7 Best, Safest Himalayan Treks For Children

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you’re considering taking your child on a trek. And that’s wonderful!

At Indiahikes, we strongly believe that children must trek. When they’re young and observant is the best time to expose them to the outdoors. They absorb lessons of confidence, leadership and also learn to protect the environment. These are deep values that it takes a very long time to imbibe in a person, but it can happen over just a few days on a trek.

Here’s a video on the Best Himalayan treks for children

So right away, here are the best treks for children. These are all treks in the Himalayas. Some of them might be 2 days long, some might be 5 or 6 days long. But rest assured that these are good treks for children. They have just the right mix of trek time and leisure time.

1. Dayara Bugyal

himalayan treks for children
The Dayara Bugyal trek makes for a great exposure for children to the outdoors. It’s suitable for younger children between the age of 7 and 9

Out of all our easy-moderate Himalayan treks, this would be best suited for children. It involves just 3-4 hours of trekking everyday. The whole trail promises lots of learning, as your trek mostly through dense forests and then open meadows. Big snow-clad mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas follow you from day one! So if you want to expose your child to the mountains for the first time, this is your best trek. It also has easy access and an easy exit in case your child does not take well to trekking.

Duration – 6 days
Pick up point – Dehradun
Trail type – Mix of ascents and flat trails through forests and meadows. A gentle climb to Dayara Top.
Suitable for – Children between 7 and 10.
Best time for children – March, April (snow till early April), May, September, October


2. Deoriatal – Chandrashila

himalayan treks for children
The Deoriatal trek makes for a good exposure for children, thanks to its lakes, meadows, big mountains and a rewarding summit climb. Picture by Neha Kulkarni

Everything about this trek lends itself to a good trek for children. The drive to the base camp, Sari, is short. The first day’s trek is just around 2-3 hours long. The second day is slightly long, but on relatively flat terrain through lovely forests. The next day involves a grand summit climb, which is just difficult enough for children to get the thrill of completing it! The scenery of the lake, the big mountains, the quaint villages, they offer great exposure to the outdoors. So it’s a perfect trek for children and first timers too!

Duration – 5 days
Pick up point – Haridwar
Trail type – Mix of ascents and flat trails through forests and meadows. A rewarding summit climb that’s not too difficult.
Suitable for – Children between 7 and 10.
Best time for children – March, April (snow till mid April), May, September, October


3. Kedarkantha

This has been the go-to trek for families for a long time. Because of the short distances and the beautiful campsites and the grand summit climb, it makes for a great trek for both, parents and children. What makes it difficult are the steep ascents. Right from the onset, it climbs quickly and gains altitude quickly. But the daily distances are short. If your child is fit and active in sports, he/she will be able to do this trek comfortably.

himalayan treks for children
The Kedarkantha trek is a great confidence booster for children because of its thrilling summit climb. Picture by Sitabja Dasgupta

Duration – 6 days
Pick up point – Dehradun
Trail type – Mostly ascents through forests and grasslands, and a demanding climb to the summit.
Recommended for – Children between 8 and 12.
Best time for children – March, April (snow till mid-April), May, September, October


4. Brahmatal

himalayan treks for children
The Brahmatal trek has two lakes that make for an adventurous experience for children. The above picture was taken in January, when the lake is frozen. Picture by Devang Thapliyal.

This is a fantastic trek for slightly older children. It is demanding, as the days are longer and with good ascents. But the presence of two lakes, Bekaltal and Brahmatal, and the promise of the thrilling summit climb make it a strong confidence-building trek.We would recommend it only if your child is physically fit, and has been following a fitness regime on a daily basis for at least two months.

Duration – 6 days
Pick up point – Kathgodam
Trail type – Mostly ascents, and a demanding climb to the summit.
Recommended for – Children between 10 and 14.
Best time for children – March, April (snow till mid-April), May, September, October


5. Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Dun–Indiahikes-PravinKarandikar–GreenAndBlue-1 himalayan treks for children
The Har Ki Dun trek has longer days, and is more suited to children who are physically fit and active. Picture by Pravin Karandikar

This is a long trek, but makes for an exciting experience as your trek beside a river and camp beside it. It makes for great cultural learning as you trek through ancient Himalayan villages and also walk deep into the valley that has lots of mythological stories attached to it. It involves long hours of trekking everyday. And because of its daily distances, it doesn’t lend itself to easy exits. So your child will have to be physically fit to undertake this trek. What it lacks is that boost of confidence that comes from climbing a summit. But it ranks high on adventure because of the secluded trails within a national park.

Duration – 8 days
Pick up point – Dehradun
Trail type – A mix of ascents and flat trails. Riverside trails and camps. Walks through forests.
Recommended for – Children between 11 and 15.
Best time for children – April (for snow), October


6. Deoban Weekend Trek

himalayan treks for children
The Deoban trek has some wonderful forest trails, which make for a lovely weekend trek for children.

This is a trek apt for weekends. It’s very close to Dehradun and we’d recommend this trek any day over a weekend stay at a touristy destination like Mussoorie. It takes you to the real foothills of the Himalayas and has some stunning views! Your child will require some stamina and ample rest before the trek because the trek has a long day. Even though the trails are not very steep, it requires stamina.

Duration – 2 days
Pick up point – Dehradun
Trail type – Gradual ascents and flat trails mostly through forests.
Recommended for – Children between 7 and 12
Best time for children – March, April, May, June, September, October, November


7. Nag Tibba Weekend Trek

himalayan treks for children
Nag Tibba is a 2 day trek near Dehradun. It’s a wonderful weekend trek through forests and involves camping too. Picture by Ibrahim Shaikh

This one’s the go-to trek for children that live in and around Delhi. It is a weekend trek that promises a thrilling summit climb with some grand views of the mountains around. This requires good stamina on the child’s part mostly because of the travel involved before and after the trek. If you have time and can make it to Dehradun a day earlier than required, your child will be well-relaxed and enjoy the trek.

Duration – 2 days
Pick up point – Dehradun
Trail type – Mostly ascents, forest trails, camping at the top, summit climb.
Recommended for – Children between 8 and 15.
Best time for children – March (snow possibility), April, May, September, October, November, December

We have several other treks that might suit children. But the above are the best of them. If your child already has some high altitude trek experience, you could consider some of our moderately difficult treks for him/her.

We have a 50% scholarship for children

Because we believe that children must trek, we will waive off 50% of the trek fee for children between 8 and 10. This scholarship will be applicable on the Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Dayara Bugyal and Deoriatal-Chandrashila treks. We do not have a scholarship on our weekend treks.

To avail this scholarship, write to [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

If you have any questions, just drop in a comment. We’ll help you out.

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31 thoughts on “7 Best, Safest Himalayan Treks For Children

  1. Hi Swathi,

    We are family from Uk planning to visit India in August.
    I have two girls 3 and 8.We are planning to do a Himalayan hike with them.
    My kids did Pulpit Rock(Norway) last year.

    Any suggestions recommendations would be helpful.


    1. Hi Pallavi, while your 8 year old might be ready for certain high altitude treks like Kuari Pass and Kedarkantha, your 3 year old won’t be ready for it yet. That’s a little too young to try and trek the Himalayas. I wouldn’t recommend it.

      With your older child, you could try the Valley of Flowers or Bhrigu Lake trek in August. Both of them are good treks for children.

  2. Hi, I have done my first trek on Jan this year to Nag tibba. After getting back to home, I narrated the experience to family. My 7 year daughter is excited to do a trek. Please suggest one for her. Preferably in May and June. Physically we both are committed to prepare for the trek. And what is about the child scholarship

    1. Hi Rituparna,
      4 years is too young for a Himalayan trek. You could start with a few short treks/day treks locally.

  3. Hi India Hikes
    We have gone Roopkund in June 17
    Now we are planning with our daughter who is now 5months old
    Is it possible to take her for some easy treks in next year when she will be of one year or more
    Please suggest some treks

    1. Hi Kanchan, it’s still too soon to take your child on a Himalayan trek. WAit it out for another year and then take your child. Before that you could take him / her to place like Auli for a camping experience.

  4. Hello Swathi,
    We are family of 3 including a 12 yrs old daughter.
    Pls suggest me a suitable treck to do with her in the month of May.
    Thank you and regards,

    1. Hi Shailesh, Dayara Bugyal would be a really good option for your family. In May, the meadows will be a wonderful green. It has just the right amount of trek and the right amount of leisure time.

    1. Abhinav,

      Yes, you can. You might find it quite crowded and commercialized though. All the best to you two!

  5. Team,

    I am planning to take my 4.5year kid to Pundrik lake trek this april.

    kindly suggest whether I can go ahead with the plan or not?


    1. That would be a little too young for this trek. Also the trek is currently buried in snow! Instead, we have a camping trip specifically for families with children between 4 and 12. Perhaps you could consider this. You can read about it here – https://www.indiahikes.com/family-children-trek/

      We have just one date for this, and it is to Deoban trek in Uttarakhand. The date is on May 18-19. Do consider this one.

    1. Hi, trekking with a kid does not only include hiking from one camp to another. Campsites are usually equipped with basic amenities. It might be difficult for 5-year-olds to adjust to such a dramatic change of setting. Having said that, we are all for introducing children to the world of trekking. But it’s best done gradually. Take them for day hikes first. See how they fare. Are they enjoying it? If so, then take them for overnight treks around your city. Once they get used to the setting, you may move to weekend Himalayan treks. We also recommend you do not carry kids on treks. Apart from balancing issues in tricky sections, it takes away a part of the experience from the kids. Give them time to get ready for the treks. That way, it becomes a fulfilling experience for the family.

  6. Want your guidance for family trek. [Self – 50 yrs, Wife – 49 yrs and Daughter – 12 years] in May. Coming from Ahmedabad.

  7. Hello,
    I want to know if Sandakphu trek would be suitable for 8years old kid in October .
    Need your suggestion.

    1. Hi, it is a good trek if the kid is active and comfortable with hiking. Begin with short day hikes, then go for overnight treks near your city before moving to a Himalayan trek. A weekend Himalayan trek like Deoban trek will prepare your kid for a long trek like Sandakphu 🙂

  8. HI. .. I’m Arka Ghosh, looking for a traking me, my wife and 4 years a boy. Please suggest if you have any traking destination for my family.

    1. Hi, we do not advice Himalayan treks for kids younger than 5 years. Begin with short, day or weekend treks around your city. Then move to weekend Himalayan treks like Nag Tibba,Deoban or Benog Tibba which have one night camping

  9. Dear Madam,
    I’m a 45 year old man and my daughter is 11 year old. We’re both into martial arts. We would like to go for Kedarkantha Winter Trek in December 2019. Are minors allowed on Kedarkantha Winter Trek?
    Kohinoor Roy

    1. Hi, the minimum age for Kedarkantha is 8 years. But a lot depends on the fitness of a child, especially on treks. Before registering for a Himalayan trek, do go for weekend treks around your city to gauge your fitness levels 🙂

    1. Hi, November is a good time for the trek. Fitness is a better judge than age for trekking. We say this because have people in their 60s also trekking with us 🙂 You need to be able to jog 5 kms in 45 mins. Or, if you love cycling, cover a distance of 18 km in an hour as a benchmark for this trek. Strength training and flexibility will also aide your fitness levels. Currently, we are not running the trek because of a ban on camping in Uttarakhand meadows.

  10. Hi, I am planning to take two kids aged 10 years for a trek during the Christmas holidays. Request if you could advise on which would be the right option.

  11. I did Kedarkantha Trek with India Hikes in 2018 and would love to do a trek in the Himalayas with my eight-year-old daughter this year if the COVID situation is under control and we are able to travel.

    Kudos to India Hikes for having scholarships for kids.