Indiahikes conducts climbing and bouldering training for our Bangalore...

Indiahikes conducts climbing and bouldering training for our Bangalore office members

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By Aarya Halbe


Dec 4, Bangalore: A team of 11 members from the Bangalore office attended a training program on climbing and bouldering conducted by Gowri Varanashi and Nikhil Bhandari on December 3, 2023. This training program resulted in many takeaways and learnings for the team. 

“The training started with the basics of bouldering and exploring the space. The second half, gave importance to facilitation and the methods used to facilitate bouldering to fellow trekkers, irrespective of age. And all of this, in just a few hours!” added Nayana Jambhe, head of operations at Indiahikes. 

At Indiahikes, we place a lot of emphasis on upskilling all our team members—be it our Trek Leaders, guides or members from the Bangalore office—especially on safety and technical skills. These trainings focus on enabling them to secure any trekking trail to make it safe for our trekkers.

To do this effectively, such trainings give utmost priority to the using technical tools during tricky sections, knowledge of ropes and knots, and basics of medical safety. It also focuses on polishing the soft skills to facilitate technicalities effectively with our trekkers.

“These skills will only help us take Indiahikes forward as we give unique experiences to our trekkers in every group. Thanks to Gowri and Nikhil for passionately teaching us every technical nuance in climbing. It was so heart-filling and refreshing that we all became children under the guidance of these two veterans,” said Gautam Singh, the Finance Manager at Indiahikes

The impact of the activities was evident once the training concluded. As for experience coordinator, Debadrita Ghosh, the training took her back to a moment in time when she, as a 12 year old, was climbing the Tenzing’s rock along with her father. “After that climb, everything changed. I still do not know what. But yesterday felt like that day. After years of suffering from Osteoporosis and Tendonitis, I took the first step of climbing yesterday,” she said. 

At Indiahikes, we have constantly observed a requirement for training and upskilling. Eversince the inception, we have had several such training programs from diverse cross-sections for our team members. This is because, when we call ourselves ‘safe’; it is not just something we mention on our website or on posters. This is why we have continuous training programs on upgrading people’s abilities  to keep themselves and others safe.

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Aarya Halbe

Assistant Content Team Member

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