Indiahikes introduces Health Cards for every trekker

Indiahikes introduces Health Cards for every trekker

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By Seersha Nambiar


We are introducing a new system in our safety process. Health cards. These palm sized booklets contain eight pages of health-related questions and information.

With this new initiative, all relevant aspects of your health will be documented.

Click here to read an example of the detailed Safety procedures that we follow at Indiahikes to ensure the well being of our trekkers.

As for other updates, our treks have been running smooth with pleasant weather. Here are some updates.

Kuari Pass

Our Trek Leader Gurdit sent us a few photos from the trek three days ago. He says even Auli is freezing, with temperatures dropping to -5 degree Celsius at night. So carry five warm layers and all your warm accessories for sure.

And believe it or not, while all  of India is standing in line to withdraw money from ATMS, our Kuari Pass team just walked into a branch of SBI in Joshimath and withdrew money without a huff or a puff. So many perks up in the mountains!


Deoriatal-Chandrashila: What are trekkers saying?

It looks like our trekkers are also learning of the perks of the  mountains! Here is what our trekker who went on the Deoriatal to Chandrashila peak trek had to say

“Today is my second day in office after the trek and trust me, I am barely able to focus on work. I am mentally still at the Chandrashila peak with all the trekkers around me. Right since the first day at the base camp till our send off, each one of us was given royal treatment with utmost care.

I would like to make a special mention of our trek leader Hrishikesh, who understood each of us and did an amazing job. He understood everyone’s pace and ensured all of us stuck together as a team the whole time. He is also someone with vast experience in this field and I certainly learnt a lot from him. I must mention about the other guides who did an amazing job in coordinating with the trekkers and the people at each of the base camp. Hats off to their efforts.

The whole experience of the trek with regards to the food, the stay at the campsites, the way we were guided has just left me with lot of great memories. I actually gave a lot of thought for improvement areas and I couldn’t find any. I would like to thank Indiahikes for this whole experience that was provided at 12,000 feet.” – Ashwath R, batch of October 2016


Kopatty trek

While our trekkers are having a wonderful time at Deoriatal, some of our young trekkers are having a blast down South too! We celebrated Children’s Day by taking students from Delhi Public School North on the Kopatty trek.

Students of DPS North at the campsite of the Kopatty trek in Coorg

The 46 students went on a two night camping trek to Kopatty in Coorg as part of Hiking Club. Our team was happy to see absolutely fit and helpful 11th and 12th graders who raced to the top! Contrary to what we expected, the weather was quite warm.

If you’re planning to go on a trek this weekend,  Kopatty is a superb choice. The weather is perfect for a trek, and the easy-access makes it so much more convenient! You can find the complete documentation of the trek here.

Green Trails

With the winter trekking season coming up, we have several Green Trails projects in the pipe line. Our Green Trails interns are conducting feasibility studies for constructing Waste Incinerators and Solar Power units. Our head of Green Trails has just left today to the Himalayas to set up all the Green Trails practices. Right from putting up placards for waste managements, to setting up cocopeat for toilets, you’ll see her work on the slopes.

Win a trek to Sandakphu

With our winter season coming up, all of us are on our toes preparing the slopes to ensure you have the best trek. If you still haven’t signed up, you can go for the Sandakphu trek – an often overlooked winter trek. You can also participate in this Tripoto Contest to go on the Sandakphu trek for free!

We’ll be posting more updates next week. Stay tuned!

Seersha Nambiar

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