A Photo Story Of The Tarsar Marsar Trek In Kashmir

The Tarsar Marsar trek is one of the prettiest Himalayan treks there is! Here is a photo story that will give you a quick glimpse of the trek.

Your trek begins here!

Tarsar Marsar Exploration 1 (1024 x 683)
Settlements at Aru

A cluster of 200 huts with shiny metallic roofs fenced by primitive wooden stakes, nestled amidst meadows and framed by tall trees . Aru is as pretty as imagination allows one to believe.

River Lidder Ravindra Joisa
River Lidder PC-Ravindra Joisa

The lovely blue waters of the river Lidder flow next right next to the Aru village. It lends it’s name to the village of Lidderwad.

Incredible Lidderwat campsite PC-Regina Tang

In the village of Aru, clusters of willow and poplar trees pop out to lend more beauty to the setting. You camp here on the first night of your Tarsar Marsar trek.

Aru to Lidderwat Ravindra Joisa
Aru to Lidderwat PC-Ravindra Joisa

It is a gentle but long climb from Aru to Lidderwat. Look out for two clear streams and a wooden bridge half hour before Lidderwat.

Gujjar settlements before Lidderwad Ravindra Joisa
Gujjar settlements before Lidderwad PC-Ravindra Joisa

You will pass through Nandkei which is a cluster of Gujjar settlements across the Lidder river.

Lidderwat campsite PC-Regina Tang

Once you reach Lidderwat, you can explore the meadows and the clear streams that run through it. It is an absolutely delightful experience.

Sheep crossing the Lidder river Ravindra Joisa
Sheep crossing the Lidder river PC-Ravindra Joisa

You gain considerable altitude as you climb from Lidderwat to Shekwas. The trail is mostly ascending with intermediate flat grounds and one river crossing en route.

Tarsar Marsar 23 Shekawas Brijesh Tiwari
Shekawas PC-Brijesh Tiwari

After passing through pine forests and some intermittent clearings you will reach wide sweeping grasslands that are formed from the merger of many valleys that converge here.

Shekwas campsite PC-Brijesh Tiwari

The trail climbs swiftly past a few Gujjar huts to the camping grounds of Shekwas.

Magnificent Tarsar Lake Ravindra Joisa
The magnificent Tarsar Lake PC-Ravindra Joisa

It’s a gentle climb from Shekwas to Tarsar through tall grasses, a few ridges and finally to the shores of the lake.

Tarsar Marsar 1 (1024 x 683)
The snow fed Tarsar Lake

The deep turquoise blue water is surrounded by lush meadows and snow capped peaks – this campsite is truly heaven on earth.

Tarsar Campsite PC-Chetan

Camp at Tarsar right beside the lake and move to Sundarsar the next morning.

TM At the top of Tarsar Pass - Kishan Harwalkar 4
At the top of Tarsar Pass PC-Kishan Harwalkar

From the Tarsar campsite, you climb up the Tarsar Pass.

View of Tarsar Lake from Tarsar Pass
View of Tarsar Lake from Tarsar Pass PC-Ravindra Joisa

As you ascend, you can see the Tarsar lake growing smaller behind you.

Tarsar Marsar 15 Sundersar Lake Brijesh Tiwari
Sundersar Lake PC-Brijesh Tiwari

Sundersar lake is not as large as Tarsar. Yet, the setting of the lake is just as beautiful.

TM_Rajesh Kallaje 2

Around the Sundersar lake are long grassy stretches with little sprouting flowers of yellow, blue and white. 

Sundersar campsite – PC Brijesh Tiwari

Sundersar has big, flat stretches that serves as a perfect camping spot.

Marsar Lake PC-Brijesh Tiwari

An early morning excursion is the best time to catch sight of the Marsar lake which generally tends to get covered in mist. You climb up to a ridge to view this hidden lake.

Tarsar Marsar
Enroute Homwas

Return to have breakfast at Sundarsar and then pack up to go to Homwas.

TM_Shatul Mehta 4
The enchanting Jagmargi grasslands PC-Shatul Mehta

You retrace steps to the Jagmargi grasslands after which you can take the alternate valley route to Homwas. Camp for the night at Homwas. From Aru, we arrange vehicles to drop trekkers at Srinagar.



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