Indiahikes January 2023 Photo Contest Winners

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Indiahikes January 2023 Photo Contest Winners

Theme: Forest On The Trek

Category Photo Contest Trekker Space

By Latika Payak


We received some splendid entries for the January 2023 Photo Contest. The theme was Forest on Treks.

For this contest, we were looking for photographs that bring out the essence of trekking in a forest. The heady scent of pine, oak, and rhododendrons. Dried leaves crackling under your feet. These form the first, indelible memory of the trek. Simply because you always begin your Himalayan trek by stepping into a forest. And, these forest sections set the mood.

And we received some stunning entries. Choosing nominations was tough. And choosing the winners was tougher.

Finally, the results are out! Here are the Winners of the Trek Photography contest January 2023.


Deoriatal-Chandrashila - Yogesh Shinde

This section of blooming rhododendrons is on the way to Chopta.

If you wish to see blooming rhododendrons in the Himalayas, Deoriatal-Chandrashila is the trek to do in spring. And this photo shows you why. There are so many rhododendron trees on this trek! It makes the entire trail come alive with colour.

Congratulations Yogesh Shinde! You have won the First Prize, with the terrific ZERO 50-liter Rucksack by Adventure Worx, which they can use on all their future treks.

First - Runner up

Kedarkantha - Shreyan Chatterjee

Trekker walking through the forest section filled with ancient oak trees.

The forest on Kedarkantha trek are not dense, but they're quite charming. More so because of how neatly the trees are laid out in the forest. You'll also notice that the forest floor is covered with fallen leaves that crunch as you walk over them. This photo captures the essence of a forest on Kedarkantha very well.

Congratulations Shreyan Chatterjee! You have won the runner up prize, with the wonderful water purifying bottle by Paany, which is a Godsend while trekking and travelling.

Trekkers Choice Award

Ali Bedni Bugyal - Atish Waghwase

You come across this section of dark forest while descending from Ran ka Dhar and entering the Neelganga Valley.

This is our favorite photo of the forest on the Roopkund trek. Which is also currently used on Ali Bedni Bugyal trek. The oak and rhododendron forest in this section is so dense that barely any sunlight passes through the trees. That's why this section looks so dark.

Congratulations Atish Waghwase! your photo was chosen as the Trekkers Choice Award with 23.9% of all the voters chose your photograph :) You have won an Indiahikes surprise Goodie Bag from Indiahikes.

With that, we come to the end of Indiahikes January 2023 Photo Contest. If these photos piqued your interest, I would nudge you to check out the nominations. Those photos too were almost as good!

Please note: We will announce the theme for our February 2023 Photo Contest in a couple of days. So stay tuned!

Latika Payak

Senior Content Writer

About the author

Latika is a Senior Content Writer and one of the rare team members who has seen Indiahikes from its initial days. She was among the first few to begin creating content at Indiahikes, documenting treks around Maharasthra, interviewing trekkers and writing their stories.

Latika started trekking after joining Indiahikes and has trekked to Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, Tarsar Marsar, and Har Ki Dun.

With a strong background in print media and have worked with several publications. Latika is always hunting for great stories hidden in the folds of the mountains. Horror stories from ancient routes and villages of the Himalayas are her favourite.

She is presently working on bringing out news from the remote trekking regions of our country.