Our Office Collected 12.4 kg of E-Waste During an E-Waste Drive

Our Office Collected 12.4 kg of E-Waste During an E-Waste Drive


By Prathyusha Ramesh

We recently launched an E-waste drive at the office, which is headed by Sharwari Brahme (@sharwarrior), head of the Green Tails Initiative.

Our motive is to leave the mountains better than we find them. However, Sharwari also recognized the importance of promoting sustainable practices within the office.

The drive was started to bring back discussions and group activities about sustainability, and to create a sense of community within the office as they work towards being more environmentally conscious.

Sharwari, trainer & mentor at Indiahikes, says, “I researched organisations that accept E-waste in Bangalore and ultimately partnered with Wasted 360 Solutions. (@indiawasted).
This organisation was chosen because they accept a wide range of unique waste types that often go unnoticed, such as cigarette butts, chappals, and clothes, in addition to electronic waste.

The E-waste collected by Wasted 360 Solutions is sent to different recycling centres where it is broken down and repurposed into new products.

The drive lasted for two weeks, during which reminders were sent out to our team on a regular basis to encourage them to contribute their E-waste.

Moreover, the content team conducted a green sweep before the drive. Green Sweep is all about keeping our environment clean and tidy. This means removing any unnecessary items and disposing of them responsibly. They collected quite a shocking amount of 5 kg of waste in the office.

Overall, the drive was a success and resulted in the collection of nearly 12.4 kg of E-waste! This is a huge and significant number because E-waste is usually very light.”

The E-waste drive will be a regular practice at Indiahikes going forward, with plans for three more drives in the coming months.

We encourage trekkers to use Wasted 360 Solutions as a responsible disposal option for their E-waste.

We will also be posting stories when we next conduct our drive, so you can make use of the chance to drop off your e-waste at our location.

Our goal is not only to collect and properly dispose of waste, but also to guide and direct individuals to the right organisations for continued sustainability efforts.”

Prathyusha Ramesh

Part Time Content Writer

About the author

Prathyusha is a psychology graduate and a freelance content writer.

Prathyusha has a keen interest in the intersection of writing, psychology, and sustainability resonating deeply with The Green Tails initiative.

Apart from work, Prathyusha loves to read, write, trek, and research various topics that fall under the social sector.