Can You Help Us With A Local Trek In Your City?

Today, I need your help with a recommendation.

I want to know of a one-day trek near your city that I can suggest trekkers to do.

I’ll tell you why.

A couple of weeks ago, the Indiahikes Bangalore team took out our cars and drove up to a group of hills around a dam, just behind Nandi Hills. Unknown to many, Nandi Hills is not just a range of 2-3 hills. The entire region is dotted with small, extremely trekkable hills.

Getting back to my story, we drove up to one such hill, which stands beside a lovely dam. We parked at the base, trekked the surrounding trails, munched on all the food we’d packed from home and spent some quiet time reflecting on the past few months.

It’s not been easy sailing through the pandemic at Indiahikes. Things have only gone downhill since February. But that one small trek filled us with a big sense of rejuvenation. Just 4-5 hours in the outdoors helped us reorganise our minds.

I thought what a wonderful break a trek can be in this Coronavirus lockdown! It can really make you feel uncooped! Added to that, if you’re driving, trekking on your own and coming back, it’s an entirely contact-less sport.

But despite the 170+ treks in our archives, I don’t know of treks in all cities.

Which is why I need your help.

I would like you to tell me which city you are in, and your top most recommended local trek for trekkers in your city.

My only parameter — it should be a  trek where you can easily drive to the base, trek to the top and come back home the same day.

Drop in your recommendation in the comments section below.

Just your city, which trek you would recommend. If you’d like to add why that trek, even better. If you can suggest how to get there, then I think it would make it complete.

Our team will also share a documentation of the trek you have recommended if we have it in our archives.

Lots of trekkers are itching to go outdoors and are looking for suggestions. Your experience in your own city will really help.

I hope to see your comment. Looking forward to your recommendation!


If you have arrived here hoping for some trek recommendations:

  1. I would suggest doing a Ctrf+F and searching for your city. There are SO many terrific recommendations pouring in from trekkers.
  2. Our team is also sharing Indiahikes Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guides in the comments. Follow those links to understand how you can do the trek on your own and get some wonderful info about the treks.
  3. If you would like to help us make new DIY Guides or update some trek information on our existing guides, get in touch with us. We love it when trekkers step forward to help other trekkers. Write to [email protected] with your subject line as “Indiahikes DIY Guides”


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267 thoughts on “Can You Help Us With A Local Trek In Your City?

        1. Hi Tanvi

          I have heard about this trek and about the hill associated with a volcanic eruption.
          Have you done this trek?

          I hope you don’t mind us getting in touch with you to help document this trek for the trekking community?
          Our team can reach out if you want to contribute to this trek.

          1. pavagadh has a motorable road to the top also. but all the same one can trek all through the trail. hill is not too big also. the champaner ruins are at foothill. so one can explore that too. from pavagadh if you go little farther, there is right hand cut from road into the forest. this leads to jhand hanuman. very beautiful trail. driving used to be difficult. it’s a complete forest trail and trek.

            if trekking and driving are well mixed, these all can be done in one go. only thing, to get enough time in hand, in case you are starting from baroda, start at the earliest.

            being the western part of the country, sundown comes later. this is an advantage.

          1. Trivandrum – Vazhvanthol water fall trekking.
            Located in vithura ,it is around 46 km from Trivandrum city. There is a 2km moderate difficult trek to the waterfall. Guides are provided by the forest department to reach the water fall.Ideal for families planning for a one day trip.

        1. Hi Vinod, it’s nice to know you have done a lot of trek near Mumbai. 🙂

          He have documented Kalavantin Durg which includes detailed information along with GPX file which is downloadable, here:

          If you’re willing to help us document the other treks, Would you be ok if someone from our team gets in touch with you to get more information about Asherigad, Irshalgad and Prabhalgad?

      1. Junagadh Gujarat ,(Girnar hills resident of asiatic lions) all seasons it good for trekking but specially on monsoon

        1. Coimbatore ,
          The velliangiri hills … Has a lot of beautiful and vibrant spots, mainly the first hill, fourth hill, vaidehi falls, and seventh hill.

          1. Salkhan Fossils Park hiking trail in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh is a beautiful trail to hike within a day. As far as I’m aware, it’s the only place with such an abundance of fossilised flora & fauna to observe from such close vicinity. For added exhilaration, one can always leave the well marked trail and trundle in the forest to the extinct volcanic peak as well.

    1. Kothaligad Trek.
      It is a refreshing one day trek near Karjat. Easily accessible till the base village of Peth.
      Grade is easy!
      Best time is during monsoons, with all the lush greenery around and thrilling rock cut steps which lead to the very top!

    2. In Mumbai
      1. People can go to national park once it is open, currently it is close in corona but once it gets open people can go and climb kaneri caves it has beautiful views and many places to explore there.
      2. Vajreshwari near Vasai-Virar which is very less explored by people, do use gps to reach there or state transport is also available. Its a beautiful lake and hot water springs which has naturally hot water.
      3. Also near vasai in rainy season many people go to Tungareshwar and one my favourite place full of greenery and waterfalls, u will love the place in rains.
      One suggestion please checkout before gng if its open or not in corona…

      1. Hi Vidhi, thanks for such an insightful comment! 🙂

        Would it be ok if our team gets in touch with you to know more details about Vajreshwari and Tungareshwar. This will help us document these treks and give back to the trekkers in the form of DIY treks.

      1. Hi Supriya, I second your thought! 🙂

        Yes, Araku Valley is a really beautiful place to trek. We would like to document this trek and include it in our DIY Collection.

        Would it be ok if anyone of us gets in touch with you to get to know more about the trek?

      1. Hi Debalina, these are some really good suggestions! Thank you.

        Is it ok if we get in touch with you to know more about these treks? Do you know these treks well?

    3. Kalsubai shikhar ,near Nashik ,it is highest mountain in Maharashtra and it is 1 day trek also it has beautiful surrounding area .

    4. I live in Hyderabad. Ananthagiri hills is best trekking destination near Hyderabad. It is a one day trek. If we can get forest officers permission we can camp at nights. Best time to visit is in winters.

    5. Go to Tumkur Side.
      1. Devraayanadurga
      2. Antargange/Shivagange(It’s a temple based trail, suggest to leave footwear outside. Else it is your personal choice. )

      3. B R Hills Kanakapura Side

      4. Rangantitthu Bird sanctuary- Near Srirangapattina/Mysuru
      The trail is very nice.

      5. Kumaaraparvatha- Kukke Subramanya

      6. Kudremukh- Shimoga

      7. Bandaje Arbi falls- Ujire Forest/Chaarmaadi Ghats

      8. Bisley Ghat

      9. Tadiandamol- Coorg

      10. Etthina Bhuja

    6. There are lot of treks around Mumbai. The ones that I have done are Rajamachi, One tree hill, Garbett plateau, night trek to matheran, Bhimashankar, Kanheri caves, Peb Fort, Lohgad, Sandhan valley. Most of them are closed but if you can reach Matheran, you can do a self trek to most. The season is also apt for the treks.

      Mumbai also has a tiny trek at Mulund tekri which can be done in this pandemic.

      On a different note, I like this idea to write about the treks which are open and can be done later so the community can learn and explore.

      What I would suggest to the organiser is create a local Whatsapp group so people in same city can explore and join together with Indiahikes for the treks.

  1. Hi,

    I would love to go on trek one day within the city perimeters. I dont drive but would figure out a way if needed to come to the spot

      1. Around Bangalore you have a few that can be reached, generally famous for nights treks, but be sure you have the permission.
        Kunti Betta
        Bananthimari Betta
        Cheluvarayana Durga
        Makali Durga
        Savan Durga
        Bilikal rangaswamy Betta
        Kabbala durga
        Avala Betta
        Devarayan Durga
        Nandinhills and range…
        TK forest
        Tataguni and Tottikallu falls

        1. Near Mumbai, Dukes Nose is a simple yet beautiful trek. It fits in your parameter pretty well – same day trek and reach back home. Park the car at the base. It takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to reach the top. The views are breathtaking.

    1. Hi Sakshi

      This is something interesting and exciting hear.
      I hope you don’t mind us getting in touch with you to help document treks and add more treks to the trekking community?

      Our team can reach out if you want to contribute more on this.

    1. Parvathamalai. Leave early morning from Chennai, reach the base. Trek up steep hills, visit the ancient temple at the top, and then descend down. Drive back to city by evening.

    2. Yeoor hills it’s located in Thane city.
      It is one of the forest trail it has few waterfalls
      It’s part of sanjay gandhi national park.
      It’s one day trek

    3. Hi Venumadhav, this seems like a very interesting trek! 🙂

      Is it alright if we get in touch with you to know more about the trek? If all goes well, we can add this to our list of DIY treks and help trekkers do this on their own.

  2. I am from Pune, Maharshtra.
    Sinhagad fort trek very beautiful Trek.
    Torna, Rajgad trek
    Tikona trek. Very very easy trek.
    Andharban Forest Trail trek a dense forest.

  3. Hi Swathi, I live in Pune. There are many forts in and around the city of Pune which are fantastic for one day treks. Few popular treks are K2S (Katrat to Sinhgad) and many more.

  4. Ananthagiri Hills is located 85 km from Hyderabad,It is a much sought after place, which is covered, by red soil and ideal for some adventure sports. Visitors rate it as one of most beautiful places for a weekend get away from Hyderabad.A trip to Vikarabad on a cloudy day with a little drizzle is simply an unforgettable experience and it is a poor man’s Ooty in summer.

    1. Wow! Sounds incredible.
      Will be perfect for a quick getaway from the city.

      Do share a link to a few photos of this trek. It will really help trekkers from HYD 🙂

  5. Gorkha Fort near Chandigarh is one day trek to a old 18th Century fort built during the Gorkha rule in the region. It served as a lookout post and therefore has a commanding view of the plains on one side and hills on the other. One can drive up to the base and trek from fact there are two-three options on where to make the roadhead depending on how much one wants to walk.

    1. Hi Sumer

      Oh wow! Gorkha Fort sounds like filled with history. Reaching the top of the fort sounds extremely exciting to trek.
      I hope you don’t mind us getting in touch with you to help document treks and add more treks to the trekking community?

      Our team can reach out if you want to contribute more to this.

  6. Ajmer city rajsthan
    Trek on ajmer pushkar hill
    Moderate with visible path
    Good view of aravallis on top
    Easy to start from sunset point on ajmer pushkar road

    1. Hi Pradeep, this looks like an interesting trek to do! 🙂 So few of us know about trekking in Rajasthan.

      If you have photos from this trek, do share them on [email protected]. It will help trekkers get to know about treks in Rajasthan.

  7. Kharghar Hills in Navi Mumbai. The foothill is at the Kharghar golf course.. Once you get there you can chose your own peak to climb. It’d endless 🙂

    1. This is a great suggestion! It is quite close to the city and is a great option for a quick getaway. Do you have any photos of this trek?

    2. Makalidurga trek
      Located within 80 kms from the centre of Bangalore, makali Durga is the name of the diety on top of the hill in a temple. It’s a very doable trek with 4 hours to spare to ascend and descend.
      However, recently they’ve started to charge about 200 or so to go up.
      But I remember camping there at night ( there’s even a lake at the base )and climbing it for the sunrise.
      Maybe Indiahikes could arrange for camping overnight and trekking for a night two day programme 🙂

  8. I’m in Dharwad, Karnataka. There are a lot of places you can trek here, most of them are thru thick jungles and a few that lead to beaches and mountain tops.
    1. DANDELI
    2. ULVI
    4. YELLAPUR (a tribal place, lot of secret waterfalls around this place)

    1. It’s really nice to know about Ulvi and Yellapur, Vijay. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂

      If you have done these treks and have photos, do share them with a link here so that it helps trekkers who are looking for a weekend getaway!

    2. Pakshipaathalam , Brahmagiri , thirunelli wayanad district. Keral
      6 km trekking from tirunelli forest range.
      Permission required. Nice one.

  9. Hello Team!

    I am Kapil and I am from Mumbai! The best one day trek which I would recommend would be Visapur Fort or Lohagad Fort. These forts are in Malavli which is situated near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The Base village for both the treks are the same. The name of the Base village is Maval village. Both the treks are highly recommendable for Beginners. It will take around 2-2.5 hrs each to trek till top of the forts. You can reach the base village easily by your private car. Or else you can board a train from Mumbai early in the morning to reach Lonavala and then from Lonavala you can catch the local train which goes to Pune. Malavli is the next stop after Lonavala. I recommend this trek because you can visit these treks in all the seasons. Personally I have done these treks 4-5 times. The lush green mountains will definitely make you awe struck. I hope you find this comment interesting!

    Thank you,
    Kapil Moryani

  10. Kharghar Hills in Navi Mumbai. The foothill is at the Kharghar golf course.. Once you get there you can chose your own peak to climb. It’s endless 🙂

    1. Garbett Plateau, One tree hill in Mumbai, Matheran Region.
      Local train will help to reach up to the Base Village.

      Visapur, Lohgadh are in same region. Can drive till the base.

      Rajmachi at Lonavala is also a good option for DIY trek.

  11. Nidaan Falls trek near Singrampur, District Damoh. It’s a 1.5 hour drive from Jabalpur which is the nearest airport/rail head. Nidaan Falls is a natural perennial waterfall surrounded by sandstone cliffs and dense forest reminding one of the Silver Falls of Pachmarhi. To reach you have to drive to Singrampur from Jabalpur on the Jabalpur Damoh Highway and take a left turn onto the road to Bhainsaghat. Signages will help you reach a dirt trail off the metalled road that leads to the top of the waterfall. There is a large pond from which the water cascades down nearly 200 feet. One can also take a trail down to the base of the waterfall. It is recommended to go in groups as the trail is rocky and can be slippery in monsoons.

  12. Hello Team!

    I am Kapil and I am from Mumbai! The best one day trek which I would recommend would be Visapur Fort or Lohagad Fort. These forts are in Malavli which is situated near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The Base village for both the treks are the same. The name of the Base village is Maval village. Both the treks are highly recommendable for Beginners. It will take around 2-2.5 hrs each to trek till top of the forts. You can reach the base village easily by your private car. Or else you can board a train from Mumbai early in the morning to reach Lonavala and then from Lonavala you can catch the local train which goes to Pune. Malavli is the next stop after Lonavala. I recommend this trek because you can visit these treks in all the seasons. Personally I have done these treks 4-5 times. The lush green mountains will definitely make you awe struck. I hope you find this comment interesting!

    Thank you,
    Kapil H Moryani

  13. I am from Mumbai. All these treks are within 2-3 hours drive.
    Naneghat in Malshej region
    Karnala sanctuary fort
    Visapur fort in lonavala

  14. Hi, myself Amarjeet Singh from Kolkata and below are the some trekking places near Kolkata…..
    Ajodhya Hills – Surreal Beauty
    Simultala – Refreshing Break
    Siliguri – Amidst Lush Greenery
    Netarhat – See The Floating Clouds
    Kurseong – Ride Amidst The Nature
    Mirik – Just Like A Painted Picture
    Darjeeling – That Authentic Train Ride
    Kalimpong – Tranquil Beauty Of Town
    Pedong – To The Hiking Adventure
    Mongpu – For The Love Of Literature
    Sandakphu – Go For Some Adventure
    Gangtok – Ride Down The Cable
    Lava – Away From The Hustle Bustle
    Dooars Valley – Lush Greenery And Silence
    Ravangla – Can’t Miss The Mountain Views
    Shillong – Gem Of East India
    Lolegaon – Take That Offbeat Route
    Upper And Lower Fagu – Magnificent Views
    Sittong – Amidst Silent Roads And Tall Trees
    Takdah – Peaceful Vibes
    Tinchuley – Offbeat Beauty

  15. I stay in pune . trek to rajgad fort in monsoon just awesome way to spend your weekend
    The height of Rajgad Fort trek is 4250 feet from the sea level, one of the biggest forts in Maharashtra. located at around 30Kms from Katraj, Pune, 60 km to the South West of Pune and about 15 km West of Nasrapur in the Sahyadri range.

  16. Hi Swati,

    There are many treks near Nashik, Mumbai, Pune region. I reside in Nashik. Following are the trek which i have done in last 2 years. Watch out for some of the the trek videos here –

    Watch out for – Kalsubai (highest peak of Maharashtra), Harihar Fort, Ratangad, Sandhan Valley, Anjeneri (birth place of Lod Hanumana), Dhodap Fort, Ajova Hills (place where Valmiki took samadhi), Ramshej Fort, Tringalwadi, Salher, Mulher.

    1. Hi Sanjay

      This is something interesting to know which trekkers would love to visit.
      Do you have more details about this trek and would want to contribute to the trekking community?

      We can get in touch to help us out in documenting this trek. I can reach out to you.


  17. My first trek was around Bengaluru back in 2004-05 to Kabbal which was around 60-70km from the city. There was a temple on top however, we trekked via a different route which involved some bit of rock climbing too and made it to the top within 1-2 hrs. Worth a visit, especially with the climate on top.

  18. Hi Swati,
    Aravali hills— it can start from Faridabad Gurgaon toll tax and can go upto Sohna.
    Small mountains, forest area, villages are along the way. Very peaceful trail.

    1. Seriously! After seeing all the comments from Gujarat, I’m really thinking we have no treks from Gujarat in our DIY archives! I hope you don’t mind us getting in touch with you to help document treks in and around Gujarat.

  19. Hi Swathi,
    I’m from Mumbai, and over here, you can find a lot of trekking in Karjat/Khopoli, Panvel, Khandala/Lonavala. These are popular weekend getaway spots for Mumbaikars. There places are just a 1.5-2 hour drive from the city. Treks over here can be completed within 3-4 hours, but they offer spectacular views of the Sahyadris. Some of these also go upto the top of forts that were built almost 400 years ago, during the Maratha era. Some of the treks that I know of, are below:-
    Vikatgadh near Matheran, a local hill station near Karjat.
    Kalavantin durg
    Duke’s nose, Tiger Valley near Lonavala

  20. Hi guys,

    I am Rahul from Bangalore. I would like to recommend Savandurga trek. This is a trek plus rock climbing. It is situated around 60 kms from Bangalore and is a day trek. Why I want to recommend this trek is I am a person who have climbed few peaks in Western ghats. With that confidence I went to savandurga but it really tested me. It was not that easy as I expected but the views in the end was really satisfying.. Definitely recommend this to everyone around Bangalore!

  21. Savandurga hill near magadi ( ramanagar district) is one of good place for one day trek..

    It is close to 45-50km from bangalore.

  22. Savandurga. Totally doable in a day leisurely. We did this last weekend. And like you said, it is totally contactless and safe.

  23. Tahuli or Dadima Tahuli or Panch Pir are some range of mountains near the Mumbai ( Badlapur-Ambernath ) region.

    The base village for Tahuli is of Kushivali; to reach the base village, Kalyan is the nearest railway station on the central line. One needs to board the local buses going towards Haji Malang from the Kalyan ST depot, in the west.

  24. I live in Hyderabad and there is this place called Rachakonda which is accessible by car to the base of the hill and one can trek to the top of the hill in about an hour spend some time there and come back down and return to the city. The base is 80 kms from the start of Outer Ring Road (ORR) and it takes about 1 and half hours to reach there. The entire trek is suitable for a day trek of going and coming back. We did this in June 2018. We started at about 8:00 in the morning and were back by about 3:00 in the afternoon. This is the Google Maps link to the start point

    1. Hi Venugopal

      Rachakonda Fort seems like a perfect trek for those living in and near Hyderabad.
      I can see that the memories of this trek are standing right on top of your mind 🙂

      Unfortunately, we don’t have this lovely trek documented on our list of DIY Treks.
      I hope you don’t mind us getting in touch with you to help us document this particular trek?

  25. Madhu Giri is my Fav one day trek – around 100K from Bangalore centre, very good drive way via NH4.
    This is a monolith and a fort and more challenging than Savandurga, I have personally trekked this monolith 4 times and totally love it

    1. Hi Vaibhav

      Oh yes! I would say both these monoliths are wonderful adventures and treks to do around Bangalore.
      I would agree that every time, you get to a different experience on these treks.

      Here are the documentations on both these two treks, Madhugiri –
      Savandurga –

      If you have more details that can be added, reach out to us 🙂

  26. Polo Forest Trek . Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

    2 hours drive from Ahmedabad, both Day and Night trek. A weekend trek.

    1. Hi Saikat

      Wow! Such a unique name for a forest! 🙂 Do you have any photos of this trek?

      Could you share them as a link here if you do? It’ll help us get a nice idea about this forest trek in Gujarat!

  27. Asherigad.
    On the NH48, in Palghar area.

    My notes for that day –
    Got up 430-40
    Rick at 5
    Andheri station at 515
    Palghar Train at 531 – scheduled for everyday
    Reached Palghar at 650

    Caught rick to WE highway / Manor at 0700
    Cost – 300rs … Distance about 20 kms

    Manor caught 2nd rick at 0730 … 200₹ to khadkawne

    Reached khadkawne at 0755

    Trek begins at 0810
    Reached top Mandir at 940
    Trek ends 1150

  28. Bangalore.

    Nijagal Betta on Tumkur Road. The easiest day trek for beginners that I have come across near Bengaluru. The path is well known all the way till the top, so you can do this one alone as well. Not to say, view from the top is something that you can sit and watch for hours together, and its a 360 deg. view to top it all. A railway line and the Tumkur Road highway are nearby, so their view is something to look out for and admire from the top !

  29. Few of the hillocks which i went when i was a bachelor 🙂
    Horagina Betta (all near Nandi Hills)
    Kunti Betta (Mandya)
    Antaragange Betta

    9 durgas near bangalore :

    Nandi Durga (nandi hills) – Travel/Trek
    Devarayanadurga – Travel/Trek

  30. I stay at Pune City of Maharashtra. “Sahyadri” Mountain Ranges are going accross Maharashtra providing thereby great opportunities to the Trekkers/Mountaineers for good one day or overnight stay Monsoon and Winter Treks nearby Pune City. They are (1) Sinhagad Fort (2) Torna Fort (3) Rajgarh Fort (4) Rohida Fort (5) Raireshwar Fort (6) Purandhar Fort etc. where one can drive upto the base and can climb/Trek to the top & return.

  31. Hi & regards for the day..
    I’m from Thane, Maharashtra and there are in total 350-360 forts to explore. To be mentored here are few one day treks which can be explored.
    Kalavantin & Prabalgad
    Kothligad (Peth)
    Lohgad & Visapur
    Andherban (trail walk)
    And many more, but prior it has to be confirmed now they are open to public or not

    Any information required you can contact me

    Thanks & regards

    Sagar Gidh

  32. I’m from Thane, Maharashtra, and we have lots and lots of local 1-day treks nearby. Some of the famous ones include Peb, Karnala, Irshalgad, Mahuli, Nakhind, Tahuli, Rajmachi, Vasota, Lohgad, and several others. I came across this comprehensive website that provides information around How-To-Reach, Things-To-See, best time to visit, altitude, and other necessary details –

    Happy trekking. Stay safe.

  33. Hi Swati,
    I belong to Mumbai & I would suggest two treks which can be done in a single day

    1) Nane Ghat Trek(Easy Trek)
    There are two ways to reach Naneghat Fort
    a) Via Pune
    Note – Via Pune is not a trek you can directly reach their by vehicle or cab & enjoy the beautiful weather there
    b) Via Mumbai
    If you are traveling by your own vehicle anywhere from Mumbai then leave accordingly.
    It’s very near from Kalyan Railway Station. Hardly an 40-50 minute drive in ST Buses or if you’re an your own vehicle that will be great
    Once you reach Naneghat fort the trek starts from there itself & hardly it’s an two hour or max three hour(depending upon your speed) trail. In between trail you’ll find many small small waterfalls & small stream crossovers that are real fun. The Trek is recommended only in monsoon.

    once you reach at the top you can enjoy beautiful reverse waterfalls & amazing green fields.
    There’s a small cave at the top also where you can rest & have your snacks & click some pictures as well

    Once done you can start decending & hardly takes an hour or so to reach base camp

    2) Mahuli Trek(Easy to Moderate)
    If leaving from Mumbai start early as it’s situated in Asangaon
    If traveling from Kalyan it’s an 1 hour drive
    Or you also can take a local train from anywhere in Mumbai & get down at Asangaon Railway Station that’s the easy & cheapest way to reach there

    From there take local rickshaw it will cost you appox Rs 200 for 5-6 people. As Mahuli Fort is situated in the interiors.
    The trail is an moderate trail you’ll find many fellow trekkers on the way. It’s hardly an 2 hour trail again depending upon your speed.
    You’ll find green landspaces once you reach at the top. The view is really breathtaking & it is highly recommended to do the trek in monsoon.

    You can spend some time at the top & then start decending & you’ll get an rickshaw which will drop you back at station or if you’re traveling by your own vehicle take Mumbai – Nashik Highway

  34. City -Pune, State -Maharashtra
    One day Trek I Will suggest
    01 Sihagad Fourt
    02 Tamini Ghat
    03 Lohagad At lonawala

  35. Hey. I belong to the city of Mumbai, and here is the name of the trek which I wish to recommend.
    Its a local trek, on the outskirts of Mumbai city.
    Its called “Dodhani Falls”. It is a beautiful trek which starts from Dodhani village to Matheran Sunset Point.
    The beauty of it lies in the waterfall crossings and the forest trails!
    Its a DIY trek and should be done at the time of monsoon!

  36. Hi I am from Surat and i have 2 trek suggestions-
    1) Songadh Fort trek which is 2 hours drive from Surat.
    2) Dang Forest trek which is a approx. 3 hours drive from Surat. This is a trek which has forest, waterfalls, water streams. It also has a tent stay and cottage stay if you want to do overnight but you can even complete it in a day.

    1. Hi Khushbu

      Both these treks look easily accessible from Surat. The second trek looks like a complete collection.
      Can we get in touch with you to have these two treks documented?

      It can be later shared with the trekking community using our platform.

  37. Hi,
    Visapur, Korigad, and Lohgad are small trek near Lonavala.
    Easy to reach.
    and it’s filled with lush green beauty in Monsoons.

  38. Hello everyone,
    I am Jyotsna from Mumbai,
    Tung fort (near Pawana lake , Lonavala) is around 2.30 drive from Mumbai. It’s very easy Trek . You can easily manage this in same day.

  39. The following treks can be done in a day from Bangalore
    Bananthimari betta
    Rayakottai (caution: trek is in TN, interstate movement might be curbed due to COVID)
    Kaurava Kunda
    Ramadevara betta (Kyatsandra)
    Nijagal betta
    Horagina betta

    1. Hi Arjun, these are some really good treks you’ve suggested! 🙂

      Have you done any or all of these? Would you be willing to share the photos from these treks?
      Also, is it ok if we get in touch with you to know more details about them?

  40. Hey! I’m from Mumbai and the two hikes that I did not see in the comments section are sondai fort near karjat and korigad fort in lonavala! Both these hikes are extremely beautiful and easy to do. Korigad is half an hour drive from the lions point on the ambey valley route. Korigad and sondai offer brilliant views and you can do these hikes and return to mumbai on the same day easily. You can drive to both the base camps easily and park your vehicles too. On a clear day you can also see the ambey valley airstrip from the korigad top. Korigad fort has historical importance too. The steps that you take towards the korigad fort are extremely beautiful in the monsoon where the water is gushing down. Will be happy to help on these two hikes as I’ve done both of them.

  41. Bukit Timah Hill and MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Trail in Singapore. These are both set in a tropical rainforest region so there’s lots of lush foliage plus encounters with fauna like monitor lizards.

    1. From Udupi :
      This trek is from Ujjire..called Bandaje falls trek..
      Post rains it has amazing view of the Western ghats. This trek leads to the top of the waterfall. For best experience , we need to camp overnight gazing at the star lit sky.

  42. Hi IH,
    I live in the city of Aurangabad,MH and would want to know if anyone here can suggest me a day hike near my city.

    Saurabh L

  43. I live in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
    Amargarh falls is one of the best of the local treks near my city, and I recommend it a must visit. It is located in Saidganj in Hoshangabad district, in the heart of Ratapani forest. There is also Silvani kho falls which only trekkers can visit and is a 12 km trek oon a whole. Apt for a day trek!!
    Ps: it was my first trek!!

  44. Near Mumbai, one can go for below small and easy treks
    Karnala Fort trek. Its a small trek and easily accessible from Panvel. Even kids can do this trek.

    Rajmachi trek via Lonavala route. Though the Karjat route is beautiful bt this route is generally closed in the monsoons

    Prabalmachi and Prabalgad – The base location is accessible via Panvel

    Andharban – One of the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra. Trek is located in Tamhini ghat and its a 5-6 hrs drive fron Mumbai. But do check if the trek is accessible.

  45. Hello Indiahikes.
    I am Daya Shankar and I am from Kausani (Uttarakhand).

    There is a Trek to Get the Most Fantastic View of the Mountains: Budha Pinnath

    This is an unexplored place nestled in natural beauty, least affected by commercialisation, Pinnath is a sleepy village near Kausani in Uttarakhand.
    It also offers the visuals of Rudradhari waterfalls with some small caves. The entire trek from Kantali to Budha Pinnath takes about 6-7 hours and is recognised as an easy trek.
    The local’s trek from Kantali village near Kausani is the last motorable place to Pinath top which is home to the temple of Lord Shiva. A few metres ahead of the temple is the Budha Pinath viewpoint which gives a beautiful view of the Himalayas.

    This is an ideal place for trekkers and hikers seeking to spend a weekend away from traffic and noise would love Pinath.

    There are many famous places to visit like- Anashakti Ashram, Kausani Tea Estate and Baijnath Temple.

  46. Hi
    I live in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran. The geographic condition of my city and province, offers fantastic Trekking routes with diverse possibility of natural phenomena. Here I list some most famous ones:

    1. Padena Region Trekking Program: This region is located in Zagros Mountains foothills and contains rivers, jungles, springs, waterfalls and brings you with opportunity of meeting Qashqai Nomads. The region is not hard to trek and is very enjoyable. The climate is moderate to cold and is fantastic for Spring-Summer trek for families and also in winter is a good opportunity for those who like snow trekking.

    2. Vilages in the country: There are several villages nearby the city with distance less than 20 km, with fantastic natural Landscapes and climatic condition for enjoyable trekking such as: Qalat, Dashtak, Komahre-Sorkhi, Arjan, Siakh and more. Here you can trek in beautiful nature and meet the locals of these villages and get to know their culture, customs and food.

    3. Lost Paradise and amazing Margoon Waterfalls: 120 km northwest of Shiraz in the “Lost Paradise” protected area (NW 330) and over the “Lost Paradise” strait on the outskirt of the mountain lies a village which is not reachable by any vehicle but only by foot. This village has friendly dwellers, intact landscape and tranquility. You should traverse a scenic route to reach these wonderful places for a full day excursion.

    4. Different Canyons: We have more than 10 Canyons near the city with wonderful natural features. Like: Tizab, Khoramnaaz, Sorkhi, Chelegah, Haiqar, Reqez, Tashk, Sabzpooshan and more, which offer unforgettable trekking for hikers and trek lovers.

    5. Bamoo Protected Area: This is an internationally recognized Protected Area with registered Plant and Animal Species which is a heaven for those who are interested in these fields and for related specialists. The landscape of this place is also wonderful.

    6. Caves (in case of favorite!): The most famous caves all in the Fars province are listed as: Shaour, Tadvan, Balazaar, Kangohar, Zakaria, Momtaz, Sangtarashan and Shafagh. These are also a fantastic opprotuonity for Cave Exploring lovers.

    Fars Province offers fantastic Trekking Possibilities for a diverse range of interests and is heaven of hikers and trek lovers. You can access all these by local Travel Agencies who professionally work in this area with trained professional Guides who are locals of these places certified by Administration of Tourism of Iran and related international certifications.
    As a recommendation, I can name a very good one (even I can describe it as the best), “Pars Tourist Agency’ (with brand of “key2persia”) that offers all types of trekking with highly experienced certified local guides with fluent English Skill. They also give you a translator in German, French, Spanish, Russian, and more in case of request. Some of their guides are multilingual themselves as well. Their multilingaul Staff Team also delivers all travel services like Visa, Hotel, Flight, Car, Drivers, Guides and Tours. The website if you want:

    I hope it has been useful.
    Best wishes for all

  47. Thank u India hiked. I stay in Nasik,Maharashtra.
    Local trekking is still risky here due to pandemic,many base villages have banned trekkers at present.
    Here r too many one day treks nearby.My favourites r…..Harihar fort,(base village is Harshewadi from Nasik side)
    Ratangad fort(Ratan wadi)
    Dhodap fort (Hatti)
    Navra navri (Kushe gaon,near Igatpuri)Monsoon special
    Anjneri from different routes(Anjneri or Mulegaon village)
    Tringalwadi near Trimbakeshwar
    Brahma fort near Trimbakeshwar
    Indrai fort near Chandwad
    Rajdeher(Rajdeherwadi )
    ,Koldeher near Chanwad
    Vishramgad near Choti
    Kanchna-Manchana near Kalyan(satmala range)
    Martandeya near Vani(satmala)
    Achla-Ahiwant near Vani(Satmala range)
    & So many.

  48. I live in Pune and there are tons of small treks nearby. I would recommend two – 1 is Sinhagad fort, nearly 30-40 kms from Pune based on where you live. You can drive to the foothills, park your vehicle in front of one of the local shops, buy something from them and they will take care of the vehicle. Then its largely an easy trek with just one section of around 30-40 metres where the elevation is almost 50-60 degrees, a lot of fun! Once you reach the fort, the views are amazing.
    Second in lohagad fort, this fort is near lonavala. You can drive to the foothills and park or go to a nearby station by a local train and trek to lohagad fort. I love bike riding, so I rode there and it was worth it. Quite adventurous. 🙂

  49. There is a place near Mumbai/ Thane around 85-87 kms away, known as Malshej Ghat on the Sayadri Hills. There are some very less trekked places near a small village called MADH. Home Stay can be arranged here as there are few Farm Houses which give their place on rent.
    Scenic place, Lovely temple (suppose to be of Mahabharat’s period )

  50. 1. Visapur
    2. Taljai
    3. Devkund
    All in Pune. I’ve done all these beautiful treks and they are awesome. They are on medium basic level.

  51. Rajgad Trek, Pune. It is very near to the city dwellers. We can reach there in 2 hours time by car or bike and reach the base of the trek. From there we can climb the hill. It usually takes 3-4 hours to reach the top. On the top, there is Shivaji Fort which in itself is very good. The best part is that you don’t have to carry lunch with you. There are some village women who are there near the top and you just have to order for how many persons you want lunch. And here you go. You will be served Bakhri, Dal, Rice and some local vegetables. They can arrange for tea also, since it is monsoon time. It is a monsoon trek and the whole region is lush green. It is a one day trek, gives good break from the routine and you are back to your comfort zone by the end of the day.
    If you have more stamina, you can go to Torna Fort also from Rajgad 🙂

  52. I live in Kolkata. I suggest to explore the East Kolkata Wetlands for a day trek. It is close to the city but consists of rural areas.

  53. Hi Swathi,

    I live in Hyderabad and one of the best treks here is climbing up the Golconda Fort . We can easily spend about 4-5 hours climbing up and back. The history related to the Fort is very interesting and the view on the top is spectacular.
    There are a few dedicated guides working and we can hire them to get a better insight into the history and the monumental details.

  54. Dear Ms Swathi, I live in the Palace city of Mysore (Mysuru), 150 Kms from the City of Bangalore (Bengaluru). We have Chamundi Hills which has 1000 steps from the base, and by road is around 8.5 Kms. 100 Kms away from Mysore, at Bettadapura, a hillock (Sidilu Mallikarjuna ) having 3000 steps and no road to reach the top; is a trekkers paradise. One has to take a diversion on Mysore Mangalore highway at Periyapatna, travel for around 20 Kms to reach Bettadapura. One more place is Chikka Devi Betta 45 Kms from Mysore. (

  55. 1. Mauli fort: About 70-80 km from Mumbai. Enough space at the base village for car parking and getting packaged drinking water.

    2. Rajmachi: Multiple routes from Mumbai. The route via Lonavala is mucky and great for off-roading. The trek is long from the other route. One day might not be enough.

    3. Pep Killa and Tikona fort: Same day trek and enough space for car parking.

    4. Kaneri caves: Within city limits. One can park at the gates and take a 7km walk to the kaneri saves through the thick forest of the national park.

    5. Harishchandragad or Konkankada: Multiple routes from Mumba-about 130km. A lengthy trek of 3-4 hours. Recommended to start early and descend before 5pm.

    6. Prabalgarh: The most edgy trek around Mumbai. Short and scary. Enough space for car parking.

  56. I am living in Nagothane, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra. One day treks near me
    1. Avchitgad, near Medha, Roha
    2. Sarasgad, Pali,
    3. Vardayini Temple, near Sukeli
    4. Surgad, near Khamb, tal. Roha
    5. Wyaghreshwar,
    6. Sudhagad
    7. Ghosalgad, Ghosale, Roha
    8. Sagargad, near Alibaug
    9. Kankeshwar, near Alibaug
    10. Kurdugad
    11. Mangad, Nijampur, Mangaon, Raigad
    12. Talagad, Tala, Raigad
    13. Kedar Janani , Tise village, near Kolad, Roha

  57. Hi,
    There are numerous single day treks near Mumbai. I did this just before the pandemic.
    Right on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway in Palghar district. 14 kms once you cross Manor naka, you will see a big board mentioning Asherigad fort on the left. 500 mt diversion will take you to Khodkona base village. A 1.5 hr climb takes you to the top.

  58. Name : dr suresh
    City : mysore
    Half day trek : sidlu mallikarjuna temple
    Level : easy
    Route : mysore – periapatna- bettadapura- base – trek
    Planning: bettadapura is about 2 hrs drive from Mysore. This is very beautiful small trek in monsoon. It has 3300 small steps. View from top is beautiful. Select a rainy day.
    What to carry : water trekking pole shoes with good grip breakfast and lunch

  59. Hi

    There is a day trek near Chennai .. distance from city is about 140 km. The place is paruvathamalai. It’s a famous spot , I often did this trek during weekends. There is a shiva temple on top of the mountain. Nearest town is Tiruvannamalai. I love this place. The air is clean and fragrance of the forest is unique.. it’s 2 hr hike on rocky terrain through forest. You have to carry your water and food. Rain water will be available on top of the hill in the ashram near by temple .. last stretch you have to climb using iron rods installed on mountains. If you are less adventurous you can use the artificial steps cut on rocks , created by the temple PPL ..

  60. Bhongir fort trek.
    Place: bhongir
    State: TELANGANA

    Muthyala jalapatham or muthyaladhara.
    Place: adilabad
    State: TELANGANA.

  61. Hi.
    I live in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. There’s a great day trek in the Velliangiri hills to the Velliangiri Andavar Shrine, referred to as the 7th hill by the locals. i have personally done this trek at least 50 times over the last 12 years. It is a fairly challenging trek and will take you around 4-5 hours to get to the top from the base village,Poondi. Descent takes about 3-4 hours. there are some really beautiful forest sections for the first 2-3 hrs, then its a ridge walk for the next 2 hrs(there are some breathtaking views here). Then is the final summit climb that should take another hour. The view from the top is something out of a fairy tale, with the clouds below you. This mountain and the swayambhu shiva shrine at the top have a lot of mythological significance and is also called ‘Then-kailayam’, or kailash of the south. There are ample water sources on the way, and overall its a fantastic combination of adventure, natural beauty, and spiritual significance. I have uploaded a photo in the profile pic space.

    However, the locals have a problem with women who are in their reproductive age climbing up. At the same time, there are various groups who are trying to resolve the issue with them, so ladies can climb too, but it is still an ongoing debate right now.

    In any case, feel free to reach out if you need any more information. I’ll be more than happy to help out in any way I can.

  62. Trek to Deomali peak, Dist- Koraput, Odisha. Trek duration – 1-2 days. Height elevation – 600m approx.
    51 kms from Damanjodi City

  63. POLO FOREST trek, 2hrs n 30 mins from Ahmedabad, ancient monuments, to rest on river bank thr. Forest n drive back, nr.IDER , vijaynagar, a good road to drive.

  64. Kanheri Caves. Mumbai, Borivali East. You can go only if Sanjay Gandhi National Park is open. There are too many caves deeper in the jungle if one wants to go on a scary adventure.

    You can cycle or walk between National Park gate and Kanheri too. Lots of monkeys to greet you. Have to be lucky to spot deers.

    Check out my review of Sanjay Gandhi National Park on Google Maps

  65. I am based in Ahmadabad. I can recommend TWO treks straight away, namely 1. Bakore & 2. Polo Forest. These two are at distance of about 150 kms from Ahmadabad with good road connectivity. They have good forested areas with rolling Arravalli Hills and plentiful bird life. There are water falls also in that area. In fact I have been instrumental in developing a campsite at Bakore while I was in service with Sundarvan Mini Zoo.

    Any one wanting to go there can contact me for additional info or any other help.

    There are other good spots but as they are Sanctuaries or National Parks govt had closed them due to Covid-19 situation.

  66. Hi,

    I am from Delhi. Though a metro but there are few good patches for a day’s trek in the city for a change, ofcourse mostly in monsoons and winters.
    1) Forest ridge which extend from Dhaula Kuan right upto Rajendra place and another one near North Campus, Delhi University. It’s a shady, forest trek.
    2) There is this long stretch which originally on Gurgaon-Faridabad road, Gwal Pahari which is a Biodiversity zone. Located here is also TERI-Retreat centre of Teri University with few labs but lots of walking around area.
    3) Asola- Bhatti wildlife sanctuary on Southern Delhi Ridge.

    Ofcourse I remember few years back you also had Okhla bird sanctuary also in your list, which I am not sure of as of now.

    Hope these are of some help.


    Monika Madan

  67. Currently I am in Bangalore. The local 2 day treks that people can do by themselves or with any local trekking club or guide are Kudremukh, Kodachadri, Kotagiri, Kumara Parvatha, Munnar Kurangini hills, Canopy Hills etc. Last year I did all of them with Bangalore Mountaineering Club.
    But still what I feel is there are lot of trekking available as a part indiahiies DIY trek except for North East India. So, as per my opinion Indiahikes could increase the DIY treks there specially in the states Maghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal etc.

  68. Dhosi Hills, an extinct volcano in Narnaul, Haryana.

    Beautiful scenery/temple at the top if you start early morning uphill.

    More details on Google.

    100Kms from Gurgaon/Delhi. Doable same day.

  69. So there are actually a lot of one day treks near Mumbai and Thane which can be completed within a day and offer fantastic views. This is a great initiative guys, listing down a few that I have completed! Hope this helps fellow trekkers out
    1. Vikatgad (Peb fort)
    2. Lohagad (lonavala)
    3. Prabalgad
    4. Karnala bird sanctuary
    5. Gorakhgad
    6. Rajmachi
    7. Korigad

    These are a few that I know about but I am yet to trek :
    1. Kothaligad
    2. Garbett plateau
    3. Kalsubai
    4. Devkund waterfall
    5. Sandhan valley

  70. Hi, I’m from Chennai.

    The popular treks nearby would be:

    1. Tada waterfalls- A popular, easy trek. Often crowded though.
    2. Nagalapuram- A better, slightly more challenging trek. Has beautiful series of waterfalls in its wake. Recommended.
    3. Gingee Fort- An ancient fort in Gingee town. Good for a drive and a easy hangout for family and friends alike

  71. Hi
    I am from alibaug raigad district
    Treks nearby
    Sagargad (king shivaji maharaja fort) and sidhdheswar waterfall on its trail
    Other one is Kanakeshwar temple trek its a steep hike followed by plateau dence forest cap and smaller treks to 2 other plateau from temple one can see southbombay colaba are easily while going up


  72. One of the best trek cum family adventure is Chitrakot Waterfall, Teerathgarh waterfall and Kutumsar caves. Chitrokot is 275 km from Raipur and one can easily drive his vehicle. Road conditions is good and one can enjoy full of greenery around. If people are interested to stay it is advisable to stay for two days at Chitrakot waterfall and next day enjoy two sight seeing places. Cottages are available and also tented accommodation. One can contact Chhattisgarh tourism for it. It’s a wonderful place to spent time and have fun with family/friends

  73. 1) One day Trek to Matheran One Tree Hill from Karjat. Absolute must do during monsoon, it adds thrill to the steep rocky climb. It gives a beautiful & scenic view of the river if starting from Ambewadi and the most greeny patch. In Matheran a long stretch of thick forest in itself is a wonderful experience.
    2) One day Trek to Kanheri Caves from Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai. Its also an archeological site. Try to reach the top of Kanheri Caves for an amazing view. Another attraction is the numerous nature trails that SGNP itself organises inside the National Park.

  74. I can suggest a trail Andharban in Maharashtra
    It’s 14 km complete descending trail in raigad near Mumbai
    It is beautiful jungle trail surrounded by mountains and waterfalls . You may have to cross couple of waterfalls partially on the trail
    Worth to visit in the monsoon only.

  75. Parvathamalai Mountain in Thiruvannamalai, TamilNadu

    Bangalore, 200 km journey from Bangalore via Krishnagiri, Chengam, Kanchi
    Chennai, 190 km journey from Chennai via Ponnamalle, Arcot, Arani, Polur

    Parvatha Hill, the only place opens 24/7 for trekking in Tamilnadu, India.
    Full moon and no moon is a festive day for Parvathamalai, there used to be a thousand devotees come and trek to the summit for seeing a holy image of deity Shiva, Temple.
    Pooja, this is only Temple in the Tamilnadu, whoever reaches the summit have permission to do Pooja themselves to Siva
    Water, there won’t be any water source available, please carry enough water bottles, otherwise, you will be dehydrated easily.

    more details in

  76. There are some one day treks near i did nd would recommend are- Karjat to Matheran One tree hill trek, Sondai Fort trek, Irshalgad, peb fort,Garbett point,Mahuli fort,Asava fort etc..

  77. There are some one day treks near i did nd would recommend are- Karjat to Matheran One tree hill trek, Sondai Fort trek, peb fort,Garbett point,Mahuli fort,Asava fort etc..

  78. Ayodhya Hills, Baghmundi, Purulia, West Bengal

    Beautiful combination of undulating hills, streams and waterfalls, lush green forest

  79. Hi Im from Nashik Maharashtra ,blessed to be born in the land of Sahyadri Mountain ranges ,the best one trek is Kalshubai peak trek its the highest peak in Maharashtra at an altitude of 5,400 feet

  80. I’m Spoorthy from Mysore!
    There’s a hill called “Kunthi betta” in pandavpura, a place very near to Mysuru on Mysuru-Bengaluru National Highway.
    The base of the hill is easily accessible and this trek is actually the very first choice for people living in Mandya and Mysuru. It also satisfies all the conditions that you have asked for.
    I hope this helps you.
    Thank you

  81. A beautiful trek which can be completed on the same day to the second highest peak of Eastern ghats situated in sunkarmetta, Araku Valley.

  82. hi!
    for Mumbai, katraj to sinhagad is very popular. also called k2S. from Mumbai, you can drive or take a train to Pune.
    another one closer to Mumbai is Karnala bird sanctuary. this one is really pretty and also easily accessible from Mumbai.
    apart from these many Sahyadri trails and treks are very easily accessible. such as kalsubai, kalavantin durg, umberkhind, lohagad, anderban, harishchandragad etc 🙂

  83. Our family’s favourite day trek around Mumbai is to Kavantin Durg and Prabalgarh fort . The trek start point is approx . 2 hours from Mumbai and after parking the car, one has to walk a gradual gradient for 40 mins to an hour up to the base at Prabalmachi which is the starting point to either Kalavantin Durg (for the less faint hearted) or to Prabalgarh fort (for those with more endurance) . Many more experienced hikers do both destinations on the same day (although During monsoons the short route linking the two may be shut) . There main food hut at prabalmachi plateau serves great local foods .. and the fav staple of most hikers .. maggi .. too.

  84. from mumbai, these ones are easliy accessible and refreshing!
    kalavantin durg, karnala bird sanctuary, k2S (katraj to sinhagad), anderban, harishchandragad, kalsubai and so much more.
    but for me, harihar is the best one I’ve done. it becomes extremely difficult in monsoons because of its iconic 80 degree vertically inclined steps to the top of the fort! this feature is really attractive about the fort trek.

  85. So near Mumbai, we have Prabhalgadh (really nice for a one day trek and has a very beautiful camping ground if you want to camp), Bhairavgadh (purely for an adrenaline junkie) and Vandri Lake(great for a one-day ride/drive, and even better for camping).

  86. yogi hills in mulund, mumbai. it’s a 4-6 hours trek, climbing up and down. people almost go for this everyday for a morning walk/stroll till the top. although it’s not so much in the outskirts, and people can go alone, even though there are a lot of wild monkeys, cheetahs.

  87. One easy and nearby forest trail for Bangaloreans is Turahalli forest. It is about 20 KM away from Bangalore, off Kanakapura road. One can drive car or bike to the location. I visited the place more than an year ago. It has a few nice locations. A tree lined path is the most beautiful part of the trail I went by. Google map shows walking trails for easy trekking without getting lost. Don’t venture alone. You need to take your own food and water.

  88. Hi. Here are few small treks.

    Near chennai
    1. Mahabalipuram monolith trail. it’s a very short trail. If walked just end to end, it may take only half an hour. But there are lot of diversions throughout the trail. Start from right end of Krishna’s butter ball and trek through the monolithic sheet rocks till after watch tower hillock. On the way there are lot of stone architectures which are mahabalipuram famous for. There are some cuts on the main trail leading to smaller and often ignored temples. All the temples are worth having the look for their stone works.

    2. Thirukalikundram temple trek. There is a temple atop thirukalikundram hill. Till foothill tarred road is there. Then starts the stairs. Climb the stairs till hill top to reach the temple. There is another path that can be taken while climbing down. View from top is worth the climb.

    In kolkata.
    There are now 4 bridges across river hooghly (ganga) from dakshineshwar to around park circus or so. Bridges are vivekananda setu, (adjacent) nivedita setu, rabindra setu and vidyasagar setu. Hike through the kolkata side bank of ganga can be an experience.

  89. Everyone wants to take some time out and take a break from this pandemic. The trek that comes to my mind is Lansdowne trek. Easy drive. Half day trek and can be done in a day. All you need is a will to take a break.

  90. Tada falls, Andhra Pradesh. A couple of hours’ drive from Chennai. Requires some skills and core strength as it involves a few rocks to be climbed.

    Nanmangalam forest trek – more of a casual hike. Might need permissions as it’s a protected area.

    Chennai is more on the plains so these are the few ones I know of 🙂

  91. Butterfly Island, Goa. You can reach to this place via kayaking or can trek through the forest. It’s a wonderful trek with some amazing view 🙂

  92. Makalidurga Trek near Bangalore. The place is around 60Km from the city center. It could be completed within 3 hours. The climb is a little difficult because of the rocky terrain. But the view from the top is quite awesome especially of the nearby lake.

  93. David Scott Trail – Its one of the best one day trek in Meghalaya. The route is easy enough to not require frequent rests. Its a good trek for friends and family to experience as a group

  94. Saputara city/hills are situated in the lesser know Dang district in Gujarat but very close to the border between Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is a part of the Sahyadri Range of mountains, and the highest point is on the altitude of 1081 M from mean sea level. There is a waterfall called Gira falls, and it is indeed breathtaking. There are various other gardens and of course a sunset point—a go-to for a one day trek.

  95. In Visakhapatnam, AP we have Kambalakonda Wild Life Sanctuary trek, Simhachalam trek, Pavuralakonda trek. There are treks in Araku valley too, but going there takes 2 to 2.5 hours from the city one way.

  96. Bangalore.
    Some of the lesser known treks are,
    1. Savandurga trek
    2. Kabbaladurga trek
    3. Skandagiri
    4. Kumaraparvatha trek
    5. Antharagange trek

    One special mention though it isn’t a trek, is Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh. It’s commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of India! Absolutely magnificent place. It’s about 250kms from Bangalore.

  97. Hie I am Rahul Madhwal from Nainital. I received mail from Swati regarding local one day trek. I can help out the trekkers those who come to this place there are few trekking places such as Naina Peek, Cheena Peek, some places at Mukteshwar and few others. So If anyone comes to this place for the trekking I will definitely help them out for the trek.


  98. Around Gurgaon there are the Aravalli hills that make up amazing hiking trails that can be completed in a day.

  99. There is one famous Hill near to my home town Junagadh, we know it as Girnar,70.3772643,12.3z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x395806dad3001e03:0xdbf51c9e12a802b2!8m2!3d21.5178869!4d70.5502916!5m1!1e4

    It is a peace full and beautiful place for one day track, it has a stair case up to the top but there are some nice trekking ways inside the mountain, so you should visit it once and explore it yourselves, i don’t know more about inside ways and how to get permit from the Government and all but it’s not a big concern for you guys.
    Hope you like it.

    India hikes trekking fan

  100. Kannur district in Kerala
    1. Josegiri

    Trivandrum district in Kerala
    1. Vazhvanthol falls
    2. Varayadumotta
    3. Ponmudi
    4. Bremore

  101. Toad hill – Vellore, there are multiple hills in this range
    College hill – Vellore

    Masinagudi (Karnataka) – has jungle + hill treks

  102. there is a great trek near Hyderabad (actually 6hr drive from Hyderabad. so i dont know if it qualify as day trek) we drive at night and rest there and do the trek by evening 4pm and leave to Hyderabad by 11pm. So the trek place is Ahobilam (kurnool dist Andhra pradesh), It is basically a pilgrimage place but to reach all the 7 temple you have trek in dense forest along hills under some nice waterfalls along the way. The last point is called Ugra stambam is a hill and its an arduous climb to the top but gifted with scenic beauty. very underrated trek may be because its a pilgrimage place but this place is crowded like other pilgrimage places because of the hard trek.

  103. Hey
    I’m from Ahmedabad
    Polo forest as the name suggest it is a nice forest trail which also includes a beautiful stream.

  104. I can suggest ( though I’m still a bit skeptical ) a mini trek in Kharghar hill ( Navi Mumbai 410210 ) 15 kM before Panvel. These undulated hills are rugged and verdant, especially in monsoon. Fifteen-year back when I starting trekking these hill hardy a soul could one see while venturing out in there. And, now over weekends, the place is as crowded as any city mall. This makes me sad. I don’t have any proprietary right over these hills but when I see the aftermath of week-end incursion I feel sick in the stomach and which is why I’m not particularly excited to share it. I read your blogs religiously and I like them immensely. I come from hills and I find sincerity in your narrative very genuine – full of warmth which resonates somewhere deep inside me. Solely on this premise, I’m taking this chance.
    PS: There are quite a few waterfalls around but invariably there are accidents resulting in deaths by reckless behaviour of people coming to these falls. One such waterfall is Pandavkada.

  105. Dear Swatiji
    I am living in Akole block in Ahmednagar district, which is situated on the boundary of Ahmednagar and Nasik district. Kalau nai is highest peak in maharashtra in Sahyadri region,which is famous trek at our place. We can do this trek in one day. It is difficult one, I have done 2 time. So you can think about this trek.

  106. Dear Swatiji
    I am living in Akole block in Ahmednagar district, which is situated on the boundary of Ahmednagar and Nasik district. Kalsubai is highest peak in maharashtra in Sahyadri region,which is famous trek at our place. We can do this trek in one day. It is difficult one, I have done 2 time. So you can think about this trek.

  107. Lots of one day treks around Bangalore, I believe most of them are listed under DIY page. I typically go to the following on weekends –
    1) Nandi (backside) – you can drive upto base, its a less than hour walk to the top. No permission required, the road upto the starting point is recently developed so its very convenient.
    2) Skandagiri – needs permission (Ecotrails) , slightly longer drive, but very beautiful.
    3) Savandurga – largest monolith hills in asia, needs permission (Ecotrails), very nice trek if you like rocks 🙂
    4) Makalidurga – needs permission (Ecotrails), decent walk
    5) Antargange – good place for bouldering, decent walk.

  108. I live in pilani city of Rajasthan
    I am working with birla public school in physical education department.
    Recently in month of August I went for two days trek in aravali range of place called lohargal (jhunjhunu).
    These aravali ranges are covered with dense forest and huge bugyal type open and flat hills between mountain.
    Experience was full of physical,mental and spiritual adventure.

  109. A trek at Kamshet on the way to Pune from Mumbai after Lonavala. You can drive from Mumbai.
    It has two beautiful lakes-Pawana Lake and Uksan lake.
    There are many trekking options in and around Kamshet. The Forts of Tung, Tikona, Lohagad and Visapur are on different sides of the Pawana Lake. Dhak Bahiri is another option.
    It is also has a paragliding school.

  110. Hi Swathi,
    This is a small list of treks near Doon:-
    1- Nag Tibba trek
    2- Chakrata trek
    3- Dhanaulti trek
    4- Rishikesh trek
    5- Har ki dun trek
    6- Parashar lake trek
    7- Dodital trek
    8 Kedarnath trek
    9- Gaumukh trek
    10- Pangarchulla peak climb
    I belong to Dehradun, Uttarakhand and nowadays it’s raining heavily so the treks are slippery and the way is risky so this not the right time for trek.
    But almost all these above mentioned treks can be done in summers as well as in winters.

  111. Dear Swathi,

    One my personal favourite trek is Rajmachi Lonavala, it’s a one day trek.
    Being so close to mumbai it’s get away heaven in western ghats. It has waterfalls, forests, hills & panoramic view of the mountains is phenomenal !

  112. Pune:
    Numerous hill forts

    Few other hill / forest treks

  113. Kolukkumalai trek – trek to the world’s highest tea plantation from Kurangani, Bodinaickannur
    Top Station trek – trek to Top station, Munnar from Kurangani, Bodinaickannur

  114. 1. Mumbai: loads of day treks in the vicinity of the western ghats – Bhimashankar, Naneghat, Malshej Ghat, Kandala based treks, etc. Within MUmbai there’s Kanheri Caves and treks inside the Borivali national park

    2. Kolkata – i dont know of any treks per se in the urban surroundings, but the city itself offers FASCINATING walking tours, going back literally in time.

    3. Shillong – loads, every walk can be a trek, being atop the Khasi Hills
    4. Pune – likewise loads- the western ghats from the other side of Mumbai. Sinhagad is another day trip possibility.

    The thing is that, while not every city or town is close to mountans or even hills, they offer endless walking tours. Just the freedom of seting out in the AM w a daypack, knowing that this is a chill day of discovery and not of routine, can be rejuvenating.

  115. hi i am living in bhavnagar city in gujrat state which is 180 km far from ahmedvad. bhavnagar is small port and we have famous ship recycling yard called alang . but no one know that we have many very beatiful one day trek here for expmple khodiyar mandir bhandariya trek , malnath trek , shihor trek beach night trek etc . we have many beatiful trek . we also have branch of youth hostel associaiton of indio which orginise such one day trek through out monsoon and winter . which very pocket friendly for trekker and good adventure experiance . if any of you want further any information please contact yhai bhavnagar unit or me

  116. Myself Chinmoy Ghosal, is staying at Alipurduar , West Bengal. Local trek site at my location is Lepchakha. Situated at distance from Alipurduar city is about 40 kms and distance of trek is 6 km (app). One can do this trek one day also or may be stay at Lepchakha and return back on the next day.

  117. Hi Swathi,
    Mangalore and surroundings have many wonderful treks.
    The best day trek is to “Gadai Kallu” also called Jamalabd fort.
    Google has plenty of wonderful pics.
    Would not recommend this in the monsoon.
    If you want, i could even do the first 1-2 with you guys and you may get some inside info !!
    Be safe

  118. HAi swathi.. nithin here from himachal …. theres a village called runga… ita an isolated village … in kullu,, we actually done few treks over there called,, petting,,, hamsu,, fgni tila , and i m pretty sure ven people form north part of india also dont even heard about those place. need more information . i m giving my official number down.

  119. There a many places for trekking in vishakapatnam city also sweetly called with different names Vizag and steel city , a north costal District of Andhra pradesh.
    there are some beautiful beaches in city and also has a hill station called Araku resides in eastern ghats which is around the 100kms from the city.
    Today , I would like to take this opportunity to describe one of its kinds , a beach in the vizag city
    named after a hillside village called Yarada which also has a hill in the beach side where we can do small treks aswell.
    there are 2 routes to reach this beach. one is through the naval quarters called Scindia, beside malkapuram police station from where we need to drive uphill and once you reach the hill top we can have splendid view of the vizag city on oneside and a panaromic view of bay of bengal and a lighthouse on the otherside. And then we need to ride down hill through Yarada village where predominantly Red Banana Farms are famous. Finally after a 1 km ride through village we reach to beach where a early morning ride would be wonderful .
    In the beach there is a hill where we can also have a moderate trek to the hill top.
    The other route to reach this beach is through Gangavaram port.

    with my Experiences i would rate this beach a 5 Stars as can also experience a hilly ride experience and we can enjoy in beach and there is also an option to trek in the hill that is along the coast.

    I cant express more in words as it would be memorable if you experience visiting this beach.

  120. Chennai. Thada falls.
    It has waterfalls if go in the right season. You can park tour car at the base and trek up. It will take a total of 4 to 6 hours.

  121. Hi Swathi,

    In gurugram, I dont think there is a defined trek, but I have found some real interesting things in Aravali’s which are on Gurugram – Faridabad road. These hills are just 2-3 km’s from city and span around an area of 20 – 30 kms in radius. Also, one can go towards sohna to explore more on aravali’s.

  122. Ranipuram trek, Kasargod, Kerala. We started from Mangalore in the 5 am train. And were back in Mangalore by around 6pm!

  123. 1) Purandar fort trek
    2) Tikona fort trek
    3) Malhargadh fort trek
    4) Lohgadh fort trek

    My city is Pune and above treks are very near to Pune. They are forts and hills covered with a green cover and awesome views from the top. You can easily drive to the base from Pune.

  124. Basically I am from Bharuch, Gujarat. There are few places which can be explored as a 1-2 day trekking destination. Here I list it out:
    1) Pavagadh-Champaner Trek (Near Vadodara, Gujarat)
    2) Jambughoda Forest Trek (Gujarat)
    3) Bakor Hill Station (Mahisagar District, Gujarat)
    4) Saputara Hill Station (Dang District, Gujarat)
    5) Don Village ( Dang District, Gujarat)
    6) Shivrajpur Marine Trek(Dwarka District, Gujarat)

  125. Kohoj fort trek near Mumbai. It is located in the palghar region of the Sahyadris. Having completed a plethora of treks in Sahyadris, this one is recommended as it has relatively more altitude to gain in a short period, dense forest trails through numerous waterfalls within, a huge lake midway the trek and forest. It does test the endurance level and the marked trails need good tracking skills too. It is a hidden gek that’ll keep you alive throughout.
    The base village is Vaghote on Manor wada road in palghar. Public transport is easily available till the base village.

  126. Bhimana kindi trek is one of the less known hill trek near Bengaluru which can be done in a day. There is a natural large rock bridge formation at the top which is a wonder of the nature.
    For details refer YouTube channel the true beckon who have documented a beautiful video on this trek. I have given the video link below.

  127. Hi Swathi,
    Tada falls or Ubbalamdugu Falls. It is located in Varadaiah Palem mandal of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. It is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It is situated around 95 km from Chennai and a known trek to most of the people in Chennai.

  128. Hi team , as you know mumbai has so many treks which can be done in one day from Karjat to Lonavala , Panvel to Palghar.

    I have been to some treks which can be done in all seasons .

    1 . Panvel : Kalavantin and prabhalgad (same base), Irshalgad , Karnala fort , Manikgad Fort.
    2. Matheran : Peb fort, Garbett plateau, one tree hill point.
    3. Badlapur : Chanderi fort , Kondeshwar , Nakhind .
    4. Karjat : Kothaligad , Sondai, Bhimashankar trek, Kondana caves , Padargad.
    5. Lonavala : Lohagad fort , Visapur fort , Tikona fort, Tung fort.
    6. Asangaon : Mahuli.
    7. Palghar : Kaldurg , Kohoj, Asherigad, Tandulwadi .

    Some of the treks even offers waterfall during monsoon season.

  129. Hello,
    I am in hyderabad.
    The best one day trek you can rejuvinate and send quality time is Anantagiri hills.
    Spread over 10s of kilometers it’s the best place to trek.
    Located 80 km from Hyderabad it’s destination for enthusiastic trekers who want to come out of this covid times.

  130. My city — Mumbai. Some of the one-day treks I did last year: Kalsubai, Garbett Plateau, Peth (Kothligad), Visapur, Ganpatigadad, Ratangad and Devkund. Highly recommended: Ratangad and Kothligad. (Also did Harishchandragad last year, but that’s not a one-day trek.)

  131. Hi Tanvi,
    I’m from Kolkata. You can find a short day treck through the wet lands right in the middle of the city. Less known are the byways crisscrossing through the wetlands between bantala basanti highway and new town. One can start from either way and cross through a 15 km trecj through 2-3 small villages inbetween or take a round trip back to the start in 20km. As a runner and cyclist, we plan these trails once a while for a change from the monotonous roads. Covered with lush greens and large water bodies all around, these trails can stink of rotten fish at a point or two but you can capture amazing shades of the dawn or dusk over the glades.

  132. I’m from Pune and here we have many forts nearby for one day trek as:
    1. Sinhagad
    2. Lohagad
    3. Tikona
    4. Visapur
    5. Lingana
    6. Tung
    7. Rajgad
    8. Torana
    9. korigad
    10. Malhargad
    11. purandar

  133. Dear Swathi,

    The intentions of your initiative are no doubt good. My concern is about taking the infection to the small remote villages. Most trekkers are fit and I bet, if they ever get the infection, their body will fight it without symptoms. If such trekkers were to go through the remote base villages they will definitely meet people there and may infect them. I myself come from a small remote village and have observed that our folks here are not exactly following social distancing. We have had wedding celebrations and funerals like there was no ongoing pandemic.

    What would happen if the infection spreads to a small remote village? Do we want this on our hands?

  134. There is a small day trek from Sirmour district in Himachal Pradesh- It is locally called ‘Churdhar’ trek.
    Difficulty level- easy
    TIme taken- 3-4 hrs
    Overnight stay options available. Locals do it in a day.

  135. Rajmachi trek near to Pune-Maharashtra. Lonaval is the hill station and its around 11 to 12 Km trek from Lonavala railway station.

    Beautiful waterfalls and lavish thick green. I have done this trek solo with one of my friends and trekker who do love nature and trek should do this. The real beauty is the top Ramachi fort sitting and seeing the waterfall in front of you. You can sit watching this magnificent view for hours.

  136. Kanifnath Range. Pune

    Has multiple options from different bases.
    1/ Holkarwadi – 10 kms from NIBM. can use any of 5 ridges to climb towards temple.

    2/ Wadaki – 15 kms from NIBM. Again has 5-6 ridges that could be used.

    3/ Bopdev – 10 kms from NIBM. Most varied options. You can do a ridge walk either to Katraj tunnel or Kanifnath temple. You can also hike towards talab farm pond.

    4/ Ramdara – 25 kms from NIBM. A nice trail to top … Which can be extended to Malhargad fort.

  137. Susunia Hills, Bankura District, West Bengal.
    Susunia hills can be a potential One day trek. Nearest Railhead Bankura.
    Drive-able distance of apprx 230 Kms from Kolkata Via Bardhaman, Durgapur.
    One can directly reach at the foothills of Susunia, and start for the hill top trek, to an altitude of 1200 feet, through the rugged landscape of lavish green and red soil. The hill is known for its great archeological value. It claims the ‘Oldest’ rock inscription of Bengal.
    The river ‘Gandheswari’ flows through the whole route. The spring season (February/ March) marks the best time owing to the bloom of ‘ flame of forest’ the Palash.

  138. There is a beautiful trek in our city. There are at least 15 lakes ,valleys, glaciers and much more to enjoy. This trek starts from Aru Pahalgam Anantnag J&K. It is a trek of a week to enjoy maximum.

  139. Jhargram, Belpahari- Trekking Route- Bhulabheda to Kankrajhod.
    A 16 km route through thick sal forest..Forest rest house is available at Kankajhod, with permission and prior booking.
    Jhargram is 180 km drive from Kolkata.. Belpahari, the nearest Village is another 40kms, from there Bhulabheda is 10kms, where the trek start from…
    Kankrajhod the end point of the trek has a vehicle route too, from where trekkers can ride back to city.
    One can also stay overnight at Jhargram, which has very good rest house facilities by wbtdc.

  140. Hello,
    I purposely did not post my thoughts wanting to see what the list will pop up. Looks like our trekkers are still sticking to the known paths and not much of explorers. There is not even one trek of western ghats crossing. These are all local treks and not known to the public. I have done one such trek and know there are many more. A feeling of crossing the hills is a great feeling, not like the hampta crossing but the terrain, weather all changes. I would not like to divulge further and leave it to the trekkers to find their own treks.
    Note – Crossing the western ghats hills down is better than climbing up.

  141. Araku Valley /Anatagiri in Andhra Pradesh has multiple options.
    Maredmalli in East Godavari , Andhra Pradesh can be trek cum boat ride to reach Rajmundary.
    Chandragiri and Jiranga Monastery in Orissa are unexplored.
    You may reach out to me for any of the above.

  142. Hi i am for Maharashtra and we are surrounded by great Mountain. ofcourse Harishchandragad is one of the best treks nearby but there are also so many others which are way too pretty in terms of trails. Firstly the trek peb fort which is my personal favorite the Irshalgad fort. Prabalgad fort, Rajmachi and the best one AMK(Alang Madan Kulang). i think Maharashtra has a mountain for every type of traveller/trekker

  143. Irshalgadh, Manikgadh, Karnala, Sudhagadh, Lohagadh, Korigadh, Kothaligadh are some of the esay treks that i have done around Mumbai, One can easily drive down to the base and be back home the same day. The average duration of the trek is not more than 4-5 hours.