Announcing Winners of October 2018 Trek Photography Contest

Autumn is the best season for photography. You can’t get such clearer skies and warm colours in any other season. It was a delight going through all the photos that truly brought out the autumn colours and transported us back to the mountains.

Our judges have selected the winners and trekkers have voted for their favourite photo. Here are the results:

Winner – Trek Photographer of the Month

Higher – Abdul Raoof, Phulara Ridge trek

Trekkers on the thrilling ridge walk.

This is a brilliant photograph from the Phulara Ridge trek. It easily conveys the excitement felt on the ridge walk. The photographer has placed the trekker perfectly to show the scale of the landscape while  carefully capturing the mountains and the clouds.

First Runner Up

Waking to the Sleeping buddha- Pranav Kaushik, Sandakphu Phalut Trek

“This is the best view on the whole trek”

This is a good example of a trek photograph. It conveys the scene of a trek- the morning colours, the tents,  the clouds, trekkers getting ready to watch the sunrise while the Sleeping Buddha rests in the background.

Second Runner Up

360 degree view of the Annapurna range- Rupam Kirtaniya, Annapurna Base Camp trek

“The entire Annapurna range with such visibility makes all the hard work worthy”

Trekkers walking towards the mighty Annapurna range is always a beautiful sight. Yet the photographer has captured an amazing image by adding three layers in a single photo: brown meadows, snow clad peaks and the blue sky that one can only see in high altitudes.

Trekkers’ Choice Award sponsored by AdventureWorx

A quaint night at Labouche-Anubhav Saxena, Everest Base Camp Trek

“The moon was out and hanging just by the galaxy. Alas! We could not take the mandatory galaxy shot in the Himalayas. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the moon threw perfect light to capture the sleeping town in the backdrop of a perfectly lit snow capped mountain.”

Such a grand view of Mt. Nuptse from the Everest Base Camp trek! As the photographer says, the mountain is well lit by the moonlight. The clear, star spangled night sky makes for one beautifully captured image.

Other Nominations

Mother nature and her lovely creations- Shibayan Kayal, Beas Kund trek

“Lead Climber ‘Kamli’ and her gang having breakfast in the lap of Seven Sisters peaks”

This photograph plays with the background and foreground to being out the natural beauty of the Beas Kund trek. Light falling diagonally on the horses to add details to the subject while the mountains act as a great background.

River crossing- Vinay Anantha, Buran Ghati trek

Mesmerising view of one of the river crossing points on the Buran Ghati trek

One does not see autumn colours mixed with winter snow quite often. But it makes an amazing combination as seen here. The snow patterns on the rocks and grass add a nice contrast to the photograph.

The end of Phulara Ridge- Brian Van Dijke, Phulara Ridge trek

“We can see the end of our trek over the Phulara Ridge here. Looking back, it makes us very proud for doing this trek and we are blessed by this beautiful view. Small and big rocks are scattered around this area. We wonder how they even got here. But one thing is for sure, it’s one of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen.”

One more photograph from the Phulara Ridge trek. Such a majestic photo that captures the beauty of this landscape. The photographer has exercised excellent light control over here. The rocks in the foreground add drama to the photograph while you can spot the trail in the distance.

Mesmerising Swargarohini- Anirban Roy, Har Ki Dun Trek

Trekkers taking rest & enjoying the view of Swargarohini on the riverbed of Supin.

The photographer is telling a story through this photo. He creates a glimpse into a moment form the trek where the trekkers take break to soak in the autumn colour and mountain view.

Near Chandanahan Lake- Chetan Walia, Buran Ghati trek

Amazing landscapes near Chandranahan Lake.

This frame captures the majestic beauty of the Buran Ghati trek. The photographer has made an intelligent choice by including the silhouettes of the two trekkers in the photograph while using the darker shades of autumn.

Winter is here- Ashwin Srinivasa, Kedartal Trek

The Kedartal trek completely covered in snow.

Predicting snowfall is always a bit tricky on high altitude treks. In this photo, the photographer captures a landscape showered with fresh snow. The colours of the prayer flags add to the visual appeal of the photograph.

And, that were all the nominations and winners for this month’s photo contest. Congratulations to all the winners! Tell us which one you liked us the most by dropping a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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117 thoughts on “Announcing Winners of October 2018 Trek Photography Contest

  1. I visited brahmatal Trek , I have first time attend hiking /tracking during the first day to last day I have see amazing natural beautiful view in LohaGanj to brahmatal amazing tracking Suport & service by Mr. Devang and his team Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Sunil I have seen brahmatal lake and I post this photograph in brahmatal lake. the whole track I have see the many beautiful place during the tracking I have see natural beauty like brahmatal lake and most surprising in this visit or tracking In this track I have not only myself but with my wife and my 11 years old my son , he is first time experience in tracking they have also happy movement and I have seen many happy moments during the completed the tracking period.brahmatal is very beautiful place and Amazing Earth one of the part of Earth I have seen NandaGomati and Trishul mountain during the brahmatal Trek and when we started brahmatal Trek so many river and waterfall come, I eat waterfall water after I feel the natural water I like I I understand the different of city water and natural water differences after I track first day to last day I have see the many mountain snow,snowfall during the third day even rain come also, I post the picture Brahmatal please see the picture the river water same reflect the earth.
    thank you very much Indian Hike and terk leader Mr. Devang and his team Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Sunil and entire team cooking department I eat everyday different food .

  2. Voted for A quaint night at Labouche- Anubhav Saxena, Everest Base Camp Trek (34%, 726 Votes).
    Excellen pic. Beautifully composed.

  3. Mesmerizing Picture. Welldone Anubhav. My vote goes to “A quaint night at Labouche-Anubhav Saxena, Everest Base Camp Trek”

  4. Dear Anubhav Welldone

    Mesmerizing Picture.

    May God take you each and every step towards the pinnacle of the success.

    Stay Blessed.
    Your Brother
    Nikher Saxena

  5. All d pics are awesome but I vote for Anubhav Saxena for his Everest Base Camp trek. It’s really mesmerizing pic clicked at night. Keep it up Anubhav.