How Trekking Has Helped 10-Year-Old Isha Grow and Transform as a Person

How Trekking Has Helped 10-Year-Old Isha Grow and Transform as a Person

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By Sneha Yadav


Isha’s parents narrate how trekking has transformed their daughter.

"Recently, we did the Valley Of Flowers trek and this was Isha's 4th Himalayan trek.

Our Trek Leader Khush Gala came to us separately and told us that we should let Isha be herself on this trek.

It was tough for us as parents to not be taking extra care or checking up on her every now and then, but we decided to follow what he said.

On the trek, Isha had to do most of the things on her own.

Because of this, we noticed something once the trek was over. She had become more independent.

At home, she has continued to carry that learning of being independent and now takes responsibility for most of her house chores.

Isha enjoying herself on the Valley Of Flowers trek

We remember that on the trek, Isha had a small conversation with the guides and then came up to us and said, "How simple their life is! In cities, we have everything that we want but we still crib over the things that we have.

Look at the guides, they live so simply here in the mountains with some basic necessities and bare minimum things and yet are so happy. I don't think we need fancy things to be happy. We all can live simply with basic necessities without any problems!"

Isha posing with the guides

Trekking has helped Isha open up with people as well.

She was always an introvert, never opened up much. But on the trek, despite there being a huge age gap between her and other fellow trekkers, she got along with everyone nicely. We have never seen her talking so much with people. By watching others, she even started to pick up things from them.

Now Isha is always self-motivated and pumped up to do things, she has gained more confidence.

This was only possible because she did small activities like climbing a boulder on the trek.

It was like climbing Mount Everest for her.

Isha with her parents Bhavini and Bijal

All in all, Isha is not only learning from her school but trekking and mountains are also helping her learn things. This will help her grow into a better human being.

Hence, we urge everyone, especially parents, to take their kids on treks in the early ages itself as it will teach them a lot of things that a textbook won't.”

- Bhavini and Bijal, Isha's Parents | Valley Of Flowers Trek

Sneha Yadav

Trek Coordinator

About the author

Sneha Yadav is a part of the Content Team at Indiahikes. She manages the Social Media content. Previously, she worked as an Experience Coordinator and before that as a Green Trails Fellow on our Himalayan trails. She graduated from Delhi University with an Honours in Economics. She has a keen interest in theatre and has performed plays on various social themes. Sneha loves to trek, and believes trekking is a way to keep the mind and body fit.