Everything You Need To Know About Hampta Pass Trek

Everything You Need To Know About Hampta Pass Trek


By Latika Payak

What is the height of Hampts Pass?

Hampta Pass is at a height of 14,065 feet/4287 meters above sea level.

Starting at Jobra (9379 ft/ 2858 m) you climb to Hampta pass(14065 ft/4287 m) over two and half days of trekking. That’s an average of 2000 ft/600 m of height giant everyday.

The trail climbs steadily until Balu Ka Ghera followed by a steep climb to the pass. The descent from the pass is steep to Shea Goru beyond which is a gentler descent.

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How difficult is Hampta Pass trek?

Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate trek on a difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult.

You start from Manali which is at an altitude of 6,725 ft and reach an altitude of 14,000 ft in a matter of 4 days.

For the most part though, it is an easy hike through the valley.

However, the terrain becomes difficult as you get closer to the pass. The pass crossing day is a long walk of almost 9 hours.

This makes the trek a moderate one. It is a good trek for fit first timers.

I am more than 58 years old. Can I do this trek?

Yes you can!

If you are above the age of 58 years, you’ll need to submit a Treadmill Test (not older than 12 months) within a week of completing your trek registration. Apart from this, you should also be able to jog 5 km in 45 minutes.

How to Get Fit for Hampta Pass trek?

A Himalayan trek like Hampta Pass requires a good fitness level. The trek has long walks daily. As a measure of your fitness, we need you to:

Run at least 5 km in 35 minutes before your trek. Consistency of your workout also matters, so aim to jog 20 km a week or 80 km in a month. It's a minimum mandatory requirement if you wish to trek with us

Once you get confirmed for your trek, we will diligently follow up on your fitness routine. Our team will also assist in putting you through a fitness plan. It will ultimately help you have a safe trek experience.

How to Get Fit for Your Trek

Will there be any mobile phone network on the trek?

There is no network connectivity on this trek. The network will stop right after you climb up from Prini.  Prini is the last place you will get network on the way forward.

On your return, you will only get a network near Rohtang Pass and Manali.

Before leaving Manali, call your family and friends and know that you won’t be available for them until you get back to Manali on Day 6.

Where will I find ATMs on the trek?

Unlike other treks, there is no base village for Hampta pass. The trek starts at Jobra, where the taxi will drop you off.

There are multiple ATMs at Prini en route to the base camp. If you need some cash handy, this is the place to make a withdrawal.

There are also no ATMs after the pass crossing until you get back to Manali.

Will there be electricity at the campsite/s or on the trek?

There is no electricity throughout the trek. The only place you’ll find a plug to charge your phone or camera batteries will be Manali before and after the trek.

Therefore use your electronic equipment wisely. Fully charge your batteries before leaving your hotel, and use your electronic equipment minimally.

Another thing to note is that the cold temperatures drain the batteries faster. Having extra batteries or a power bank helps.

Is the Cloakroom facility available on the Hampta Pass trek?

Yes, we have the option of leaving behind extra luggage you do not need on the trek at Shuru Homestay. Ensure you leave no valuables (laptops, cash, electronics) in this luggage. There is no extra charge for leaving this luggage at the base camp, and you do not have to pre-book it anywhere.

Is Offloading available on this trek?

Having too many mules on a trail isn’t good for the ecosystem. This is why, at Indiahikes, we do not encourage offloading. A trekker carries his/her backpack in the true spirit of trekking.

But if — due to a medical condition — you cannot carry your backpack, you may offload your backpack. 

The total cost of offloading on the Hampta Pass trek is Rs 1500.

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