Another Adventure Therapy Trek Achieves Huge Success!

Another Adventure Therapy Trek Achieves Huge Success!

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By Sneha Yadav

On 21st Feb we commenced our second group of Adventure Therapy Trek on the Dayara Bugyal trek.

The trek was facilitated by Izzat Yaganagi, who is a Psychological Counselor with a practice of over 13 years. She heads the Experiential Learning division at Indiahikes.

Swarada Ghangurde, who’s a trainer and senior trek leader at Indiahikes was leading this trek.

Last year we introduced our Adventure Therapy treks. The response to it was unexpectedly overwhelming.

In his paper on outdoor therapy, Stephan Natynczuk, one of the foremost adventure therapists, writes on different ways of adventure therapy — “Some rely on nature as a co-therapist; others on experiential learning. Some utilise talking therapy and others successfully blend each of these with an adventurous journey.”

At Indiahikes, we are building on this thought of blending nature therapy, talking therapy and experiential learning to help those struggling with personal issues.

Here’s what Izzat Yaganagi shared about this trek experience.

“What an eventful and intense last 6 days it has been!

14 individuals came, some with hope and some with curiosity. They bared their hearts, untangled their thoughts and worked courageously towards healing, clarity, acceptance, understanding and lightness of spirit.

The weather was absolutely perfect on all 4 days - bracketed with rain and storm on the day they arrived and the end of day 4.

Throughout the trek, raw nature was the ever-present co-therapist, allowing the participants to draw myriad lessons and truths from her stillness and her movement.

The group came together on day 1 itself which provided the space for each one to put down their burdens for a while and share it with those willing to step into their lives for a brief moment. Listening to someone into healing is a wonder to witness.

Swarada and I were witnesses to this change, movement, and transformation, and it has been a true privilege.

I feel deep gratitude to have been a part of this process.”

We’re really happy to hear about the experience this team had. It gives us more confidence to keep growing adventure therapy treks at Indiahikes. :)

Sneha Yadav

Trek Coordinator

About the author

Sneha Yadav is a part of the Content Team at Indiahikes. She manages the Social Media content. Previously, she worked as an Experience Coordinator and before that as a Green Trails Fellow on our Himalayan trails. She graduated from Delhi University with an Honours in Economics. She has a keen interest in theatre and has performed plays on various social themes. Sneha loves to trek, and believes trekking is a way to keep the mind and body fit.