Valley of Flowers Open to Trekkers from July 1st

The Valley of Flowers trek is opening up for trekkers from July 1st, around 2 weeks later than the annual routine. Here’s what to expect and what not to expect.

Here’s why the New Rupin Pass Itinerary from Jiskun is Better for Trekkers

Take a look at the new Rupin Pass itinerary. The base camp of has shifted to Jiskun, in Himachal, the duration of the trek reduced by 2 days.

11 Things That Can Make or Break your Do-It-Yourself Trek

Suhas Saya, Head of Documentation at Indiahikes lists 11 things that you must know if you are thinking of trekking on your own

A Complete Guide on How to Use GPX Files

GPX Files are a boon to trekkers who wish to never get lost on a trail. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use GPX files on treks!

From a DIY Trekker to the Head of Documentation Team at Indiahikes — My Journey

How many of us have been lucky enough to give back to the community from where we have received so much? Suhas’s is one such rare story!

How A Trek Changed The Way I Make Decisions

Can a trek impact your decision-making ability? Here’s the story of an exploration to Phachu Khandi that changed the way Suhas Saya took decisions in life

An Important Update And Weather Announcement

Pre-trek weather update for your Himalayan Trek. Our teams is keeping track of the weather conditions to keep you informed about the latest updates.

How A GPS Tracker And Trekking Pole Came to My Rescue On A Solo Trek

Our Trek Coordinator went on a trek exploration on the “Thorn Trek.” After some unexpected turn of events, his GPS tracker and trek pole came to his rescue. Read his story here.

Fenix CL23 Tent Lamp Review: A Practical Camping Lamp For Trekkers

We tested the Fenix CL23 Tent Lamp on the Dayara Bugyal trek. We believe it’s a very handy piece of equipment for regular trekkers and campers. Here’s our take on it.

FENIX HL60R Headlamp Review: A High Utility Premium Headlamp For Trekkers

The Fenix HL60R Headlamp is definitely a notch above most headlamps in terms of brightness and range. A long-lasting battery and the sturdy waterproof metal body makes it a wonderful companion on long treks. Read more to find the pros and cons of this product.

Adventureworx WindBlock Lumi Jacket Review – A Warm, Tough Jacket For Your Himalayan Trek

I used the Adventure Worx – WindBlock Lumi Jacket, recently on 2 of my treks. Here’s a review of this jacket based on parameters of warmth, fit, Material, Cost and much more. Read it to find whether this jacket is a good buy.

Important update: Dayara Bugyal pick-up and drop location changed to Dehradun

For all batches starting first May, we will be picking up and dropping trekkers at the Dehradun Railway Station. Here are the details.