Bada Bhangal Trek- The grinning grasslands of Himachal

Bada Bhangal Trek- The grinning grasslands of Himachal

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By Parth Joshi


The Bada Bhangal trek in Himachal Pradesh is not a novice trekker’s cup of tea. With two difficult pass crossings and hitting an altitude of almost 16,000 feet, this trek is meant for seasoned hikers. In this blog, trekker Parth Joshi describes his experience in a well narrated 8 part series.

The walk is always easy on the first day come what may — the weather has to get better, the ‘let’s see’ and ‘we’ll manage’ have an ensued sonority about, and foot sores have not yet muffled that spring in one’s step.Click here to read more

Parth Joshi

About the author

Allured by the outdoors, Parth is an avid trekker, runner, cyclist, birder and photographer, he is more often than not found gloating over the anything hinterland, on foot or over computer monitors, and fantasizing solutions that can foster ‘inclusive’ growth and sustainable livelihoods for communities at the grassroots.