Announcing the results of July 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month Contest

Announcing the results of July 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month Contest

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By Harikrishnan


In this month’s contest monsoons had a huge impact on the photographs. We can see high levels of green and blue in most photographs. We were not surprised to see a lot of photographs from Kashmir making the cut, but there were some interesting shots from Bhrigu, Hampta, and Pin Bhaba treks as well.

We received nearly 400 entries for the Trek Photographer of the month contest. After much deliberation, our judges have selected the winners.

Scroll down to see the results.

Winner- Trek Photographer of the Month

Conversations with a view, Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Kanishka Selvakumar

Mountains, Clouds, and endless talks.

The Kashmir treks have got such beautiful views where trekkers can just sit and revel in the view. This photograph brilliantly captures the dramatic sky, the view of the valley, and two trekkers enjoying this view. The monsoon colours are well captured with dominant shades of green and blue.

First Runner Up

The gorgeous peaks of Kinnaur, Pin Bhaba Pass trek- Rohit Seth

View of the meadows with razor-sharp peaks of Kinnaur in the background.

This is exactly what a monsoon trek looks like. The play of clouds is something every trekker patiently watches. Every now and then the clouds open up a window and give you a sneak peek of the background. Here you can also see the clouds touching the meadows in the distance. The photograph is composed of a pleasant green and bright blue colours which make it all the more vibrant.


Second Runner Up

Trekkers on the trail to Gadsar campsite, Kashmir Great Lakes trek- Jwalant Desai

The trail to Gadsar campsite.

Another monsoon photograph from Kashmir. We love the perception of this photograph. Endless green meadows with wild poppies blooming all around with a muddy wet trail in between as trekkers make their way to Gadsar campsite. The trail also reflecting the grey cloudy sky above. The lovely wild yellow flowers make this a photographer’s delight.

Trekkers’ Choice Award

Sheep grazing in the meadows of Bhrigu Lake trek- Parth Tiwari

Sheep grazing in the meadows.

Sheep grazing is a common sight on the meadows of the Bhrigu Lake trek. The photographer has carefully included the snowy mountain peaks in the background giving it a depth effect. The size scale shows how vast the meadows are. This is a good example of a landscape photo taken with a telephoto lens.

Other Nominations

Play of light at Vishnusar Lake, Kashmir Great Lakes trek- Ritesh Mittal

The well known Vishnusar lake fro Kashmir.

A panoramic photograph from the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. Using a panoramic ratio has helped the photographer to capture the entire melodrama of clouds and sunlight. This particular setting is making Vishnusar even more beautiful. The play of light and shadow has added a special factor to this photograph. Notice how the lake is in shadow and the peak above is glistening with the sun rays.

Valley view while descending to Chattru, Hampta Pass trek- Karthik P

View of the valley en route Chattru.

This photograph is a perfect monsoon picture. Sky filled with clouds with patches of blue, valley full of greens and the river flowing through the middle. A sharp picture with good details of the visual elements.

Sunset at Gangbal campsite, Kashmir Great Lakes trek- Santhosh Patel

Sunset at Gangbal campsite.

A sunset picture, again from Kashmir Great Lakes trek. You can see what trekking in Kashmir looks like. This is a wide view of trekkers’ evenings on a trek. Peaceful campsite, dramatic sky, and patches of light falling on the meadows. Mt Harmukh in the background stands tall guarding the entire landscape.

Fog settles down in the meadows of Bhrigu Lake trek- Aditya Shah

Fog settles down in the meadows.

Flowers in the foreground, the trees, and settling fog in the background add multiple levels of details to this photograph. Despite being a smartphone photograph, the picture is brilliant because of the visual elements that the photographer has included in the picture. A person seeing this photograph can almost imagine him/her running down this foggy meadow.


The clear blue waters of Chandratal lake, Hampta Pass trek- Prajakta Satpute

Clear Blue waters of the beautiful Chandratal lake.

This is a sharp picture of the Chandratal lake. Selecting this composition for the photograph is explaining the vastness of the lake. People in our country know about the Pangong lake in Ladakh, but very few people know about this hidden treasure in Himachal Pradesh. The blue colour of the lake can’t get any better. Notice the two ranges on the other side – one closer in a shade of green and one really far away with a purplish shade.

The Valley after Tarsar pass, Tarsar Marsar trek- Mahesh Dusane

View of the valley after Tarsar Pass.

Tarsar Marsar is another trek that captures the beauty of Kashmir in innumerable frames. The cloudy sky, and the green patches around an idly flowing river are worth noting. The photographer has carefully included details of various elements in a single tight frame.

And, that were all the nominations and winners for this month’s photo contest. Tell us which one you liked us the most by dropping a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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