Times of India Reports On Case Against ALTOA, Police Action Awaited

On September 17, 2014 Times of India, Delhi Edition (P.16) reported on the order that was passed against All Ladakh Tour Operator’s Association (ALTOA) by Chief Judicial Magistrate, Leh-Ladakh Pawan Kumar Sharma. This order was passed on September 10, 2014. And while it may seem like this order could put an end to the mafia-like activities of ALTOA, reality isn’t just that.

TOI report Sep 17

Currently, co-owners, Arjun Majumdar and Sandhya Chandrasekharayya, along with Manish Pasad, Chief of Operation, Indiahikes and advocate Kashi Vishweshwar are awaiting police action as per the directive given in the CJM’s order. Meanwhile Indiahikes’ trekkers are being denied transport in Leh even for sight-seeing which is grossly unfair and a clear violation the fundamental right of moving freely in one’s own country.

To put an end to such lawlessness it is necessary that tourists and trekkers are aware of the crooked behaviour of local tour operators in Ladakh region. So do spread the message that will help put an end to the errant practices of these local operators.

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Latika Payak

Latika Payak

Latika Payak has worked as a journalist with Femina, New Woman, BollywoodLife.com and wrote articles for the weekly editions of Times Of India Crest before growing allergic to full-time jobs. So she broke free from the glass-walled buildings and became the official story-teller of the trekking world.

One thought on “Times of India Reports On Case Against ALTOA, Police Action Awaited

  1. Swathi’s article on Chadar Trek is enlightening, it was a good call on the pat of of India Hikes.
    I also feel that India Hike should take this forward with concerned authorities as opinion expressed that one cannot move freely in their own country is very true.
    If the company belongs to Bangalore why cant they do their activities inJammu and Kashmir for an Indian India should be the playing field, with no restriction.

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