Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX: All-Terrain Hiking Shoes for Seasoned Trekkers

As a Trek Leader, it pains me to see when people end up with the wrong shoes on a trek. They squirm their way through the trek because of it. I have personally never had as much as an itch in my Salomon Quest 4D II GTX.

Overview of Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

Salomon has been consistently rewarding its users with the best trail running shoes for years. The French brand has used their expertise in manufacturing trail running shoes and applied it superbly to bring out one of the best hiking boots.

While maintaining its stance as a tough hiking boot, this pair is versatile enough to break out in a run without sacrificing your comfort. I put the Salomon Quest 4D II GTX through the wringer for a year and these are my thoughts on how it fared.

Breaking into the shoe

Pro tip: Ideally get yourself sized late in the afternoon or evenings for an optimum fit. Your feet tend to swell up due to walking all day, which is an inevitability on a trek. Also, keep in mind the thickness of socks that you prefer to wear on the trek.

First off, unlike most hiking boots, the Salomon Quest 4D II GTX requires negligible break-in period. It can be worn on hikes right out of the box. With its generously sized toe box, the shoe does not make your toes feel like they are in a straight jacket. Trust me when I say that this, wiggle room is a blessing on long trek days.

Protective High Ankle support

Both, the front and the heel are hardened to protect the sensitive parts of your foot when you hit boulders. The ankle collar with its soft cushioning makes it one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. To some, the ankle collar can seem a tad uncomfortable initially but over time, it begins to feel natural. High ankle support is largely helpful when making quick descents.

Independent laces for feet and ankle sections

Lacing up this shoe is a treat. You have options to lace the feet and ankle sections independently with varying intensity. Once the laces are properly tightened, they aid in superb ankle support and keep the toes from bumping against the front of the shoes. That will help you avoid a blister menace and bruised nails.

The laces are made of high quality material and I have not encountered a single loose strand on them. The lacing hooks boast of similar toughness and looks as good as new even after prolonged use.

Salomon Quest 4d GTX hardened front and back
Notice the hardened front and back to protect the feet when they hit boulders PC: Karthik M


Leather is notorious for its upkeep. It is usually the layer that reduces durability. Thankfully, this shoe has minimal leather. However, there are multiple seams, which are prone to fail with wear and tear.

Despite the shortcomings of a seam too many, this thing is built like a tank. These shoes have lasted me a good 1000+ kilometres and continue to propel me higher up treacherous terrain. While they are not the lightest out there, the weight can be justified by their durability.

Pro tip: Always clean your shoes post hike. You can also increase the life of your shoes by substituting detergent for mild soap water when cleansing with water.

Grip like bike tyres

Salomon is probably the only name in hiking boot heavyweights that does not fancy Vibram soles. While brands like Asolo, Lowa, La Sportiva, North Face continue to bask in the glory of Vibram, Salomon seems pretty content with something called Contagrip.

The sole has been modelled after a mountain bike tyre and gives superior traction due to its big lugs. One can saunter and run in these bad boys without a worry about slipping. However, I found that the soles tend to perform poorly on granite and more than a little care is required while negotiating granite boulders.

Quest 4D 2 GTX sole
The rugged sole of the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX after constant use for a year PC: Karthik M

Pro tip: The true test of a good outsole is its ability to bend upwards providing flexibility on uneven grounds but refusing to bend downwards to ensure the requisite toughness.

Water Resistance

I was rather surprised with the efficacy of Goretex as a waterproofing material. Whether you are jumping into puddles or crossing streams, Goretex is the perfect barrier against water ingress. As long as water doesn’t seep in through the top, your feet will thank you at the end of the day for buying a Goretex lined shoe.

The gusseted tongue increases the waterproofing of the shoe by closing the gap between the shoe and tongue. The waterproofing feature is also immensely helpful on snow treks, where snow can make your shoe damp and result in quivering toes. It’s a good practice to treat your GTX shoes with water proofing solution to reinforce its water resistance quality.

Quest 4D 2 GTX in water
Testing water resistance in a stream PC: Karthik M

Pro tip: Due to its waterproofing ability, Goretex does not wick moisture. Something to bear in mind when hiking in humid conditions or for people who sweat profusely. The boots will also take considerably more time to dry in case water goes into the shoes.

The verdict

Though the Salomon Quest 4D II GTX sits steeply at around Rs.11,000 for a pair, I can’t argue why it shouldn’t be. Apart from notching up a minor flaw or two, I have been thoroughly impressed with these hiking boots. It offers excellent comfort, superior grip and dam-like water resistance, without sacrificing on durability. It already stands as the top contender as my next pair of boots.

If you don’t trust me, find comfort in the fact that this particular model is the choice of boots for many a Navy Seals. With a plethora of options available to the modern trekker, it can be difficult to make up your mind regarding what hiking boots to get. Hopefully, this review gives you enough insight to make an informed decision.

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29 thoughts on “Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX: All-Terrain Hiking Shoes for Seasoned Trekkers

  1. Wow thts a grt review. Could v get it in india, I didn’t find in any of the online store. Pls share the details if we can buy in India (in specific Bangalore) and let me know if these hold good in Snow terrain. Thx 🙂

      1. Hello mam!
        I have subscribed you youtube channel and following on Instagram…

        The shoes “Salomon Quest 4D 2GTX” which available on Amazon & Jobong are “Made In China” or somewhere else?

  2. Hi. How is this compared to salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx which doesn’t have ankle support.. I read in one of the reviews that this shoe is a good trade off compared to ankle boots…

    1. Hello
      I think you don’t need to compare these two pairs of shoes. I advise you boots which are reviewed by the site – here – which is better than the shoes that you want to compare.

  3. Have brought these and used recently on a hiking trip in slushy conditions and a long day trip in snow capped mountains. Must say they are real saviors during light rains and traversing around water banks.

  4. I have used this shoe for 3 years and finally retired it last month after doing more than 15 treks, very good grip and waterproofing in the first 15 months … but it does not work well in moraine and boulder zones and high altitude trekking. Moraine cuts through the soul easily many a times in terrain of great himalayan axis… they will work well in ladakh and trans himalayan area…. but when tough passes come it will show its weakness.

    in 2 years the shoes soul had to be replaced, this is after heavy and rough use of the shoe .. it depends on how one walks also…but hands down the best shoe in india market much better than anything decathlon has to offer.

    I happily bought la sportiva karakorum now, another level up.

    1. In light of your comment Karan, do you have any thoughts on whether these boots would hold up well on a 15-day trek from Kathmandu to Annapurna Base Camp and back down again?

      Many thanks


      1. A little late perhaps but the answer is yes. They are more than competent for ABC, unless you plan on carrying a big load (20 kg or so).

  5. Hello Vishal/Swathi,

    Would you recommend these shoes for the Rupin Pass trek. Are these shoes compatible with crampons?


    1. Hi, I think Vishal completed an entire season of Rupin Pass and then Buran Ghati with these shoes. They are perfect for the Rupin Pass trek. They are compatible with the microspikes we give you on the trek and they are also compatible with crampons.

    1. It is a much better shoe for its attention to detail and general engineering of the shoe structure.
      But the price is almost double to that of Forclaz 600. So I would suggest going for the Salomon only if you’re going to trek the Himalayas very regularly.

  6. Hi Vishal,

    I am confused between the saloman quest 4D 2 GTX and Saloman X Ultra Winter CS WP.
    I will put the link for both of them below. please do let me know which one is better . as i am going on a himalayan trek . would it better to take x ultra as they are more winter and snow ready as compared to quest 4D but as i can see quest 4D are more popular for all terrain trekking. can you help me out here

    X ultra winter

    quest 4D

    1. Hi Suresh, the 4D 2 GTX would be a better option simply because of its versatility. The Ultra Winter shoes are for hardcore winter treks and will not perform efficiently on summer treks. And even in winter, the days are quite warm in the Himalayas. So avoid winter shoes.

  7. Hi Vishal,
    How to do I go about picking the size of this shoe to fit?
    Should I buy one size bigger for trekking with two layers of socks or a thick sock?

    And can “The North Face Verto S3k Goretex” be used for typical high-altitude Himalayan treks?

    1. Hey Samuel, ideally you should buy half a shoe size bigger than your foot size. This makes space for your woolen socks. The shoes you’ve mentioned will do for trekking on the Himalayas or you could also go something a little less expensive like the Arpenaz or Forlcaz series.

  8. Hi

    I’m getting a decent deal on Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX as well as the Quest 4D 2 GTX
    The Ultra 3 seems to be more lightweight as compared to the Quest, but the Quest has a ‘much’ better ankle support

    What would be recommended for ABC ?

  9. Hi, I came to know that Salomon does not recommend crampons on their shoes, I just bought salomon quest winter gtx hiking shoes with a warning on box that warranty will be avoid if crampon are used. Plz tell if still I can use them with crampons.

  10. Dear Vishal, Swathi,
    Where in Delhi can we buy Salomon Quest 4D hiking shoes? I would be in the Hampta Pass trekk planned to be held in August 2019

    1. Hi, we are not sure of this. Kindly post your query in Facebook hangouts so trekkers from Delhi can help you out 🙂