Harihara Betta Trek

A Great Unknown Trek Close to the Bangalore Airport
1 Day
Trek type
Trek type
Trail through Mud, Rocks and Boulders
Max Altitude
3876 ft
Required Fitness
Best time to visit
Best time to visit
All Year

The Complete Guide to Harihara Betta Trek

Harihara Betta Trek is situated right off the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway and is located in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka.

The hillock visible as twin-tower rocks from the main highway is a great offbeat, easy trek for a quick getaway from the city, and in fact very close to the Bangalore International Airport. The ease of access and quick drive on the highway makes it a perfect trek for trekkers to go on. 

A marvelous isolated temple, untried trails, a gigantic flatland, and a stunning view is what you can expect from this trek of Harihara Betta. Spot the peaks of Nandi hills, Skandagiri, and the entire province of Chikkaballapur from the top.

The trek is also known as Kaurava Kunda Trek on Google and is an ideal one for any age group. Families, friends, colleagues can go and explore this trekking trail. 

A fit trekker can complete the trek within a couple of hours while those who want to take it leisurely can spend half a day easily exploring the trek.

Just like you, we love trekking! And this is a trek we’ve documented in great detail to help you do it on your own. Drop-in comments if you need any help!

Table of Contents

Just like you, we love trekking! And this is a trek we’ve documented in great detail to help you do it on your own. Drop-in comments at the end of the page if you need any help!  You will get all the information required to do the Harihara Betta trek on your own.

To navigate through the documentation easily, use this section of Table of Contents.

What to Watch Out For

1. Spectacular View of the Entire Chikkaballapur Region

Harihara Betta Trek offers you a view that is unmatched by other treks around the Chikkaballapur region. You get a vast expanse of the entire district of Chikkaballapur and surrounding villages. 

Harihara Betta Trek - View from Harihara Betta - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
View from Harihara Betta. Picture by Indiahikes Team

While you cross the ranges of Nandi Hills during your drive, the view from Harihara Betta offers something different and unique when compared to the other Panch Giris of Nandi Range.

2. Visit an Unknown Temple

The Temple of Harihara falls midway through the trek which offers a setting with calmness and a serene feeling. Hidden at the shoulder of the hill, the Banyan trees and stone steps add a charm of a hidden world.

Notice the intricate hand-cut designs on the pillars surrounding the temple.

Harihara Betta Trek - Temple on the Harihara Betta - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Temple on the Harihara Betta. Picture by Indiahikes Team

Adding more to this, you have a widespread lawn or a backyard that can host more than two hundred people. Make sure you sit down and take a moment for yourself here. 

3. A Unique Flatland

Unlike other treks near Bangalore, the Harihara Betta has a huge flatland just before the top. 

Harihara Betta Trek - The Flatlands on the Harihara Betta - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The Flatlands on the Harihara Betta. Picture by Suhas Saya

This experience of exploring this geographical beauty, the cliffs around the hillock, and granite rocks is another highlight of this Harihara Betta trek. Spot the Agama Lizards basking and running around on these rocks. 

Trail Information

You need to reach Kavaranahalli village or Hariharapura to start your trek. Start your trek either early in the morning or towards the late afternoon at around 3 pm. The total ascent will take you about an hour to reach the top. 

The trek can be divided into two sections:

  1. The base of the village to the Temple
  2. From the Temple onward to the Top of the hillock
Harihara Betta Trek - Trail Map of Harihara Betta trek - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Trail Map of Harihara Betta Trek. Source:Google Earth. Picture by Suhas Saya

Section I: Pond/Pushkarini to Harihara Temple

Trek Distance: 585 m
Trek Duration: 25 to 30 minutes
GPS coordinates of Kalyani/Pond: 13°28’42.67″N 77°43’29.06″E

GPS coordinates of Harihara Temple: 13°28’45.75″N 77°43’19.14″E

The trek starts from the Kalyani/Pushkarini of the Kavaranahalli village or Hariharapura where you can park your car/two-wheeler. Your first section will take you from the base of the village of the Kalyani/Pushkarini or the pond till the temple point. 

Harihara Betta Trek - Pushkarini at the base village - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Pushkarini at the base village. Picture by Suhas Saya

| Pro Info: This Kalyani holds a special venue. It is the place of congregation where multiple villages come together. More than 100 families meet up to chat, have a small local fair. This fair usually happens during the month of December. The water in the pond is not potable. 

Harihara Betta Trek - The Starting point for the Harihara Betta Trek - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The Starting point for the Harihara Betta Trek. Picture by Indiahikes Team

The trail for the trek starts from a cement water tank in the village of Kavaranahalli. Do not depend on any water at this water tank. The villagers depend on this mostly for their use and are empty most of the time.

From the concrete trail, you need to go past the initial fields of the village to reach the well laid out trail. Watch your step and trek gently where the local produce is being grown. The trail is well laid out once you cross the farmlands. 

Harihara Betta Trek - The initial trail through the farm - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The initial trail through the farm. Picture by Indiahikes Team

A very easy gradual ascent takes you through a section of granite monolith rock and tall grass surrounding the trail. Most of these steps cut through the granite rock have a combination of a man-made and natural route on the trek. 

Harihara Betta Trek - The trail on the Harihara Betta Trek - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The trail on the Harihara Betta Trek. Picture by Indiahikes Team

Keep your eyes wide to spot many butterflies, lizards, stick insects that might move around when you are trekking through this region.

Look towards the right, the eastern side to spot the village where you started the trek from.

Harihara Betta Trek - Base Village, Karavanahalli Village of Chikaballapur district - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Karavanahalli Village, the base of your trek. Picture by Indiahikes Team

Few more minutes of this climb and you reach the temple. You have rock-cut steps leading to the temple. Elders or family members who don’t want to continue on the trek can walk until here and stay here until you come back.  

The huge courtyard and the steps of the temple make you sit, relax, and get lost in a world that you might have not thought of.

Harihara Betta Trek - The Harihara Temple - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The Harihara Temple. Picture by Indiahikes Team

You can either explore the temple now on your way up or keep this time after going to the top and while descending down. 

Section 2: Harihara Temple to Top of Harihara Betta

Trek Distance: 845 m
Trek Duration: 30 minutes
GPS coordinates of Harihara Temple: 13°28’45.75″N 77°43’19.14″E

GPS coordinates of Top of Harihara Betta: 13°28’39.34″N 77°43’3.36″E


The main trail goes towards the left of the temple. You can take this diversion without entering the premises of the temple. 

A small bend and you hit the first shoulder section of the hillock. Continue your gradual ascent towards the eastern face before you reach a point where the climb now started going towards the west. 

Your climb now starts going through a series of trials covered with high grass and rocky sections. You soon hit the second shoulder.

Harihara Betta Trek - Approaching the second shoulder - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Approaching the second shoulder. Picture by Suhas Saya

Take a small break, sip some water, and continue with small steps.

Continue ahead to find a fork on the trail. Either of these two trails leads you to the main one. Take the one on the right which is more prominent.

Harihara Betta Trek - A Small Fork on the Trail - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
The Small Fork on the Trail. Picture by Indiahikes Team

Watch out for the small markings of white paint against the boulders. The white markings are marked in most of the boulders and big rocks. 

Harihara Betta Trek - Marking on the trail of Harihara Betta - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Marking on the trail of Harihara Betta. Picture by Suhas Saya

The trail from here is pretty clear with certain sections having you hop over a few rocks, climbing up through a bit of overgrowth if you are going during the post-monsoon season. 

Harihara Betta Trek - Interesting boulders on the trail - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Interesting boulders and rock formation on the trek. Picture by Indiahikes Team

Soon you enter a clearing which is marked as the Flatlands, an ideal place if camping was a possibility. Explore around this area and observe the view of the fields, the green farms, and the highway leading towards Hyderabad. 

The summit or the top of Harihara Betta is just about 10 minutes from here. The climb from the Flatlands is a bit more steeper now. A series of few switchbacks and big boulders to make your way to the top of Harihara Betta. 

Harihara Betta Trek - The View of Flatland after the climb - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Climbing up from the Flatland. Picture by Indiahikes Team

You now get to see a view that you would not have expected all through the trek. The entire Chikkaballapur, the prominent peaks of Skandagiri and Nandi hills standing tall against the cliff that you are standing from.

Spend around half an hour at the top. Capture and make mental notes of the entire region that you get to see. 

Harihara Betta Trek - View from the top of Harihara Betta - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
View from the top of Harihara Betta. Picture by Indiahikes Team

The descent to the base takes you through the same route. It will take you about 40 minutes to an hour to reach back to the village. Make sure you have a Turn Around Time (TAT) at 5 pm if you start the trek post afternoon. 

GPX File for the Harihara Betta Trek

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Best Season to do the Harihara Betta Trek

Harihara Betta Trek is a trek that can be done all year round.
The months of post-monsoon and winter season would be the best time to go on the trek with pleasant weather. 

Due to less tree cover and shade on the trail, we recommend you wear a cap or a hat if you are trekking during the summer months. The granite rock surface can get really hot if you are trekking during the summer. 

During monsoons, carry a poncho or a raincoat along with a rain cover for your backpack to keep yourselves dry. But, we advise not to trek during heavy rain as the trail becomes slippery rocks. This can hamper your experience of the trek.

Difficult sections on the Harihara Betta Trek

Harihara Betta trek is of easy-moderate difficulty. There are no sections on the Harihara Betta trek that can be classified as difficult as such. However, a trekker must know about these sections to keep an eye out while trekking. 

Here are a few things you note down: 

  • The Slippery trail through the rocky terrain (Monsoon specific): The trail becomes more tricky during monsoons as the mud and rocks become very slippery and caution must be taken while traversing. If trekking in the monsoons, trekkers should be very careful with their choice of footwear and should check weather charts so as to avoid days with anticipated heavy rains. The rocks and boulders can be slippery.| Watch out for the first shoulder near the temple when it rains. The wet rock can make you slip and fall. Be extremely careful.
  • The Exposed section towards the top: Although this section is not difficult, keep your eyes out where you place your footing. The boulder section towards the top is something to keep an eye on. It is easy to twist your ankle or get a bruise if you are not careful. The exposed section is also something to watch out for. Make sure you do not go over to the edge of these cliffs. The 700-foot drop over the edge can be life-threatening if the precautions are not followed.

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How to Reach Harihara Betta Trek

Harihara Betta trek starts from a small village of Hariharapura/Kavaranahalli in the Chikkaballapur district. The village is very close to the main town and around 6 km from Chikkaballapur.

The approach is, even more, easier if you take the lanes from the highway of NH44. 

Reaching Harihara Betta by your own vehicle

If you are traveling in your own vehicle, the best way is to travel on the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, NH44. You don’t really have to enter the town of Chikkaballapur. 

You can use this link to set up the location on Google Maps. For a more detailed explanation, read through the information below.

After you cross the airport toll, pass the Nandi hills road and head towards Chikkaballapur. Do not take the left from the highway and continue forward.

There is a big curve on the highway from where you start seeing the Harihara Betta. As soon as you cross the curve and get down the flyover, you will come across the small town of Harobande. This is the village where you need to take the left and enter inside the smaller lanes. The lanes are good for two-wheelers and big enough only for two smaller cars to pass by.

Cross a small temple and continue on the road for about a kilometer and a half. You will soon reach a Crossroad, an intersection of four roads connecting and one of that being the road from Chikkaballapur from the left. Take the right here. A couple more streets and towards the left leads you to the base of your trek Kavaranahalli. 

|Tip: Your SUVs would not be a preferable option if you are taking these smaller lanes. 

The other approach that you can take is to enter the Chikkaballapur town and then take a right from the town to reach the base village. The roads through the town are big and much wider.  

Use the Google map or GPX file to reach the base of the trek. 

Reaching Harihara Betta by Public Transport System

The base village for Harihara Betta is a small village called Kavaranahalli. You don’t get any buses directly to the base. 

There are two options you can still consider if you do not have your own vehicle. The best option is to a bus from Bangalore to Chikkaballapur. From the main bus stand, you get options of shared auto or a personal auto to this village.

The distance from the main town to Hariharapura is around 7 km from the start of your trek. Shared autos will cost you Rs 10 per person and the frequency of these shared autos are plying every half an hour from the main road of Hariharapura.

The second option is to get down at Harobande. Buses going to Hyderabad will stop at this place of Harobande. The walk from here to the village will be about 5.5 km through the village lanes.

Use the Google map or GPX file to reach the base of the trek.

Nearest International and Domestic Airport

Kempegowda International Airport – 46 km

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Things to Take on Harihara Betta Trek

  • Basic First Aid kit*
  • Identity Card
  • Cap/ Scarf/ Bandana & Sunglasses
  • Water (Minimum two liters)
  • Lemon and salt OR Electrolyte Powder/Drink (Electoral/Gatorade/Glucon D, etc.)
  • High-calorie snacks (Nuts & dry fruits, a home-baked cake, etc.)
  • Safety Pins, Rubber bands & Whistle (Useful in emergencies.)
  • Quick Dry T-shirts are preferable over cotton tees.
  • Poncho, only during monsoons
  • Plastic sheet to wrap electronic devices, only during monsoons
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • Optional: Trekking poles

First Aid Kit:

  • Scissor
  • Band-aids (Regular & Waterproof)
  • Analgesic spray (Relispray, Volini, etc.)
  • Antiseptic Liquid (Savlon, Dettol etc.)
  • Antiseptic powder (Povidone-Iodine based powders like Cipladine, Savlon, etc.)
  • Cotton roll & Bandage
  • Crepe Bandage
  • 1-inch wide medical tape (paper or cloth.)
  • Micropore tape
  • Tablet for motion sickness (Avomine), Acidity (Gelusil, Digene, etc.).
  • Mild pain relief tablet (Crocin)

| Note: Always consult a doctor before taking any medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harihara Betta Trek

1. What about the Permission for trekking and Camping on the Harihara Betta trek?

You don’t need any permission to go on the trek of Harihara Betta. 

Camping on the top of Harihara Betta has recently been stopped by the Forest Department. There are reports of leopards and bears sighted around the region. 

Also, there are no water sources available on the trek to have a campsite. 

2. Are there any Food and Water source on Harihara Betta Trek?

There are no food sources at the base of Harihara Betta. The small village where your trek starts from does not have a shop or a hotel. The nearest place to find food will be either towards the Chikkaballapur town or the hotels on the highway of Bangalore-Hyderabad. 

For water sources, do not depend on the trek or at the base village. The water tank where you start the trek does not have enough water. With this region lying on the dry belt of Karnataka, the water might not be enough for the local villagers. 

So have your water bottles filled from your homes or at a hotel you might stop by. Two liters of water per person will be sufficient to start the trek with. 

The best practice will be to carry your own snacks and food in a reusable box. Do not take any packaged food packets on the trek. 

| Go through this video to see more tips on what you can carry on a trek.

3. Emergency contacts for Harihara Betta Trek

Hospital: The closest hospital is New Government Multi Speciality Hospital which is 6 km away. You can reach them on 081562 72388 for assistance.

Police Station: The police station closest to Harihara Betta Trek is the Chikballapur Town Police Station. Here is the Contact number: 081562 74000

ERSS: For any kind of emergency help, you can contact the Pan-India Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) number- 112

4. Nearby ATMs and Network on the trek

ATMs: There are many ATMs in the main town of Chikkaballapur. All these nearest ATMs are around 6 km away. You don’t have any ATMs at the base village.

Mobile Networks: You get a good network throughout the trek. Most of the network coverages like Vodafone, Airtel, and Jio catch signal when you are on the trek. 

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Places to Visit After the Harihara Betta Trek

1. Treks Around Harihara Betta – Skandagiri, Brahmagiri, Channagiri

2. Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills is very close by and you can drive all the way up till the viewpoint. A very popular tourist spot with the ancient hill fortress built by Ganga Dynasty and later enlarged and strengthened by Tipu Sultan. There are many stories and rich history associated with Nandi Hills. You can also visit the famous Tipu Drop.

3.Devanahalli Fort/ Tipu’s Birth Place: A prehistoric fort constructed in the year 1501 AD and was passed on to the hands of the Wodeyars of Mysore, the Marathas, and under the control of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan. The present fort is ascribed to Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan which incidentally is his birthplace.

Nandi One, Brahmagiri - Devanahalli Fort - Indiahikes - Vishnu Benne
The Devanahalli Fort. Picture by Vishnu Benne

4. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple: An ancient Hindu temple complex dating back to the 9th century, with ornately carved pillars and a reflecting pool, located in Nandi grama.

Harihara Betta Trek - Near by places, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple - Indiahikes - Suhas Saya
Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. Picture by Suhas Saya

Trek Contribution

Trek documented by Indiahikes Team – Arjun Majumdar, Sandhya UC, Anika Majumdar, Suhas Saya

The Trek was written by Suhas Saya

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10 thoughts on “Harihara Betta Trek

    1. Hi Vishwanatha

      There is no entry fee or prior permissions required for this trek.

      For the second question, yes, you do have a nice view of the sun rising from the top.
      The trek is beautiful for both sunrise and sunset.

      For more Frequently Asked Questions, you can go through the information here 🙂

  1. Thanks for the detailed info Suhas, I did the trek with my kids – 10 & 7 yrs, they both enjoyed it a lot. For the 2nd section the trail is not clearly visible with lot of grass / boulders, the GPX mapping was helpful.

    It was a lot of fun. Cheers

  2. Thanks Suhas and IndiaHikes for very detailed information here.
    We went for this trek on 13th Feb, 2021 and was fun. It was a new experience for my and family friend’s young kids and all enjoyed a lot.
    As recommended here, we started early from B’luru to reach here though we missed sunrise from top, were in time not to get baked in sun while coming down.
    Good trek for beginners.
    Dont miss on visiting some of the farms around if you can, they had cultivated lots of marigold and it was fun and great for photography.

    Once again Thanks IndiaHikes team !

  3. The hike was easier than expected and can be done by most people irrespective of fitness levels or age. However the views were unbelievable and probably one of the best in Bangalore! If you’re looking for a slow and relaxed day to spend on top of a flat and luscious hill, this is the place to go (with the added bonus of wonderful views). Would also like to thank Suhas for the gpx file that guided us through the trek!

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