Trek Program for DPS School, Bengauru (North) Ends Successfully!

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Trek Program for DPS School, Bengauru (North) Ends Successfully!


In the month of January, we took the students of 5th, 6th & 7th standard on the Harihara Betta trek. The team, comprised our office and mountain staff along with some interns.

This program was a wonderful opportunity for our office team members to collaborate and bond through the shared experience of guiding and educating the students.

Despite the weather being harsh, trekking to Harihara Betta was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about sustainability, build confidence, empathy, and appreciate nature.

Our learnings from continuously taking DPS students on treks made us try a different way of talking about sustainability this time.

We prepared a two-part skit where we enacted a real-life situation relatable to the students in part one. The students were asked questions based on what they observed and we nudged them to think deeper and identify the problems. Part two of this skit involved enacting the same situation but with a behavioral shift.

We noticed a huge impact of this activity on the students. They were able to understand what it means to be sustainable by taking smaller steps like reducing the generation of waste at the first place.

Izzat Yaganagi (@izzat.yaganagi), head of the Experiential Learning Program at Indiahikes, shares "Our program nurtures self-assurance in students as they discover the beauty of nature and push themselves to stay active!

“We are thrilled to see that schools are providing their students with the opportunity to explore nature through our treks program. We've been running this program for a long time, and it's always a joy to see its positive impact on the students. It's not just about the physical exercise, but also the mental and emotional benefits of connecting with nature!” she adds.