winter 2011

After much consideration and many rounds of discussions between the judges we have finally arrived at the top three photographs of the Kedarkantha trek photo contest.