Trek Photographer of the Year – Instagram Contest

This month, Indiahikes hit 10,000 followers on Instagram! We’re celebrating this with a Trek Photographer of the Year Instagram Contest! The winner of this contest gets an awesome Trek Voucher worth Rs.10,000!

Instagram Photo Contest - Indiahikes (1200 x 870)

Rules of the Instagram Contest

  1. Follow Indiahikes on Instagram
  2. Post your contest entries between August 8th and August 31st.
  3. You are allowed four photographs, each depicting a distinct theme as written below. 
  4. The four themes are
    #IHTrekkersInAction – Action shots of trekkers
    #IHWildlife – Any birds and animals that you might have spotted on your trek
    #IHSnowScape – Show us snow, be it on mountains, outside your tent, or spread out all around you
    #IHTentLife – Any shot that includes a tent
    Mention these hashtags and tag @indiahikes in your caption.
  5. Include a brief write-up in your caption telling us why you chose that photo for the theme.

Stay tuned to our Instagram feed for the winner on August 31st! Our guest judge will be judging the pictures
based on the Quality of the Four Pictures and Captions. The entrant with the best four theme entries wins! 

As a bonus, at the end of every day, we will post our favorite entry on our Instagram feed!

NOTE: Entries must be posted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an
older photo/video. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period
will NOT be considered eligible.

We can’t wait to see your take on the themes! So get started!

Reach out to us on [email protected] if you have any questions.


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7 thoughts on “Trek Photographer of the Year – Instagram Contest

  1. Wonderful contest, though missing it since I ain’t on Instagram. Please have such contests on Twitter , if possible. Good luck to the participants.

  2. Do I need to post only those photographs which I had taken during IH treks only ? Can I post other photographs , which I have taken during treks but not with IH ?

  3. Where can I get notification of any upcoming contests? Can we post a dated photo (a few month or a year old photo), or it has to be recent??

    1. Hi Navneet,
      We haven’t been running Instagram contests for some months now. If yo follow Indiahikes on Instagram, you will get to know when we run the next contest.