The Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar 2016

Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar | Rs 190 each plus courier charges
Deep inside, all of us want to frame our walls with stunning mountain photographs. The Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar features 12 such photographs. 
Frankly, you must buy this calendar for the photographs and not for the dates. These photographs are not small or even poster size. They are big, meant to adorn the wall (2.5 feet by 2 feet). The photographs are classy. So is the calendar.
The Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar is a collector’s item. It makes for an excellent gift too. We have not printed too many of them. Please order your copies quickly. They cost Rs 190 each plus courier charges. 
If you’re a resident of Bangalore and would like to avoid courier charges, feel free to drop by at our office and pick up copies. You can check the address here

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