What Ailments Do You Face After A High Altitude Trek?

I have a question for you today. After coming back from a high altitude trek, have you faced any physical ailments?

I’m looking to put together a serious article along with videos to help tackle them.

And I need your help for that.

Earlier in 2017, I had published an article on Trek Fever. Although 38% of our trekkers experienced it, it was something new. I also put down ways to avoid trek fever. That really helped trekkers.

But I notice that Trek Fever is not the only concern trekkers have. There are many more.

Painful toes, numbness in their extremities, fever, headaches, intense body pain — these are issues I hear about pretty often. This is after people complete their trek and come back to their cities.

And trekkers get alarmed when they face these issues. It’s mostly because it catches them off-guard. For instance, my sister got a sudden shooting pain in her toes a few days after coming back from a winter trek. She didn’t know what to do and panicked. Finally, after consulting my colleagues and a doctor, she dipped her feet in hot water twice a day and the pain eventually went away. I’ve seen that many trekkers face this issue.

While my sister’s issue was relatively small, there are others who suffer more debilitating problems. And they don’t know how to tackle them. I feel we can completely avoid panicked reactions if we just put together some expert tips to tackle them.

So I’m trying to figure out what exactly these issues are.

I’ve created a form where you can put down whether you have had any ailments after a trek. (Even if it’s a no, it will help me understand how many people face issues).

Find the form below. Please share it with anyone you know who has faced such ailments too.

If you have any questions related to this, drop in a comment below.

Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “What Ailments Do You Face After A High Altitude Trek?

  1. I am 60years old. I have been to gym since last 3years and bfore that i was into brisk walking for 40 mts 7 days a week since i was 30years of age. I started trekking last year. Duuring Dusshera i did Tungnath chandrashila, Devariyataal, Kedarnath on 3 subsequent days. This year i plan to undertake eithter Gomukh Tapovan or Har ki dhun trekk. Though i am excited about it i am apprehensive about it. Do you think i should undertake this trekk.Also will i be included in your groups which i feel consists of youngesters only.

    1. Hi, if your fitness is up to the mark, there is no reason why you shouldn’t attempt Goumukh Tapovan or Har Ki Dun. And yes, our batches do have a majority of youngsters but we’ve noticed that age is no barrier when it comes to bonding on a trek 🙂 Treks are great equalizers that way.

  2. My knee got twisted while Descending from Kedarkantha Summit and i was suffering from huge pain, it took me 6 hours to get down fron kk summit to juda ka talab.. i think foot or knee related injuries are most likely to happen on a snow trek..