How to get a permit for a Trekking Expedition from IMF

How to get a permit for a Trekking Expedition from IMF

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By Vaibhav Chauhan


If you’re going on a trekking expedition, having a trekking permit from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) will help execute the expedition smoothly. The IMF is a national body that caters to the needs of mountaineers and trekkers, and also offers training exercises and permits for expeditions.

Getting your trekking expedition approved from IMF is simple.

Why applying for an approval from IMF is helpful:

Although getting a permit is not compulsory always, it is very helpful. Some treks near international borders in the Himalayas require special inner line permits from the nearest civil authorities/Army/AR/ITBP/BSF. An approval from IMF will increase your chances of getting inner line permits. A validation from IMF will also help you to know if your trek planning is in order.

What qualifies as an expedition?

Loosely speaking, an expedition comes half-way between trekking and mountaineering. It usually lasts more than 8 days, above around 16,000 feet and requires more technical skills and gear than one normally uses while trekking. The remoteness of the locations adds to the hardship. These expeditions may also require special inner line permits for being close to international borders, manned by army or paramilitary personnels.

What you’ll require to get a permit: 

To begin with, you need to jot down the complete details of Trek, Team, Support staff and logistics. A copy of Team Identification proof is also required. Ask your team members working with any Government Organization to apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their respective HOD of administration department.

What you need to do:

  • Compose an e-mail or a letter (hard copy) addressed to:


Indian Mountaineering Foundation,

#6, Benito Juarez Road, ‘Opp. Anand Niketan,

New Delhi 110021


Email to:, cc:,


  • Compose a Cover letter addressed to Director, with Subject; “Approval for trekking expedition to ‘name of the trek and date and month”.


  • Attach a supporting Trekking Expedition Document copy with the following details;


  • Name of the Trek
  • Date/Month/Year of the Trek
  • Trek Itinerary : In detail
  • About the Trek: A brief introduction about the trek expedition route.
  • Details of Weather, Maximum Elevation, Difficulty gradient, Equipment/technical gear
  • A trekking route map
  • Team Member details like, Name, Age, Address, Occupation, Summary of Professional Experience & Trekking Experience
  • Scanned copy of Team Members’ I.D Proof (Aadhar Card, Election Card, Passport etc.)
  • A copy of NOC letter from concerned HOD of respective Govt. administration department for Government Employees.
  • Name and details of Support Staff, i.e Guide name, location and total count of support staff number (Guide, Cook, Helper, and Porters)
  • Details of team’s technical gear and equipment, i.e, Tent, sleeping bags, mats, climbing gear, medicines, Oxygen cylinder, etc.


  • If sending a hard copy, mention the address of the place you expect to receive the approval letter from IMF through post.

  • Confirm with Mr. Kailash Tripathi, Administration-IMF over e-mail ( about the status of the application.

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