How to tie your shoelace so that it doesn’t come off

When on a trek, you walk with a rhythm. Every step you take is in sync with your breathing. How many times have you paused to tie your shoelace? Have you noticed how it disturbs your momentum and slows you down? Here is a quick tip by Swathi on how to tie a shoelace knot that doesn’t come off.

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Swathi Chatrapathy is a journalist from Bangalore. She heads the content team at Indiahikes and runs a video show called Trek With Swathi. Writing, reading and trekking are up there on her list of favourite things!

2 thoughts on “How to tie your shoelace so that it doesn’t come off

  1. I would be trekking with India Hikes on the Deoriatal Chandrasila trek in March 2017 and I would like to know whether I should carry one trekking pole or two. I also carry with me two DSLRS with mounted lens on a shoulder harness and the suspended cameras reach my elbow joint on either side.

    1. One trekking pole would suffice. It is not a bad idea to take two poles, but given that you already have a lot of added gear with you, one will be enough. Also reconsider taking two DSLRs. On a trek that could be a LOT of added weight. One DSLR with 2-3 light lenses would be a better option.

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