Buran Ghati & Gaumukh Tapovan Kickstarting The Autumn Season

Buran Ghati & Gaumukh Tapovan Kickstarting The Autumn Season

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By Karishma Jayapaul


This week we’ve opened quite a few new batches for various treks all the way upto next year. So those of you who like to plan their treks way in advance can do so now.

Experience a solitude trek at Buran Ghati 

Are you looking to spend some exclusive time in the mountains? Then you must do the Buran Ghati in September. It is no doubt the best time to do this trek.

Our co-founder Sandhya says, “Autumn is a great time for hikes–the beautiful fall colors, the crisp air, clear views. Buran Ghati known for its meadows and snow in summer changes colors and looks incredible in September. It is also the perfect time for those who want to trek away from the crowd!”

Check dates for Buran Ghati here.

Want to know why Buran Ghati is special to Indiahikes? Read it here.

Gaumukh-Tapovan a grand mountain views experience

Next up we have the Gaumukh Tapovan with its grand mountain views. Nitish Waila, a professional photographer who went on the trek in May, claims that it is truly a photographer’s dream.

He says, “Once you reach Gaumukh, it is just the best feeling. You are amazed and intimidated in equal measure because there you are, a human being, the crème of civilization, reduced to a mere ant in the face of this huge glacier; the biggest one in India if I may add. This glacier just seems like it stretches on forever.

September is the best month to do this trek because the weather is clear and you can see the mountains right from the base to the peak.

Click here to check for Gaumukh-Tapovan dates.

Here is a video you can watch to find out what the trek has in store for you.

New batches opened for Bhrigu Lake  

We’ve opened more batches for the Bhrigu Lake trek after receiving raving reviews of great weather and lush green meadows. It is a great moderate trek for someone who likes to be surrounded by greenery. 

Lakshmi Selvakumaran, our Green Trails head returned from the trek a week back and admitted that the Bhrigu Lake trek was more beautiful than the Hampta Pass trek. “The walk towards Rola Khuli is one of the highlights of the trek. The lush green meadows on either side makes even the steep ascent a beautiful climb. Oh, and the horses grazing on the meadows look absolutely surreal,” she says.

Click here for Bhrigu Lake dates.

March & April batches opened – Kedarkantha, Har ki Dun & Deoriatal-Chandrashila

Planning your annual vacay? We’ve made the whole process a lot more easier for you. These three treks are also great treks for kids. We understand the need to plan in advance and want you to have a memorable experience in the mountains.

Sandakphu to Dzongri – A temporary shift

We’ve been getting calls everyday inquiring about the Sandakphu trek being shifted to the Dzongri Top trek. But this is only a temporary shift.

As of now, the bandh in Darjeeling has only worsened. The situation right now is not conducive for any tourists. There are no restaurants, taxis or buses that are functional.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Darjeeling. Whenever the bandh is lifted, your trek will be shifted back to Sandakphu. Hope this cheered you up a bit!

All sunny at Valley of Flowers

All the trekkers worried about the previously intense rains in this region need not worry anymore. Trek Leader Vikas who returned back from the trek two days ago says, “There is only a slight drizzle here and there but for most part of the trek the weather remained sunny.”

Hope this reassures all the trekkers looking forward to trek in the Valley of Flowers.

Pin Bhaba Pass weather woes

The weather can get a bit harsh on the trek. It began snowing at the pass and the trekkers could not spend more than five minutes there.

Trek Leader Jude Rayen returned from the trek yesterday and he says, “It was raining heavily at Phutsirang. The weather seems to be getting worse.”

This week has been smooth sailing for us. We are looking forward to new treks in the month of September. Please write back to me with any comments, suggestions or queries that you might have at karishma@indiahikes.in

Karishma Jayapaul

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