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Blogs about Har Ki Dun

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


High altitude trek – Har Ki Dun in Western Himalaya- Gagan Mani

Want a quick glimpse of the Har ki Dun trek? Enjoy this photo story by Gagan Mani from the comforts of your home!

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Courage, dear heart- Apurba Kundu

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A Picturesque Route to Tranquility – Har ki Dun by Alok Nanda

“Wake up ! Everybody WAKE UP !!” No, that wasn’t an alarm. That was Dushyant’s wake up call. I slipped out of my sleeping bag and stretched up a little bit. Then I checked my watch and felt amazed at finding even the minute hand and hour hand stretching up at 1800 .Ofcourse the minute hand facing north and the hour hand facing south. I zipped out the camp and found Shravan, the local guide, standing just outside the camp with morning tea. That was the best luxury we had at those 10,000+ feet up there and in those freezing temperature. 

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8 days of awesomeness in the Himalayas – Har Ki Dun 

I had been planning for a trek in the Himalayas for quite a long time. But the idea was far from reality due to scarcity of time and resources. One single opportunity.. i.e. what I was looking for. And I got it this April finally. I registered for the Har Ki Dun trek with Indiahikes team at the eleventh hour and managed to turn it into reality within the stipulated time. The rest is pure bliss. It was a trek of a  lifetime.

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Entry into Himalayan treks – Har Ki Dun by Somil Bhandari

Himalayas! One of the biggest natural assets of India. Home to nine of the top ten tallest peaks of the world. They are a blessing for India. Its not a surprise that this region hosts the best hiking trails, ranging from easy, to most difficult, to suicidal! So, in April of 2015, when my friend invited me to the Har Ki Dun trek with India Hikes, without thinking, I said Yes!

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Har Ki Dun – The Indiahikes experience by Dr. Kaustubh Harshey

Old loves die hard. For the last three years I was caught up with professional life, postgraduation, the disadvantages of being flung to the far south in Tamil Nadu hinterland and what not. But I always remembered my last tryst with the Himalayas way back in 2009; of pristine blue skies, fields of snow, the winter chill, the clean air, majestic alpine trees and all the beauty that it possessed.

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Har Ki Dun winter trek by B G Baliga

My first winter trek to Himalayas is one of the best trekking experience of my life. It was my last moment decision to register for Har Ki Dun winter trek with Indiahikes.

I already registered for Prashar Lake trek with IH and flight tickets yet to book for 24th January extended weekend for Delhi from Bangalore. Finally, extended my leaves and booked for Har Ki Dun winter trek. 

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