How well do you know your Trekking Gear?

We are changing tracks this week to quiz you on trekking gear. The kind of gear you carry on a trek greatly impacts the quality of your trek. What you take along dictates how warm you feel, how comfortably you walk and how safe you stay.

Take this quiz to see how well you know what to carry on a trek.

The winner for this week’s crossword will be chosen at random out of all those who solve this correctly.

We’re giving away a custom-made full-brimmed trekking hat to the winner!

Make sure you enter your details correctly. You will not be considered for the prize if you don’t fill in your details.

Don’t forget to hit submit when you’re done!

Here is the solution to last week’s crossword (What do these mountain names mean? Part II) –

Congratulations to Priyanka who finished last week’s crossword correctly and quickly!

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