Latest Updates: Winter Treks Start Today With Slight Snow Showers

Latest Updates: Winter Treks Start Today With Slight Snow Showers

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By Karishma Jayapaul


It has been a lucky week for trekkers on all slopes. With slight showers of snow, winter is truly setting in. Our Kedarkantha season began today, just as IIM Bangalore students exited the slope after a successful Mountain Challenge.

The students are coming down to Rishikesh today. They experienced snowfall while climbing to the Kedarkantha summit. We cannot imagine a better way for them to culminate their year!

Meanwhile, the Brahmatal winter trek kicks off tomorrow, followed by Dayara Bugyal one week later! We hope the weather stays with trekkers throughout the season!

For those of you going on the Kedarkantha trek in the coming weeks, the weather up there is quite cold. Trek Leader Vikas who accompanied the IIM Bangalore batch on the trek says, “The trekkers must be prepared for a good amount of snowfall because it has rained quite a bit in Sankri. This also means that they need to be well equipped for a snow trek.”

PS: Sankri is a small village with limited resources. During winters, the water supply is going to be limited. You may not get 24×7 water supply and have to make do with minimal resources. Just little things about living in the mountains 🙂

Updates on currently running treks

Har Ki Dun covered in snow 

If you’re looking forward to trek on snow on the Har Ki Dun trek then watch out for the Puani Garaat section on the trail. This is where you are likely to experience some snowfall. Once you reach the Kalkatiyadhar campsite you will begin to see patches of snow around.

Trek Leader Sai Pavan says, “Trekkers will be walking on at least half a feet of snow at the Har Ki Dun campsite and camping next to the Supin river makes it even colder. But the best part about the trek is playing with snow near the Maninda Taal.” 

Deoriatal Chandrashila snowfall at summit 

We just received an update from Trek Leader Rajkumar who sent us a photo of snowfall at the Chandrashila top. But this snow melted quickly. The season’s first snowfall had kept us anxiously waiting but we’re looking forward to a snow-laden Chopta campsite in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Trek Leader Yash spoke to us while he was at Deoriatal  and says it is quite cold at the campsite. “It has been raining on and off too so I’d like the trekkers to come prepared with their ponchos.” Please take note of this.

Change in itinerary for Deoriatal in the summer season 

We have decided to tweak the itinerary for the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek for our next season. The Chopta circuit day has been removed making the entire trek only 5 days long. We felt it was unnecessary for trekkers to spend an extra day at Chopta. You can find the updated itinerary here.

Sandakphu still cold & windy

The Sandakphu trek is maintaining a steady minus 10 degree Celsius at the Sabargram campsite. The trekkers are keeping themselves warm with two sleeping bags and lots of warm layers.

The good news is that the cold is not hindering the clear views on this trek. Take a look at this view from Phalut.

Kuari Pass wildlife spotting 

If you’re going on the Kuari Pass trek then you must look out for some wildlife that you can spot on this trek. These were clicked by one of our trekkers who is a photography enthusiast.

Himalayan Monal 

Mistle Thrush 

Ruddy Shelduck 

Spotted Nutcracker 

Yellow-throated Martin 

Green Trails on the Kuari Pass slope 

At the end of the autumn season for the Kuari Pass trek, our trekkers and staff have managed to collect 160 kg of waste from our treks. This waste was segregated at Joshimath, the base camp for the Kuari Pass trek after which we were left with more than 80 kg of non-recyclable waste. The non-recyclable waste was then sent down to Dehradun to be safely disposed.

If you want to know more about Green Trails, click here.

Uttarakhand earthquakes did not affect our treks 

All our treks have been running smoothly despite tremors in Uttarakhand. The tremors did not affect our treks except that a few trekkers did feel them while they were resting in their tents.

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