Hakuna Matata, we sing at Kilimanjaro

Hakuna Matata, we sing at Kilimanjaro

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By Nisha Ann Reginald


Watch the porters at Kilimanjaro sing and dance to the ‘Jumbo Bwana’. We look forward to our Kilimanjaro trek in August 2015. Join the party!

Try singing along….


Jambo! Jambo bwana!
Habari gani? Mzuri sana!
Wageni, mwakaribishwa!
Kilimanjaro? Hakuna matata!

Tembea pole pole. Hakuna matata!
Utafika salama. Hakuna matata!
Kunywa maji mengi. Hakuna matata!

Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro,
Kilimanjaro, mlima mrefu sana.

Na Mawenzi, na Mawenzi,
Na Mawenzi, mlima mrefu sana.

Ewe nyoka, ewe nyoka!
Ewe nyoka, mbona waninzunguka.

Wanizunguka, wanizunguka
Wanizunguka wataka kunila nyama

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Nisha Ann Reginald

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Nisha Ann Reginald is a national level basketball player and has been playing for the last 18 years. She was associated with Indiahikes as a content manager, bringing out stories from the mountains.