Is it safe to trek in Kashmir?

Trekking in Kashmir has always been a worry in trekkers’ minds. We receive a lot of calls from trekkers before they sign up for the Kashmir Great Lakes or the Tarsar Marsar trek, asking about the situation there. But as troubled a the state might seem, it is relatively safe to trek in the Kashmir valley, as long as you’re cautious and know where to go. In this video, Arjun Majumdar and Swathi Chatrapathy discuss the current situation in Kashmir and Arjun hands out quick tips to trekkers planning to trek in Kashmir.

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Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy is a journalist from Bangalore. She heads the content team at Indiahikes and runs a video show called Trek With Swathi. Writing, reading and trekking are up there on her list of favourite things!

6 thoughts on “Is it safe to trek in Kashmir?

    1. Hi Upal, the situation in Kashmir is highly volatile. We have written about the present scenario in our updates last week. You can read more about it here.

  1. Hi, I have a similar question to ask as above. What is the present state of Kashmir as I do intend to trek during the month of Aug

    1. Hi Dipti,
      All batches on went off smoothly in 2017 despite a few initial scares.
      As of now, the situation looks fine, which is why we have opened batches.

    1. Hi David,
      It will not be possible to do the Tarsar Marsar and Kashmir Great Lakes treks in May. The treks go through a few high altitude passes which will be covered in a lot of snow and be inaccessible at this time.

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