No ice on Mount Kilimanjaro by 2050?


Kilimanjaro boasts of 10,000 year old glaciers. But are they going to disappear by the middle of 21st century?

The Northern Ice field in Kilimanjaro is slowly shrinking losing more than 80% of its volume of ice. It is estimated that by 2030, the Credner Glacier in Kilimanjaro will be entirely gone. The rest of the ice is supposed to vanish in another 30 years or so.

The reasons attributed to this phenomenon are many. Some reports attribute it to global warming while some blame it on less snowfall. The increasing dry atmosphere on the mountains is also cited. The atmosphere is not very conducive towards retaining ice fields. A dry atmosphere allows more warmth to penetrate and contributes to the melting of the ice fields. Yet research also puts it across to vast scale deforestation happening at the base of mountains.

Here is a short interesting video that talks more on the Kilimanjaro glaciers.

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Video courtesy: CCTV America

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