Best Season to do the Brahmatal Trek

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Best Season to do the Brahmatal Trek


By Saba Husain

Brahmatal is accessible in four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn. And it's beautiful in all these four seasons. To choose a season, it's important to know what you expect from the trek. Each season has its own specialty and knowledge of these definitely helps us in choosing the right season to trek to  Brahmatal. 


Winters on the Brahamtal trek are cold and windy. But it is also a time when you see the landscape in ‘white’. It’s magical! You also get brilliant views of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti under clear blue skiles.

Nights are usually clear in winters. You get a clear view of stars and constellations. But the temperatures dip to sub-zero levels at night. You’ll need to wear all your 5 layers to maintain your core body temperature. 

Days are cold too. During day time, the average maximum temperature reaching around 10 degree Celsius. 


Spring brings floral bloom! You see bouquets of  spectacular red and pink Rhododendrons across the trail. The forests are green with patches of snow interspersed to enhance the scenic views even more. 

The weather is pleasant, not too hot during the daytime with maximum temperature reaching around 12C.

Nights are cool and at times windy. You’ll need to wear atleast 2 - 3 layers as min temperatures may dip upto 5C. 


Summer has temperatures soaring as high as 25C to 27C during daytime and therefore it's extremely important that you stay hydrated throughout the course. 

The meadows have a  yellow to brownish colour during the month of May and become lush green in the month of June. 

 It's cool during night time with minimum temperatures reaching around 15C. Due to dry weather, you may experience haze that obstructs clear skies after midday..


Considered the most recommended season for beginners, this season will provide you with splendid views, absolute clear skies which helps in experiencing more vibrant sun rises and sunsets. The forest trail is marked with autumn colours and a blanket of maple leaves to add crunch to your step.

The day is not so hot as it is in summers with maximum temperatures reaching 20-21C. It's quite pleasant and cool during night time where the temperatures reach around 12C 


Monsoon season brings heavy rains which causes landslides and makes the trail very slippery. Therefore, this trek is mostly nonfunctional during this season. The temperatures range between 15 to 25 C .


As you can see that Brahmatal has a lot to offer irrespective of the seasons we wish to trek. Brahmatal is beautiful at all times and therefore it's up to us trekkers to understand what our expectations are and plan based on that.


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Saba Husain

About the author

Saba Husain is an avid trekker who has completed many Himalayan treks including Brahmatal and Markha Valley. She comes from the education sector with more than a decade worth of experience in leading, coordinating and mentoring teachers and students. A yoga practitioner who enjoys long distance walking and cycling, she epitomizes the concept and science of ‘mind over body’. A firm believer in the philosophy ‘everyone must trek as it transforms lives’, she has taken her passion for trekking to educate beginners moving into this exciting space by sharing her experiences.