We Need Your Help With Indiahikes

When we started India​h​ikes years ago, it was with a clear mission in mind: we wanted to bring in a profound change in how trekking is done – by bringing out information about treks, and also by changing the way treks are conducted in India. ​​

Ten years later I am happy to see that many of the visions that we started out with have come true. We have indeed changed how trekking is done in our country. We brought in new treks, new systems, new equipment, new safety protocols, new environment management systems.

While what we have achieved makes me happy, I realise ten years have passed. A whole new generation of trekkers are now taking to trekking. Those who were 10-12 years old when we started Indiahikes are now in their early twenties!

This has put us in a problem. And that’s why I am writing to you today.

You see, the modern generation decides on taking a trek based on what they read about it on Google.

Unfortunately, at Indiahikes, even though we are India’s largest trekking organisation, with such a big legacy behind us, very few from the new generation know us.

Because they are new to trekking, they often don’t know the benefits of trekking with Indiahikes, or the experience they are missing out on when they don’t trek with Indiahikes.

I thought the best way to solve this problem was for them to hear it from you.

You’d be the best person to share your thoughts on your experience with us, and what you think sets us apart.

And I thought Google was the best platform for this. A space where you can share your thoughts honestly, with no moderation / editing from us. You could add pictures too.

So it would mean a lot if you could take a little time and review us on Google.

I’m personally going to go through every review tomorrow. And I will send out a small gift to 50 of the most honest and heartfelt reviews. It is a wonderful “Trekker for Life” fridge magnet that has been especially designed by modern artist Noorain Ahmed.

Simply click the link below to get started.

>> Review Indiahikes on Google

This won’t take you more than 3-4 minutes.

If you have any trouble opening the link, follow these steps:

Step 1: Type Indiahikes on Google.
Step 2: Under the “Reviews” section, click on “Write a review
Step 3: Click on “Post” after typing your review. ​

If you still have trouble, leave a comment below, and we will help you out.

Thank you for your help. I will be truly grateful.

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5 thoughts on “We Need Your Help With Indiahikes

  1. This is Vrushali Kulkarni and I did 3 treks with IndiaHikes in 2019. The first one was in April (Har ki Dun) second in July (Tarsar – Marsar) and third in December (Mukta Top Winter trek). Har ki Dun was special as I got to celebrate my 50th birthday in the might Himalayas! IndiaHikes gave me an opportunity to celebrate in the company of 20 complete strangers!! IndiaHikes celebrated the birthday with a grand cake with icing and my name inscribed on it! No one could celebrate a 50th birthday like this! And the strangers turned friends all wished for my long healthy life with loads of trekking.
    The wishes really came true as very soon in July I could go on the trek to Tarsar Marsar with my sister! It was such an amazing sister time of 8 days just for ourselves again in the mountains! We sang, we danced and of course we trekked! Indiahikes gave us such great sisters time that we were looking forward to more of that and we booked for another trek and this time a winter trek to Mukta Top! Challenges to overcome of high altitude, chilling weather and steep slopes to add to it the snow. We both came closer than ever!
    Trekking with IndiaHikes is fun, adventure and yet everything within the safety limits so that the family members don’t have to worry!
    We are looking forward to our next trek already!!
    Thank you TEAM INDIAHIKES!!

  2. Hi Arjun,

    I started Trekking in 1990 in the outskirts of Bangalore when I was 7. Kids introduced to the nature at a very young age will always love and respect nature. Back the 90s I was told not to throw plastic and non biodegradable materials in the forest or anywhere beside the dustbins, and we also went out of our way to pick up plastics thrown by others as much as we could, This has stayed with me and my ilk till date.

    India Hikes highlights this essence and elevates the essence to the youngsters of today to respect and value the nature. You guys are telling everyone what needs to be preserved for the future and what are the different flavours of India (Deserts, Mountains, Valleys, High Altitude region, Forrests, plains, marsh and what not).

    As a trekker I meet people from different parts of the country, share a tent/roof together, spend a few days together and become friends and take back memories which will last forever.

    As an organisation, you will always have a challenge with the quality vs quantity and you have been managing this beautifully and I am sure you will do this in the future too. The children of the future will respect you for what you have done to elevate their value for nature.

    Hope to meet you and your crew in person sometime Mr Arjun.

    Krishna Bhargav R G

  3. I went for sandakphu trek with indiahikes. It was amazing and everything was just perfect. Trek leader was professional and cool. Looking forward for the next

  4. The experience on the India hikes has been very smooth, to say the least and I hope the trek scheduled with your team will be worth every moment, since this is the first time I have sought a trek, and that too with my family.
    The only comment I can think of is to simplify individual registration, especially in case of family trek where minors are involved as they may not have mail id.
    Another thing is, you may give us an idea of the offloading activity as we are beginners and have little idea of the load which needs to get carried.

  5. I have done 4 treks with this organization in last 3 years, and have the 5th one upcoming in March. Indiahikes has an extremely capable bunch of trek leaders and their safety measures are beyond par. The kind of pre trek training this group suggests should be made mandatory by all trekking organizations.
    Personally my fav has been their unparalleled kitchen staff, to cook such delish food at those high altitudes is very impressive. Their whole staff takes care of the trekkers so much.
    I must say I did my first trek as an impulse, but indiahikes’ experience plays a huge my part in my continuous love for trekking.

    Also posted this on Google!! indiahikes rocks..much love.