Trek Update: The First Group Of Bali Pass Trekkers Successfully Comple...

Trek Update: The First Group Of Bali Pass Trekkers Successfully Complete The Trek

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By Deeksha Vinod


After eight days of high adventure, great weather, and breathtaking views, the first group of Bali Pass trekkers for this year successfully completed the trek and returned to the base camp yesterday. This is a huge moment for both the trekkers and the Indiahikes team, as crossing the pass above 16,000 ft is no easy feat.

Here are some of the highlights that our trekkers experienced on this trek:

There was a lot of adventure on this trek, be it walking on a knife edge ridge, or crossing the Ruinsara river using Tyrolean traverse. The technicality required on this trek was a daring experience in itself.

The clear weather offered continuous views of the grand Swargarohini massif.

The pass crossing was exhilarating, even though there was less snowfall this year.

The unexpected, dense, green forests after crossing the pass near Lower Damini, added to the trek's beauty.

One major challenge on this trek was the descent from the ridge. The lack of snow made the trail tricky with many boulders and stones, straining trekkers' knees and ankles. However, with the technical support, collaboration, and effort of the entire team, the trekkers completed the trek safely and successfully.

Trek leader Amit Gupta was extremely happy with the way the entire team came together and worked as one to make it a wholesome experience. He said, "Care is something which came out from each team member. Thanks to the overall team effort, they could help each other across difficult sections by holding hands, carrying backpacks on tricky parts, and guiding the trekkers through their fears.”

With a fantastic start to the 2024 Bali Pass season, we look forward to trekkers enjoying a smooth and rewarding experience in the upcoming group.

At Indiahikes, we always wanted to open more treks that are high on adventure. While the Bali Pass is highly adventurous, it comes with a limited trekking window due to weather conditions. Keeping this in mind, to give trekkers an equally adventurous experience, we have opened more groups to the only other pass crossing trek that goes above 16,000 ft - Pin Bhaba Pass. The trek is also accessible for a longer duration from July through August.

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Trekkers at the highest point on the Bali Pass.

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Deeksha Vinod

Content Marketing Intern

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Deeksha is a content marketing intern at Indiahikes. She has been on quite a few high altitude treks with Indiahikes before joining as an intern. 

She is currently studying in Pune and is doing a BBA degree in Communications. 

Born and brought up in a family of trekking enthusiasts and adventure lovers, she has always loved exploring the outdoors. She has been trekking since the age of three and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. She has done many treks in the Western Ghats as well as a few treks in the Himalayas. 

Trekking has had a very positive impact on her mind and body and has  become an integral part of her life. Her love for nature and trekking has shaped her for who she is and has helped her become a grounded, well rounded person. She resonates with Indiahikes’ vision of “everyone must trek”, because she has seen a positive transformative shift it has brought to many of her loved ones. 

Apart from trekking, she loves to play sports, travel, garden and sing.