How to do Hampta Pass Trek on Your Own

How to do Hampta Pass Trek on Your Own


By Latika Payak

Hampta Pass is one of the most popular treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is a dramatic pass crossing that takes you from Kullu to the Lahaul side. 

Every year, hundreds of trekkers plan to do this trek. They register many months in advance. 

But if you are an experienced trekker, you can do the Hampta Pass trek on your own too. If you are unsure about the logistics, do the assisted DIY trek with Indiahikes where you can rent equipment and buy food kits with premix food for your trek. 

If you are planning to do the Hampta Pass trek on your own, here’s how you must go about it. 

What’s the Best Time to do the Hampta Pass trek

Even though Hampta Pass is a high altitude trek, it can be done for almost 6 months in the year. The very best time would be between June and September. You can extend it to the end of October.

Some attempt the trek in the middle of May, but the snow is too high for a comfortable pass crossing. Even in the best months between June and September, the trek is not the same every month.

How to Plan Your Logistics for Hampta Pass trek

Doing the trek on your own need you to source your own equipment, ration. If you have opted for the assisted-DIY with Indiahikes, you may collect your equipment and ration from the Indiahikes basecamp in manali. 

 For an Assisted-DIY trek with Indiahikes, your Camping Equipment kit includes:

  • Indiahikes-designed lightweight Crosstrek Lite tent that can accommodate 2 per tent
  • Hillman Lite Sleeping bags
  • Butane Gas Canisters
  • Camping Stove
  • Trovel/Shovel
  • Oximeter
  • Indiahikes Eco Bag

Your Navigation kit includes:

  • GPX file of the trek
  • Permission for the trek

Your Food Kit includes

  • The Premix Food

Cost of the trek

For a DIY trek, your biggest cost would be of traveling to the basecamp, ration and of guide. If you do not own camping equipment, you can rent it for your first DIY trek. 

In Himachal Pradesh, it is mandatory to trek with a guide. The standard cost of hiring a guide is Rs 1000 per day. 

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On the Hampta Pass trek you cross over from the Kullu side to Lahaul. The change in scenery is dramatic. Photo by Jothiranjan

How to Travel to Hampta Pass Basecamp

You can reach Manali via Delhi, Chandigarh or Bhuntar. Out of these the best option is to fly to Delhi and take an overnight bus from there. 

After reaching Manali Bus Stop

What to Pack For Your DIY Trek to Manali

As a DIY ensure, your backpack would be heavier. But ensure it does not cross 12 kgs.

You'll find a detailed packing checklist in the What to Pack section of the Hampta Pass Trek page.

Apart from that here is the packing checklist of equipment and ration.

How To Prepare For Your DIY Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate trek level 3 in difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult.

You start from Manali which is at an altitude of 6,725 ft and reach an altitude of 14,000 ft in a matter of 4 days.

For the most part, though, it is an easy hike through the valley. However, the terrain becomes difficult as you get closer to the pass. The pass crossing day is a long walk of almost 9 hours.

This makes the trek a moderate one. It is a good trek for fit first-timers.

You will need at least 4 weeks of solid preparation for this trek. You can begin preparation by going for brisk walks and then doing brisk jogs to improve your cardio. Your target should be to cover 5 km in 37 minutes comfortably by the start of the trek.

As you will be carrying your own equipment and ration, prepare by climbing up and down the stairs with a filled backpack.

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