How to Get Started with Composting Your Kitchen Waste - Expertise from...

How to Get Started with Composting Your Kitchen Waste - Expertise from Daily Dump

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By Anindo Ghosh


Stemming from our Green Trails practices, all of us at Indiahikes have been managing our organic waste in our homes. We compost our wet waste, producing beautiful manure every few months. We would like trekkers to be a part of this rewarding journey too.

We requested the team at Daily Dump to give our trekkers a quick look into composting. Daily Dump’s name stands out when it comes to composters in India. Given their vision to change people’s mindsets about waste, we resonate closely with the work they do.

This is a guide created by them. Read to get an understanding of how to get started on your composting journey.

By the end of the article, if you would like to start composting, use the discount code specially made for Indiahikes trekkers. You’ll find it at the end of this article.

Dive into an exciting journey with your kitchen waste!

Imagine if leftovers on your plate can also help you grow more vegetables?

Imagine if waste never gets wasted….

From the occurrence of rain and the formation of soil, to even life, death, and regeneration – cycles are an integral part of our universe. As much as we live in the times of instant gratifications and immediate consumption, everything — and yes EVERYTHING is either converted into food (in some form) or poison for our planet.

This simple truth has profound consequences.

It means we need to consider not only what we consume, but the by-products and remains of those items. Like one truly understands on a hiking trail — packaged mineral water is more about the ‘packaged’ and less about the ‘mineral water’.

So it’s not just about the ‘processed natural’ water but the fact that one more plastic bottle has been added to our planet’s heap of trash.

Organic waste, however, presents far lesser complexities. Nature itself has given us priceless lessons on how ‘waste’ is actually a golden resource. 

Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that enriches soil. It is a process of recycling your kitchen and garden waste, and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.

Composting is not a new idea. In the natural world, composting is what happens as leaves pile up on the forest floor and decay. Eventually, nutrients from the rotting leaves are reclaimed by living roots. This completes nature’s recycling process.

And what’s more? You can easily compost from the comfort of your own space with

home compost bins

for families of all sizes with the help of Daily Dump’s award-winning range of composters. 

What’s in it for you? 

Organic waste is technically biodegradable but when we send mixed waste out of our homes, they collect in landfills. Our biodegradable waste mixes with toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants to create poisonous substances that mix with our local water bodies or enter the groundwater table.

This water is used by us in a variety of ways, including watering our crops and cleaning the very food we eat.

Segregation makes sense at home – and everywhere!

So by throwing out a mango peel this summer, we are, in a way, ensuring that the mangoes we look forward to next summer will have more toxicity than juiciness. 

So how does composting help? 

1. It is nature’s way of recycling 

2. It gives essential nutrition for plants to help them grow better

3. It reduces the need for chemical fertilizers

4. It improves vitamin and mineral content in growing vegetables and fruits

5. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces global warming 

6. It makes you feel like a responsible, proactive part of our community, without too much effort, fuss, or too many resources.

How to get started?

We at Daily Dump provide a range of composters that will help you smoothly set sail on your composting journey. All you need is your daily kitchen waste, our signature Remix Powder to help you compost faster with no smell or fuss, and our composter of course!

Here’s a fun video to help you get compost with ease.

Our flagship range of terracotta home composters are available across many cities of India like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Darjeeling, and Ahmedabad, with the help of our official retail partners.

Daily Dump’s range of food-grade recyclable plastic home composters are also easily shippable across the country. They are easy-to-lift & move while also being a durable material that allows for hassle-free, smell-free composting.

Composting has a world of benefits and we at Daily Dump are on a mission to help our cities manage our organic waste (and thereby all our waste) better – making composting at home easier, faster, and smell-free! This replication of one of nature’s essential processes helps keep over 60,000 kg of organic waste out of landfills everyday.

We provide easy & effective composting solutions for households as well as for communities and organisations.  There are wonderful things you can do with compost, but quite naturally, there are also a lot of myths around this integral form of urban waste management. 

Won’t it smell? Will it take too much time? It surely must be expensive!

We have come across a variety of doubts and questions – and over the years, we have been able to come up with suitable responses to all of them. 

If you still are not convinced, we can help you bust the common myths around composting

We hope this article helps you ease into the world of composting. To further help you dive into this wonderful and helpful action, we are offering you an exclusive discount – HIKEDD – available online on our range of home composters till 31st August, 2021.

Anindo Ghosh

About the author

Anindo Ghosh works as a Growth Associate in the Sales and Marketing Team and has recently joined Daily Dump after working in Advertising for a few years. Anindo is a cheerleader for responsible consumerism and works towards aligning business objectives with social, environmental, and economic needs. He aims at tapping into his Communications and Marketing knowledge to help Daily Dump expand its vision across.

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