Winners for March 2017 Photo Trekker Contest announced!

March is a beautiful season for trekking. With its high snows and spring blooms, trekkers get the best of both worlds! Shutterbugs made best use of this season and gave us some dramatic pictures to choose from. With great difficulty, we have chosen our winners. Have a look!



Our Trek Leaders have talked about the villages on Sandakphu trail often. Gorkhey, they have said, is one village they have pictured themselves settling down in. Looking at this picture, it is not difficult to see why. This serene setting would make a perfect postcard!

Photo contest- March 2017

2nd Prize

Sudipto Chakraborty – Kedarkantha

There is an interesting, storytelling quality to this image.  The snow field makes a lovely backdrop to the trekker’s exhaustion. You can see the path they have come from.  You can even see other trekkers making their way to join them. Great shot!

Photo contest- March 2017

3rd prize

Kiran Kumnoor – Sandakphu

We like the contrast of the blue sky and the golden grass. The trekker on the winding trail as a subject gives this picture a nice depth. Good shot.

Photo contest- March 2017


Trekker’s Choice

Abhijeet Karwande – Kedarkantha

The Milky Way splashed across the skies of Naitwar! Can you see the windows reflecting this? Bravo for standing out in the chill of the night to capture this. There is nothing quite like the night skies of Himalayas indeed.

Photo contest- March 2017


Sudipto Chakraborty –Kedarkantha

Every trekker who has stepped onto Kedarkantha trail knows this mountain dog.  He is often leading the way on the summit day! We love how he is a subject in this vast expanse of white, with its indents highlighted by light of the sun. He looks like he is waiting for trekkers to join him.

Photo contest- March 2017

Anil Vesvikar –
 Deoriatal Chandrashila

What we like about this picture is how the soft, early morning light is contouring the mountain. The light, with the mist is giving us a feel of what it is like to be on Chandrashila summit. Beautiful picture.

Photo contest- March 2017

Subhashis Pal –
Talle Valley

What a cosy, intimate picture of Pangey campsite. We love the clarity in this image, the placement and shape of the tree,  and how trekkers are gathering around to eat. It takes us back to those lull moments during a trek.

Photo contest- March 2017

Kiran Kumnoor – Sandakphu

What a lovely portrait shot from the village of Samanden. We also love how the placid colours come out strongly here.

Photo contest- March 2017

Suman Adak – Deoriatal Chandrashila

This is an interesting composition. We love the pattern the Chopta campsite is making, along with the contrast of the colours. The layering of this picture is what makes it a great shot– with skyline dominated by mountains, the treeline and the campsite. It gives you a good idea of the scale.

Photo contest- March 2017

Subhashis Pal – Talle Valley

What a symmetrical picture! The field, the tiny house, the dense jungle, and the trekkers make for a great composition. With  paddy fields and dense jungle sitting together,  it makes you think of how man and nature can co-exist side by side. This is a great countryside picture.

Photo contest- March 2017

 Voting has closed!

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20 thoughts on “Winners for March 2017 Photo Trekker Contest announced!

  1. Like Pic# 4 of Sudipto Chakraborty – Kedarkantha, a good story telling shot from the trail. Processing looks more HDR’ish which is affecting the quality but that’s a personal preference anyway.

  2. All very good pictures but Abhijeet’s picture reminded me of the scale of the Universe and what an inconsequential speck mankind is but we give so much importance to our own well being and not that of the environment around us. Any great picture could and should simulate introspection so for that it gets my vote