My Happiest Trek Moment – Personal Stories of Awe, Merry and Adventure – Part 9

Trekkers cherish their moments of awe, merry and adventure. Beat the lock down blues by sharing your stories too! 🙂

Why Indiahikes Is Not Running The Pin Parvati Pass trek

We have stopped running the Pin Parvati trek, and for a very worrying reason. This is not a safe for even the most adventure-loving person. Here’s why.

What I Learnt When I Trekked With Shepherds Across Pin Parvati Pass

Before she became a Trek Leader, Anuja travelled extensively across Himalayas. Ultimately, it was her experience on Pin Parvati that shaped her into the trek leader she is today. Read her Pin Parvati story here.

Why we trek Pin Parvati Pass from the Spiti Side

Pin Parvati Pass is an old route, opened by British in 1884 to gain access to the remote Spiti Valley. The Himachal Pradesh Government opened this route for trekkers in 1993- and since then, trekkers followed the same route to Spiti valley. Indiahikes does this trek from Spiti region instead of the traditional Parvati side- Arjun Majumdar explains why.