Nandi One Trek

Duration 1 Days Difficulty Easy
1 Days
Trek type
Trek type
Trail covers thick vegetation and man-made steps
Max Altitude
4849 ft
Required Fitness
Turn-20 en route to Nandi Hills
Best time to visit
Best time to visit

Nandi One – The perfect introductory trek

5 Peaks – Nandi Giri, Brahmagiri, Skandagiri, Chandragiri & Govardanagiri are what make a place called Nandi Hills, just outside of Bangalore. Among them, Brahmagiri Hill is popularly known as Nandi One. It is the twin peak of Nandi Hill View Point.

Nandi One is a trail that will bring out the inner child in you. The lush green vegetation and patches that require boulder hopping are a treat to the senses. The viewpoints offer a bird’s eye view of roads cutting through farmlands below. The eucalyptus groves at the start of the trail will de-stress you right away. Also, the region is replete with amusing stories, both real and mythological. So the next time work gets on your nerves, pack a picnic and head with your family to Nandi One!

View of Brahmagiri from a distance
Nandi One Trail
Nandi One Trail

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Nisha Ann Reginald is nature, sports and adventure enthusiast. She is a national level basketball player and has been playing for the last 18 years. Naturally, her love for outdoor life overpowered everything else and she chose to make her way out of the cubicles of an IT company to living her dreams.. As a content manager at Indiahikes, she brings the world to see the beauty of the mountains.

A note to trekkers

Indiahikes does not run the Nandi One Trek any time during the year. However, it is a wonderful Do-It-Yourself trek

Indiahikes only runs treks in the Himalayas. You can choose a Himalayan trek that you wish to based on your experience, season and difficulty here

Nandi One – The perfect introductory trek

  • “Nandi One is the perfect trek for first-timers. The eucalyptus groves at the start of the trail set the perfect tone for trekking. Though the trail is an easy one, it offers breathtaking views all along. Boulder hopping is a fun element in this trek. Also, the lush greenery all around is a solace to the eyes. I would any day recommend that you trek to Nandi One instead of driving up to the Nandi Hills viewpoint”, says Suhas Saya, Ground Coordinator, Indiahikes.
  • Nandi One is also the ideal choice for introducing children to trekking. It has the right mix of adventure, beauty and difficulty to thrill and challenge them.

Trek Detail

The trail is muddy but not difficult. After a 10 minute walk you will reach the spot called as the saddle. It can be identified as a flat rock surface with vegetation behind and a steep fall ahead. This point is also known as the breakfast point. You can spend half an hour here and finish the breakfast you’ve carried. Then comes an ascent through vegetation. This will be a slightly tiring half an hour climb. Here you will spot a huge boulder. Once you cross the boulder section, you will spot a trail dominated by tall eucalyptus plantations, followed by some shrubs and grassy patches.

Eucalyptus Trees Nandi One Trek Indiahikes
Eucalyptus Trees

During the initial part of the trail you can see Nandi Hill over your right shoulder. After about 30 minutes the trail becomes very narrow path allowing only one person to traverse at a time. There will be 2 trails before you. Choose the one on your left.

You will reach a rocky patch where you can hydrate yourselves and take a few minutes of rest. Post this there is an hour of climbing through a rocky path. This portion of the trek is quite difficult and comparatively steep. You will reach the Sani Devta temple by 10 am.

Shanidevara Devalaya Temple

From here you get a view of the Nandi hills, Nandi Gunti, Chandragiri and Skandagiri. To the left of the temple there is a flight of stairs that lead you right to the summit. The view from here is magnificent. It is a perfect spot for those who love photography. Spend some time here enjoying the views.

The Boulder is a huge boulder (as the name suggests) that you can climb and see a telescopic view of the trail you have taken. Enjoy the breeze and take a break here. Another half an hour of walking on slippery mud patches from the boulder to rocky path. Follow the trail and you will reach the starting point of your trek by 1 pm.

View of Skandagiri from the trail

Once you get onto this trail you will not be able to see the Nandi hill anymore, though you can still see the surrounding hills. As you approach closer to the top you will see a solitary boulder standing on a slope, beside a lovely meadow. This is a good place to take a break.

The trail continues to the summit and is quite rocky in some parts. Once you reach the top of the hill you can see Nandi Hill again. There is a water reservoir here, and a hidden path takes you to the Shanidevara Devalaya. There is lot of open area in front of the temple.

Descending through the rocky patches

You can have your lunch here. While descending retrace the same path you took to come up in front of the temple. This path will take you back to the trail which brought you up the hill and you will soon find yourself in the eucalyptus plantation.


Getting There: 

Nandi-One is the twin peak of Nandi Hill View Point. It is 45 kms from Bangalore. To reach here, one has to drive on Bellary Road and pass the Bangalore International Airport. Then take a left at ‘Nandi Hill – Muddenahalli’ turn. Follow the road to Nandi Hill, begin the climb till the saddle between twin peaks.

There is a sign that reads ‘Turn-20’.  At this point you will see an open area on the left —park your vehicle here. On the right you will see a board in Kannada that says ‘Shanidevara Devalayakke Dari’. This is the starting point of the trek.

Nandi One Trail Map

The Nandi One trek does not involve trekking more than 2 hours. The trek does not require much fitness.


Nandi One is just a one day trek. You will only need the following things.

  • Small 20L backpack
  • Two litre bottle
  • A jacket or poncho in case of rain
  • Snacks