How trekking helped Vignesh to strike a better work-life balance 

How trekking helped Vignesh to strike a better work-life balance 

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By Prathyusha Ramesh


“I had been planning to do a trek for so many years but had always failed to execute it. My life as a chartered accountant was challenging to say the least. I worked long hours. I was stuck to a chair most of the time. The pressure and humdrum of my work put me in low spirits. I knew that I had to take a step back at some point. 

I discussed this with my friend and we came up with a plan. He already had trekking experience, so we decided that the mountains are the only place that will help us detox. So, we finally booked the Hampta pass trek with Indiahikes. 

Initially, it was awkward to socialise with the trek group, considering the lack of social engagement for the past two years. 

But eventually, after the ice-breaking sessions, all twenty of us had gone on to develop the most extraordinary connections in the mountains. When I look back at the journey, all the climate challenges and rains helped us bond really well. 

Vignesh with the trekking team

Vignesh posing with his trek group

On the third day, when we reached Balu Ka Ghera, our trek leader conducted an activity for us. In this game, we had to speak about all our life grievances and hardships to a pebble and throw it away. That’s when our trek leader said something that deeply impacted me - “the mountains give you a lot, but they also carry all the things you don’t want to hold anymore.”

When it was my turn to speak, I started to imagine various negative aspects of my life. I wanted to reduce the intensity and attachment I gave to work. I wanted to feel less stressed about life. I told these difficulties to the rock and left it beside the beautiful river valley. 

That moment gave me a feeling of joy and accomplishment. A tremendous burden was released from my shoulders and increased my self-awareness about life. Even in that moment of simplicity, I gained an impactful lesson to take back home. 

Vignesh enjoying the views of Hampta Pass trek

Vignesh enjoying the views of the mountains

The experience made me briefly forget about everything. It helped me to connect with myself and re-evaluate priorities in my personal and professional life. 

After returning from the trek, my life has been moving toward positive change. I now detach from my work when necessary and try to stay as present and grounded as I possibly can. Moreover, my work-life balance has progressively improved! 

My first life-altering trek was with Indiahikes, and I know that any treks I further do will also be with them.”

Vignesh during the Hampta Pass trek

Vignesh during the Hampta Pass trek

Prathyusha Ramesh

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Prathyusha is a psychology graduate and a freelance content writer.

Prathyusha has a keen interest in the intersection of writing, psychology, and sustainability resonating deeply with The Green Tails initiative.

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